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Oklahoma Christian couples retreat

Oklahoma Christian couples retreat

Oklahoma Christian Couples retreat

“Wow! what A perfect and private place to celebrate your life in Christ”


“The Most relaxing Oklahoma Christian couples retreat ever”. 

“An amazing time with an amazing man at an amazing place”

Christian couples retreat near Dallas


Thanks for creating this amazing place! We appreciate the privacy and seclusion. It has been a heartfelt weekend. We reunited, rekindled, and relaxed. This was the perfect, all in one Christian couples retreat near Dallas.

T & T of Dallas Texas

Texas Christian couples retreat

It’s almost Texas! LOL We really enjoyed the serenity that this place offers. I wish that everyone could experience the love we share for one another as husband and wife. We have been married for almost twenty years now and Texas Christian couples retreat (s) keep our relationships fresh and active in serving one another. We will share this place to our Christian FaceBook family.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bob and Donna

FT. Worth Texas

Oklahoma Christian couples retreat

What an amazing adventure. We laughed a lot and a little cry, We sang, danced and even prayed together! It’s been years since we have felt this close to one another. We are leaving here today better people and with the hope that was rekindled in our relationship. We will recommend this Oklahoma Christian couples retreat to all of our friends.

Thanks for a wonderful adventure,

Judy and Dale – O.K.C, Oklahoma

Christian couples retreat near Dallas

When we arrived I was in shock! I’m a City girl. I didn’t think that I would enjoy the country. Nothing was further from the truth. I loved it! Now my husband is the one in shock. He found this place while searching for a Christian couples retreat near Dallas. I’m so glad that he did. We will return to this place for sure.

Katie and John of Dallas Texas

Texas Christian couples retreat

We really like this place. We did reconnect with each other and with our Lord. We will recommend this place to others as one of the best christian retreats in Oklahoma.

Tyler and Tina Irving, TX

Oklahoma Christian couples getaway

Texas Christian couples retreat

Christian couples retreat near Dallas

This Christian couples retreat near Dallas was the greatest getaway my husband and I have ever had. We have been married for five years today. The peace that resides here has restored our not so perfect marriage. I’m more in love with my husband now more than ever. We will recommend River of Love to our friends.

Crystal and Jim T. – Dallas, TX.

Texas Christian couples retreat

We have searched the world over for a place like this! The hot-tub was just what we needed. This place has all the right essentials for the perfect Christian couples retreat. We will be sure and return to Love county to share our love for Christ through one another. We will also spread the word about this cozy place.

The Randolph’s- Denton, Texas



Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break ideas

Wow! this is one of those fabulous romantic spring break getaways for all of those who live in the Dallas/ FT. Worth Metroplex. We didn’t think we lived so close to the Oklahoma border. It was just over an hour away. I found this place while searching for romantic spring break ideas. I surprised my husband and made him wear a blindfold the entire trip here. You should have seen the looks I got driving down the interstate. I’m surprised that we didn’t  get pulled over before we could we arrived. We had a blast cooking out-doors on the grill and the hot-tub felt great to our muscles. We will recommend this place to our friends and family members and we will see you next spring break.

D & D Jones of Dallas Texas













Romantic spring break ideas

For sure one of the most romantic spring break trips.


romantic spring break getaways

While searching for a romantic spring break getaways near Dallas, I discovered this amazing jewel. Both working in education we normally share a getaway two times per year. once for fall break and once during spring break. Then a family vacation during the summer months. We don’t like to go far from home during our fall and spring breaks, because of our children and pets. This seemed to be a good fit for us. We really enjoyed the peace and seclusion that our cabin offered. The Jacuzzi tub, trail walks, and fire pit were our three favorite things. Oh yeah I forgot the hammock, make that four favorite things. We will be telling our colleagues about this place but we have first dibs on both fall and spring breaks.

Jerry and Linda P. of Dallas, TX.

romantic spring break getaways

We have visited several romantic spring break getaways in  Oklahoma over the past few years. We can now honestly say the River of Love firmly holds it’s spot in the top three. We love how we had perfect weather and got to see several deer and cotton tail rabbits. The private hot-tub should be an attraction of it’s own. We danced, laughed, and made many memories in this celebration together called life. We have been happily married just over 24 years now and were thinking of returning here to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We hope you all the best of luck in you’re future en-devours and we hope to return for many more romantic spring break trips.

Ed and Judy Oklahoma City, OK.


Some of our best memories were spent at  these romantic spring break getaways in Oklahoma.

Sheri and Tommy Oklahoma













Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break trips

I’m sure glad that we ran across this place while searching for the perfect romantic spring break trips near Dallas. We have had one of the best romantic spring break getaways of all time. The casino is sure an added bonus. (No pun intended) My wife won over four-hundred bucks. That makes us happy-happy. Also they serve one mean steak. We had the most fun here just spending some quality time alone. It’s something that’s not in our daily routine, since we have five kids between the two of us and most of them play sports. It’s a juggling act is the best way to describe it. We have really enjoyed the down time together.A perfect time to rejuvenate.

Mark and Barb – Dallas

Romantic spring break trips

This place is one of the most memorable and romantic spring break trips near the OKC area. We have literally had the time of our lives. My husband was injured over four years ago in a motorcycle accident. He has been on a slow road to recovery. I can say that this place has been a long time coming.  It was one of the first romantic spring break trips since his accident and it was amazing. We both had a message, which we have never done. We loved the seclusion and the private Jacuzzi tub. Now we are thinking of putting one of those tubs in our house. We will be sure and share the new romantic spring break ideas and our personal experience that we shared at this place.

Elisha and Claude of OKC, OK.

Our best romantic spring break getaways

J&M Texas

Romantic spring break ideas

We located River of Love while searching for a romantic spring break ideas. We had a wonderful time here and we will be back.

Jerry and Ann T. of Oklahoma

Be sure and share you're top spring break ideas

Places to go for an anniversary

Places to go for an anniversary


Wow! This was on of the most awesome and romantic places to go for an anniversary near Dallas. We had such a good time and now we hate to leave. I wish we could have extended our stay, we were sad when we found out that someone already booked the following day. The Jacuzzi was marvelous and we loved the chocolate strawberries! We hope to return for our next anniversary getaway!

Jeff and Julie of Dallas Texas

Places to go for an anniversary

I’m so thankful that we located this place when we were looking for romantic places to go for an anniversary near Fort Worth. It was well worth the time we spent looking. We love it here. From the seclusion and privacy to the hot-tub that we melted our stress away in. We will recommend this as one of the top places to go for an anniversary to our friends and family.

Shelly and Tim from FT. Worth Texas


Places to go for an anniversary

Places to go for an anniversary

This is for sure one of the most romantic places to go for an anniversary near Oklahoma City that we’ve ever visited.  We arrived in shambles and left in peace. The trip here wasn’t exactly the best since we got such a late start, but when we got to our private cabin everything changed in a hurry. We had a marvelous time and our debating on returning for a romantic birthday getaway or just a spring fling. Regardless we are coming back.

Sandy and Darrell of Oklahoma City, OK.


Places to go for an anniversary

This is one of those perfect romantic places to go for anniversary weekend. Were so glad to realize just how close the River of Love Cabins were located from our home in Plano. We fell in love all over again, celebrating the spirit of life on our special much needed romantic anniversary getaway. We will find you and share your Facebook link with our friends.

Anniversary celebration of Kayla and Jess from Plano TX.


Places to go for an anniversary in Texas

River of Love is definitely one of the most romantic places to go for an anniversary celebration near Dallas period. We have been a long time overdue for some quality alone time. This was the perfect place and such a  private and peaceful atmosphere. The flowers and card were appreciated. We made an agreement to getaway more often. We shall return and we will spread the word about one of the best places to go on an anniversary trip on a budget.

Cheri and Bob – Dallas Texas


Romantic ideas for anniversary

Where to go for your anniversary was the question? River of Love Cabins was the answer. We love it here and will be returning.


Places to go for an anniversary

After searching for multiple places to go on an anniversary trip ideas on a budget near Dallas, we finally found our perfect destination. The private and romantic destination that we’ve searched for several months. Thanks to a friend who referred you, and thank you for providing these places to go for an anniversary celebration. This place met our expectations and then some. We will in return refer your business and support River of Love by returning on an annual basis.

Bill and Tisha of Dallas Texas-celebrating twenty years with romance.


Places to go for an anniversary

 Where to go for 25th wedding anniversary

We were wandering where to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We weren’t disappointed with the Red Bud Cabin. Actually we will be back to celebrate our twenty sixth if the Lord Willing. Can’t say enough about this place.

Claude and Velester

Places to go for an anniversary

We have lived in FT. Worth Texas for over ten years and never knew this romantic place  even existed. We  located it while searching for inexpensive anniversary getaway ideas. We love the fact of the country setting and nearby location. The hot-tub was sure an added feature in our stay, as well as the fresh flowers. Thanks from the many people you have blessed by sharing a little slice of heaven on earth. We had a blast!

Celebrating twelve years of love Gail and Ron of Fort Worth Texas


Places to go for an anniversary in Oklahoma

Thanks for providing this wonderful place for us to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We don’t getaway much, but after some research we found that there isn’t many ideas of things to do for anniversary in the Oklahoma Texas region that suites our liking. Anyway I’m glad we found you. It was the perfect way to celebrate such a special occasion.

Becky and Rod of Moore Oklahoma




Hidden Cabin Rentals

Hidden cabin rentals

A few “excerpts” from reviews of these hidden cabin rentals

Wow! what a beautiful weekend away from the Oklahoma City area in these hidden cabin rentals! We have been looking for a place like this for several months. I hate to say we must leave for now but we will return in the near future. Brian and Debbie Oklahoma City, OK.

There is no place like this place, these hidden cabin rentals are the closest thing to nature we’ve ever stayed in and we will be back. The perfect, simple break from BIG D.

These hidden cabin rentals were the perfect romantic getaway near Allen TX.

If you need to hide, crawl under a rock, disappear, hunker down,vanish, these hidden cabin rentals seems to be the perfect place for most of the listed situations.   who?

Thank you River of Love for being the best hidden cabin rentals in the North Texas region. This is our fourth trip and were planning another one soon.

We love these romantic hidden cabin rentals

This was the best happening spot for a peaceful  romantic getaway near Wylie Texas as it gets.

Down right, good ole peace and quiet describes our stay at this romantic getaway near Keller TX. Joe and Mary


Hidden cabin rentals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hidden Cabin Rentals




hidden cabin rentals


Pleasure, Passionate, Pleasing is the three P’s we enjoyed during our romantic visit, along with the suggested three R’s of Rest, Relax, Renew. We only like twenty-four more letters of the alphabet having this thing figured out. I guess that give us a good excuse to return to these hidden cabin rentals. The Sanders of Moore OK.

Kinda like the “I cant believe it’s not butter” guy. We can’t believe its time to leave. We’ve already extended our stay for another day but, we only wished that you had vacancy for another week. What a relaxing journey. I guess you could say we had the full meal deal. Romance package-check, fresh cut flowers-check, massages for two-check, chocolate covered strawberries-check, enough clean underwear-NO Check. It’s time to leave, but we’ll be seeing these hidden cabin rentals called River of Love in the near future with plenty of time to spare and of-course clean underwear. Betty and Joseph of Little Elm Texas

While searching for a quaint romantic getaway near Houston, we discovered River of Love in the heart of Love county. We took your three R’s rule advise and re-discovered each other. We renewed our vows to each other and we danced, something we haven’t done in over ten years. What an awesome environment this really is. After reading others stories and learning there struggles of life, we want to deeply thank you for providing the perfect romantic getaway atmosphere for many. We pray that these hidden cabin rentals continues to thrive in love. H & J Gibson of Houston Texas

 We found it! (bust a rhyme contest) 

We found it! shout it from the mountain tops, scream it in a loud sound, this is the perfect romantic getaway, near Flower Mound. We love these hidden cabin rentals and cant wait to return. Deb & Chase

We found it! scream it from afar because it’s not little bitty, this must be the best romantic getaway near Haltom City.  Shay & Greg

We found it! Shout it from the hill-side, dance it in you’re disco, this is the best romantic getaway near Frisco J&J

We found it! Yell it from the streets, Lets hear it in your bark, it the best romantic getaway near University Park. Don & Linda

We found it! Turn it loose yes don’t be still, tell everyone you know about this romantic getaway near Duncanville Jerry & Linda

We found it! Yell, Yell, keep it quiet? oh no. It’s the best romantic getaway near DeSoto Frank & Jenny

We found it! Tell it to your family, tell it to your friends, tell everybody to come back again, This place gives us butterflies, it also gives us chills, it’s the best romantic getaway near North Richland Hills

We found it! We already told our relatives, we already told our friends, we’ve already made plans to come back again, no use in getting jealous, and please don’t be scared, quit shaking in your shoes cause we came prepared, no one can out rhyme us, cause were kin to P. Diddy this is the best romantic getaway near Oklahoma City – S & C




Hidden Cabin Rentals

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas Discovered!

After searching the DFW area for quite some time now and staying at many establishments around the area  such as; The Great Wolfe Lodge, The Alodpus, and don’t forget the Gayot Hotel,  I’m glad we finally found the perfect Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas just what we have been searching  for.

This has to be by far the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.

We heard about it from an old friend who had stayed and had a wonderful experience at The Love Train Caboose a couple of years ago, so after hearing about our old friend’s experience, we made our reservations online. I admit we were a bit hesitant at first because these cabins called Love aren’t located in Texas. They are actually in Oklahoma. When I first realized this I almost backed out because I didn’t want to travel for several hours to reach any destination, we just wanted a local getaway. To my surprise they are located in the most Southern part of Oklahoma, right on the Texas/ Oklahoma boarder line. We decided it was close enough for us so we completed our reservations. Besides,our old friend was conveinced that these were the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.




Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas continued;

We had to schedule more in advance than we are accustomed to since the dates we initially wanted were already taken. All of the bookings were a good sign to me. I mean, why would that many people make reservations and schedule to stay if this was a bad place? Plus I read up on many online reviews through Trip Advisor among others and most was awesome. Most past guest of River of Love Cabins left positive reviews of more than four stars on average.

 I really didn’t like the fact that our reservation was almost four weeks away but looking on the bright side, it gave us the time we needed to prepare for one of the most private, secluded, and romantic weekends that we have ever experienced. This was truly a blessing in disguise and one of the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.

On the day of our departure from home I had already purchased our groceries and the things we needed for the short drive too; (in my own words) Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas. If you’ve noticed by now I continue to use the word Texas. <Sorry it’s because I’m a Texas girl through and through> we made it to Interstate-35 and basically it’s a straight shot to Oklahoma from there. It’s kind of sad that I’ve lived in Texas all of my life, and never have seen Oklahoma.  We knew we were close when we crossed the Red River which boarders the two states. We also saw the huge Casino called WinStar. The drive was pleasant and it only took about 90 minutes from our home. Much closer that initially expected. Once we arrived at our cabin named Green Briar, I knew this was it. This was the perfect place I knew we would have complete privacy and seclusion to just absorb one another and spend quality time without the interruption of phones, internet, kids, or our dogs. What more could couples want, need, or ask for? My own words describe these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas as simple seclusion.


Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas continued;

As described before we have stayed in some of the most elegant places in the DFW metroplex and these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas was just the change of pace we have been needing. Don’t get me wrong because I absolutely love some of the more upper class places that are equipped with elegance and room service but this place was magical and all of the amenities including private hot-tubs or Jacuzzi baths in a more rustic sense. Ask yourself how many times that you and your spouse have been on a getaway and never saw any people other than each-other. This feature in its self makes these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas a place that’s absolutely majestic for couples that are in love. I won’t boar you with the more private and intimate details but I will try and convince all of those who are looking for the perfect Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas that the secret is out of the bag and it has already been discovered. I will say it again if your looking for Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas check out River of Love Cabins.


romantic Texas


Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas








Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas


Top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas!

Wow! We had an amazing time, this truly is the best that we’ve enjoyed in over 12 years. It was actually a double celebration. My birthday and our wedding anniversary. Thanks for the card and the goodies. We loved taking a late night dip in the hot-tub while listening to the rain on the roof and, we both slept like a rock listening to the thunder storm.  Today was a gorgeous morning. We had our coffee while setting on the porch listening to the singing birds. We hiked to the river after lunch to see a beautiful site from on top of the hill. We also seen a wild turkey. We came back and prepared dinner while sharing a bottle of wine. We danced, laughed and truly had an amazing time in the Red Bud cabin. We will be recommending these romantic weekend getaways near Dallas to our friends and family.

The Livingston’s of Dallas


These romantic weekend getaways near Dallas are awesome! Darla has never seen the night sky with a gillion stars all around. Well worth the trip!

D and J


Well just like many people have already written. … It’s time to go home and we don’t want to leave. This is definitely a little piece of hidden heaven!  We had an awesome time and we didn’t even do anything. It’s so peaceful and serene here. We loved listening to Mother Nature. Friday we saw a deer and a rabbit. Saturday we saw two raccoon while we were in the hot tub. They came by to visit. I tried to take  a picture, but they wanted nothing to do with that. This beautiful Sunday morning we saw two humming birds. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful place to rest and unwind. This has to be one of the greatest romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. I’m glad we located you on the internet. When I saw these cabins were in Oklahoma I thought it was going to be a really long trip. I was surprised to know how close your location is to Dallas. (Your almost in Texas). ha/ha. We had plans to visit WinStar Casino but we never wanted to leave. Were probably better off. We plan on returning when the weather starts getting cooler outside. Thanks for the special balloons and champagne. We will share our experience of these amazing  romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

L & F of Dallas


People say these are some of the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas but after staying here, we say they are the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

Thanks for everything,

Cliff and Jenny


This is an awesome place here. We stumbled on to it by mistake. It was the best mistake we ever made. It has got to be one of the most romantic weekend getaways near Dallas that we have ever enjoyed. We were once a couple over twenty years ago. After some recent hard times, I decided to locate Jimmy. I wrote him a letter and afterwards we began calling each other and sending pictures to each other. He finally decided to come and visit with me in Texas, all the way from Virginia. We wanted some R&R  and that’s when the greatest mistake ever happened. Jimmy says we are soul mates….. Our souls have been floating around for over twenty years waiting on our bodies to find them. Latter this year Jimmy has plans to move to Texas. I can’t wait. I really doesn’t get any better than this. True love, true happiness, in one amazing place to share with one another the most intimate moments of your life. The term  Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas doesn’t even begin to explain it. This place is magic! It’s where magic is made and talked about! I’m just thankful that the walls don’t talk. If they did, there’s no telling the stories they would tell.

Julie and Jimmy both soon to be of Dallas Texas


Live like a king in his palace, in this romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. he/he

S and J


Thanks for sharing your cabins. They are for sure the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. We will be returning on a regular basis.

Joe and Ann

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas









romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

River of Love cabins; romantic weekend getaways near Dallas !

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