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Fantasy Suites


Have you ever explored Fantasy Suites in Denton, Texas ?


My husband and I were looking for fantasy suites, a place that we heard about in the North Texas area that was somewhere close to Dallas. A place we could relax and enjoy a themed fantasy suites type room.We explored our adventure together in Denton, Texas touring a hotel that featured fantasy suites / rooms.

Trust me when I say save your hard earned money on these fantasy suites in Denton . Our friends that referred us had stayed at the Fantasy Suites in Denton multiple times back in the 1990’s. Apparently in the 90’s  they were new and awesome. At first we looked on TripAdvisor fantasy Suites  to read some reviews about these Fantasy Suites. It wasn’t good! Only 2 1/2 stars. That should have been the first red flag. Although being optimistic, I decided to call and ask a few questions. The person who answered the phone at Fantasy Suites spoke limited english, but despite the difficulty of the language barrier I managed to get a requested walk through tour of the Fantasy Suites a few weeks from our getaway date. On the scheduled date my husband and I went for the exciting Fantasy Suites walk through tour. When we arrived there were several police cars in the parking area. This should have been red flag number two. At first the staff was friendly at Fantasy Suites but looking back the lady seemed a little reluctant to open the Fantasy Suites room door. Wow! If I worked there I would have been reluctant too. The first thing I noticed was a moldy smell. Like something wet. When my husband mentioned this to the attendant, you would have thought that she had been slapped in the face. She called him a cheap skate and got really offensive rushing us out of the somewhat filthy Fantasy Suites room. Strike three and were out. We were totally disappointed. We were so much looking forward to our getaway together at the Texas Fantasy Suites. We had planned our adventure for several weeks. “I guess it’s a good thing we made the trip from Dallas for the at Fantasy Suites walk through tour” replied my husband (Trying to play down the unfortunate incident). We then decided to try drive on North to visit the WinStar Casino. On the way I noticed a sign reading Private Getaway Cabins. Could it be? I called the number on the sign but got a recording. A few minutes later my phone rang with the River of Love Cabins on the other end. I asked several questions and requested a tour since we were in the same town. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a tour today. We are booked and have current guest occupying the cabins. Our guest privacy is our main concern said the lady on the other end. Then she proceeded to tell me that on The River Of Love website is a virtual tour to look at each cabin. We then proceeded with our WinStar Casino tour. Latter when we got home I checked out the website and the virtual tour. We then checked the rating of River of Love Cabins on TripAdvisor. “WoW! almost 5 stars my husband said” we  both liked it and reserved our stay from the River of Love website online.

On the day of our trip we were both so excited, we scheduled two messages, a show and dinner at WinStar Casino. My husband also managed to squeeze in a round of golf  while I played the slots. We had so much fun! When we finished our Casino fix, we went to our cabin named Green Briar for a very relaxed and private time together. There were chocolate covered strawberries waiting on us in the fridge. Don’t forget the chilled bottle of champagne and rose pedals on the bed. Okay, i won’t boar you with the other details but one things for certain. Always check  others reviews and take a walk through tour before renting any getaway if possible. And beware of a the place in Denton Texas called Fantasy Suites.

Fantasy Suites

Fantasy Suites















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