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romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

Romantic Getaway Near Dallas TX.

No fluff here. It’s exactly as described..  we call it Awesome! The decor of the rustic cabin was a sight to see. We took lots of pictures to share with our Facebook family. The tree leaves were just changing and it looked beautiful. We came just at the right time of season. Seems like we are usually to early or sometimes too late. We timed it perfect this time though. The Hot-Tub was amazing to our aching bones. We will try and time it again perfectly next fall. The seclusion of our cabin was the best part. We didn’t see anyone besides each other for a whole seventy-two hours, (just imagine being solely with the on that you love for seventy -two hours)  We are looking so forward to the future and  some day trips from Dallas See you soon!

Chris and Shelly of Big D



road trips near Dallas

This place rocks! We had a wonderful visit with each-other. We’ve been married for almost twelve years but career, kids, sports, and everything in between saps our time with one another. This place has the mystique of wonderful alone time therapy. It’s on our top romantic Dallas getaway list. We will see you in the fall and will spread the word to our friends and family about this place.

Cheryl and Jacob – Dallas Texas

Compared to the most romantic hotels in Dallas

This is a great hot-spot for some of  best weekend getaways from Dallas. I grew up in the North Texas area and never knew this place even existed until a few short weeks ago. I was really surprised from the hot-tub to the chocolate covered strawberries. We loved the privacy that this place offers. Perfect couple retreat from the big city and much more privacy and freedom than all of the romantic hotels in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area although they offer a total pampering experience, this place is a different atmosphere altogether and a great experience.

H & G of Dallas

Romantic getaways Dallas Texas

"We have found our perfect romantic Dallas getaway cabin. Our friends told us about you and Im so glad they doid.
This is our last day and it seems like we just arrived. On a positive note we had a great time and built some
beautiful memories here. We plan on returning after our son graduates from school. 
Love County we love you!!"
Ken and Gina Dallas texas
The Cabin was great

The cabin was great but so was the area where they are located. First the Winstar casino, we won a total of $94.00, we actually won a lot more than this but $94.00 was the end result. Learn from our mistake, Don’t be greedy. Blue Ostrich Winery, we done a taste test and loved the atmosphere. We ended up with five new bottles of wine, not bad at all. Lake Murray, although the weather wasn’t fit to be in the water at Lake Murray the scenic drive of winding roads around the lake is gorgeous, we also fed some huge fish at the Lake Murray Mariana. The RedBud cabin was great as well, the hottub was perfect for the weather conditions. We love the area and the cabin we got to stay in. We will return for some more great memory building stories.

The Jones family

romantic getaway Dallas

"The perfect romantic getaway near Dallas
Jimmy and Lisa M of Dallas TX. 


romantic Dallas getaway






 The stars are amazing

Its been years since we have stargazed. After living in the city where man made light distorts Gods natural beauty, I forgot how awesome the stars in heaven really are. We seen several shooting stars as well. This place is full on peace and wonder. Perfect for any couple needing some down or alone time. We love it and will refer it to others.

B and B


romantic getaway near Dallas TX.

This was a romantic surprise from my husband. Ladies don’t give up! It took over seventeen years of being together for this to come, and I must say it was all worth it. The Jacuzzi, the messages, the romantic fire pit, and a night time stroll, but most of all it was the alone time and being together without interruptions from phones, computers, and televisions. Just one on one peace and quiet. We love this place! He doesn’t know yet but I’m going to repay him with a surprise return birthday visit in January.

Kelly and Gene of Dallas TX.


No words can describe

oh words cant describe what a wonderful time my husband & I had. Its been a long time since weve been able to completely escape from everything! no phones, no internet, no work, no family absolutely NO interruptions! WE LOVED IT! cant wait to go back. The cabin, hot-tub, wildlife everything was great! Thank you River of Love Cabins for provided such a great escape. We will be back SOON!

Fred & Jenny R.

romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

If I had my way this place would be in the Dallas Morning News as the top romantic getaway near Dallas TX. We have had such a great time and can’t wait to return. Our vows were renewed to one another and were both excited to be together again.

Brad and Jamie of Texas


Dallas getaways for couples

“The best little getaway near Dallas that money buys”

Romantic Dallas getaway

Escape from the city is what I call this place. We laughed more, talked more, danced more, done things I can even write about more, lol River of Love Cabins sure enhanced our marriage by providing a great getaway atmosphere that is essential to marriage in our busy lifestyles and society. We will be back and we will recommend you to everyone.

W and K Jones of Dallas

We like it. We like it a lot!

This trip was relationship changing. We have had some extra stress related things for a few months at our insurance business in Dallas. Our friends who stayed here previously, purchased us a gift certificate to stay at the River of Love. We are grateful that they did.  I really didn’t want to come but once we arrived, I didn’t want to leave. We laughed, talked and even danced. The best things in life are truly free. It’s amazing of the level of peace that rests upon and around  the River of Love. I didn’t know it at the time but this is something that we desperately needed. A big thanks to our friends- Josh and Tammy. Without them I doubt we would have ever found this place. We have made a declaration to return to this romantic Dallas getaway at least once a year and maybe more.

Tom and Jocelyn of Dallas, Texas


Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City


It’s easy to be thankful in this beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing your weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful time at Lake Murray.  The Red Bud cabin is so cozy and charming we don’t want to leave, but duties call. We are planning a return trip in the spring. Thanks again.

Carla and David, Oklahoma City, OK.


We had a great time at the cabins many call, weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. It’s very peaceful here. We didn’t see a soul except for each other all weekend. With our crazy work schedules, church, kids, and sports we rarely have time for each other. We made a promise to each other after this weekend, to spend a couple of days alone every six months.  Both of us now realize how important it is to strengthen each other in our marriage, our goals and dreams for the future. This is the perfect place to make those commitments. The décor and the hot-tub add to the exotic allure of this place. We shall return.

Billy and Brandy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Spending time here after Christmas was just what we needed. You’ve created some wonderful weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. Thanks for the attention to detail. May this coming year be blessed. Good luck in the future.

Happy New Year -Chris and Robin Oklahoma City, OK.


I stayed in this wonderful cabin. It is perfect for weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. My husband and I have been together for over four years. Soon he will be leaving for boot camp. We really needed this time together before his departure. The hot tub was absolutely wonderful. We ate strawberries and drank Champagne. Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Marie and David, Oklahoma City


We had a wonderful time. This place is both beautiful and peaceful. It was a great way to celebrate our 14th year anniversary.

Barry and Bobbette of Oklahoma City


River of Love Cabins; Perfect weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Dallas Texas one night getaways

Dallas Texas one night getaways


Dallas Texas one night getaways






The cabin is fantastic!!

We truly enjoyed ourselves too much. These cabins are perfect for Dallas Texas one night getaways. We loved the wildlife, and hot-tub. Thanks for sharing a little slice of heaven with us.

Chris and Kandi
Dallas Texas



Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at these great Dallas Texas one night getaways. We had a wonderful time and everything was perfect. It was the perfect way to rejuvenate our spirits. We truly re-connected. We will be back and will be telling others about the hidden Dallas Texas one night getaways place.

Cornell & Jamie
Dallas, TX.


Thank you for making our anniversary so special, and memorable. Your attention to these Dallas Texas one night getaways was amazing. The cabin had everything a person could need. It was very homey and relaxing. We took a walk and came across many forms of wildlife including several rabbits, red cardinals, and a deer. This cabin and experience brings people closer to each other and to God. We appreciate your family building these Dallas Texas one night getaways. It’s a perfect way to celebrate nature, and Gods love. It also helped bring me and my husband closer together.



Dallas Texas one night getawaysJohn and Sarah

Dallas Texas



This was our second trip to these Dallas Texas one night getaways. We had a wonderful time. It’s so nice to have a place not far from home to getaway. It seems a long way from the rat race. We had a relaxing time in the hot-tub, watching movies and grilling out. We also took a motorcycle ride through Lake Murray and looked at all of the beautiful scenery. Before our departure we had breakfast at Thackerville’s famous; Front Porch Café. Thanks for the card and gift basket. These Dallas Texas one night getaways are a wonderful way to celebrate life. We’re looking forward to our next getaway.

Bob and Pam C
Dallas, TX.



Dallas Texas one night getaways: River of Love cabins










cabins near oklahoma city

River of Love Cabins near Oklahoma City

What some have said about these cabins near Oklahoma City.

We are from Oklahoma City, and live very busy lives. These cabins near Oklahoma City were the perfect getaway and exactly what we needed. “Just what the DR. ordered.” You have obviously put a lot of your hearts into this project, and it shows. Your special touches and the way the whole family is evolved is very rare nowadays and much appreciated. We loved the surrounding wildlife. We roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows in the fire-pit. (Yummy!) I had an early morning soak in the hot-tub; wonderful for achy joints. We ate catfish one night and steak the next at the casino. It was very good. Otherwise we just hung out at these cabins near Oklahoma City and enjoyed the solitude. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Keith and Beth B


This has been a very good week-end. The cabins near Oklahoma City are wonderful. You have made it so simple, yet everything we needed was here. You have thought of everything . We would love to visit these cabins near Oklahoma City again.

Diane & Mike D


cabins near oklahoma city





This week for me was an adventure that I’m adding to my list of “good things.” Your cabins near Oklahoma City have made many people smile. I shall return.

Betty W

Perfect Oklahoma Getaways

Extraordinary reviews – perfect Oklahoma Getaways

We had a great time here at the Red-Bud cabin. We enjoyed the calming hot-tub and the goodies you left for us. We totally forgot the outside world.  These perfect Oklahoma getaways are so well hidden that we are sure to return.

Helen and John of Norman Oklahoma

perfect Oklahoma getaways

 River of Love Cabins; Perfect Oklahoma Getaways.

Thank you so much for a wonderful getaway. We love the location of these perfect Oklahoma getaways. Not too far from home and very private. Not the kind of private that you need a four-wheel drive or a helicopter to get to but, the kind of private and seclusion where me and Scott could just focus on one another in the tranquility of this place.  Our stat was short but much need. We loved everything about it especially the stars. I’ve never seen that many in my whole life. We will be back.

Thelma & Scott B. – Oklahoma City, OK.

This is such a wonderful and secluded area. We located you while reviewing the perfect Oklahoma getaways. We are so glad we chose River of Love Cabins. It is a wonderful place to getaway. We plan on returning in the spring. The hot tub was perfect for a midnight dip. {I’m a night owl}. You have done a wonderful job with this place and we’ve already referred it so several of our friends. See you in the spring.

Barbra and Gary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Oklahoma

Perfect Oklahoma getaways.

This was the best ever anniversary. We had so much fun. Your cabins near Oklahoma City are so incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We had a nature walk and the hot-tub was excellent. We met Rocky the raccoon and fed him some corn. We also saw a turtle in the creek. On Monday we went to Lake Murray and did a little fishing. (I won’t tell you I caught more fish the he did). Thanks so much for the use of these cabins near Oklahoma City. These surroundings definitely bring people closer together. We will be sure and tell our friends about your cabins near Oklahoma City.

Cindy & Bill


We were very impressed with these cabins near Oklahoma City and your obvious gift of hospitality. As working parents of three small kids, this was the perfect getaway. We enjoyed all of our nature walks and the hot-tub.  We also had a great time visiting Lake Murray. Thanks so much.

James & Deanne

Romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area

Great reviews on Romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area.

Thank you for the quiet weekend we’ve spent in these romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area or in the middle of nowhere! We had a great time. Really enjoyed the Hot-tub and privacy. We loved the movie selection in the cabin and our romantic package. I had a very awesome birthday. Hope to see you again soon.

Shaun & Christian Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area

We had a wonderful time! You have carved out a little slice of heaven in your romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area. Peaceful and quiet. Who could ask for more? This is a great place to relax and get away from it all. We will be back.

Bobby and Charlotte OKC,OK.

Thank you guys for providing such a wonderful getaway. These  romantic cabins in the Oklahoma City area are perfectly located, far enough for complete privacy, but close enough to home. Everything was flawless. We loved relaxing in the hot-tub and forgetting the outside world. We will be back this winter to enjoy another round of this “heaven on earth”.

Jason and Felicia of Oklahoma City


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