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Dallas couple getaway

Dallas couple getaway

Many brag of this Dallas couple getaway.


Dennis and I have been married for 24 years and this little Dallas couple getaway and the seclusion was so great. It brought back many memories of young love. The quietness, and the closeness, made me feel like a bride again. We are defiantly coming back for a longer stay. It was so hard to leave after just one night. The hot tub was wonderful and the stars at night were amazing. This was like a dream come true. Thanks for the hospitality and the romance package. Hope to see you soon.

Linda and Dennis of Dallas Texas

Dallas couple getaway



Thank you so very much for the absolutely blissful experience!!!! My husband and I spent the weekend in your quaint little Dallas couple getaway celebrating our first wedding anniversary. This was the perfect weekend to help celebrate a perfect year. Thanks for the bottle of wine and the chocolate covered strawberries; it was a nice added touch. Your hospitality and kindness were warm and greatly appreciated. Relaxing in the hot-tub and listening to the sounds of nature was so serine. All of our stress and worries just melted away. The land is beautiful. We took several walks while watching the birds, squirrels, and other critters. All of your time, hard work, and effort have paid off. We thank yall for providing such a sweet and wonderful retreat. We hope to visit this Dallas couple getaway in the near future.

Samantha and Kevin- Dallas, TX.


Thanks for your hospitality. We haven’t been able to getaway for over ten years. This Dallas couple getaway seemed to be the perfect place for the event. It has been terrific and we hope to come back again.

The Simmons-Dallas Texas


Thank You for this wonderful weekend!!! It was just what we needed to relax and unwind. We were able to spend some quality alone time “Just the two of us.” Thanks for providing everything we needed and for the extra touches that made us feel right at home. We will tell our friends about this awesome Dallas couple getaway and we will return.

Gary & Janice Dallas Texas


Thanks for a place to spend time with the one you love in the perfect Dallas couple getaway. We enjoyed everything so much, especially the Jacuzzi tub. Mike said he feels 20 years younger. Thumbs up from us. We will return.

Mike and Sharron- Dallas, TX.


River of Love Cabins; The perfect Dallas couple getaway.

Honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma

Honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma

What people have said about these honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma!

We had a wonderful weekend at these honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma. We loved setting by the fire pit and cooking outdoors. We took several walks to explore. We also fed the raccoon called Rocky, we never saw him but, we left food out for him and the next morning it was gone, and his footprints were everywhere. We took many pictures and made many fond memories. The hot-tub was fabulous and so relaxing. We are hoping to make an annual event of visiting this place.

Tracey and Allen-Fletcher Oklahoma



We truly enjoyed our time at your honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma. You thought of everything. The hot-tub was sure a plus. It was great to be here after a stressful wedding event. My husband enjoyed the creek and grilling outside. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and hopefully we can come back soon.


Pam and Paul- Mill Creek Oklahoma



Thank you so much, this place is awesome! We visited these honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma after we were married. We had to return to celebrate our 1st anniversary. This time we got to watch a deer as we were unloading our car, we also witnessed a red cardinal attack his own reflection in our car window. Something managed to steel my can of beer off of the back table during the night? This place gave us a stress free anniversary that we needed and I enjoyed several power naps in the hammock. I got to see my wife become stress free and having fun for the first time in several months. We bonded again and are telling everyone we know about these honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma.


Brad and Julie Moyers Oklahoma



Thanks to your honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma, we spent the most relaxing time we’ve had in a long time. (With the one I love). We are thankful for our friends who recommended this place. Played at WinStar Casino and won enough to pay for the entire trip. We watched movies, drank, ate, Etc!!!! The best part of eating was my husband’s rare cooking. Anyway thanks again.


Eddy and Lisa- Mangum Oklahoma

Honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma

River of Love Cabins; Honeymoon cabins in Southern Oklahoma.

Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas

Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas


Listen to what many have said about these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas.

We enjoyed this home away from home. It was what just what we needed. We are very thankful for these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas. We were amazed by how close these cabins really are. Thanks for the special touches including our romance package.

Jules and Jack-Dallas Texas


We arrived at these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas in the falling snow, to relax in the hot-tub and listen to the creek flow. The honeymoon package did brighten our stay; we’ve searched for the perfect words to say. “Thank You” so much for braving the icy roads and for making our stay special.

Gary and Tina-Dallas Texas


These log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas are wonderful. We enjoyed the perfect honeymoon. We even danced and sang. The hot-tub was an added bonus to our champagne and flute glasses. It really means a lot to have a peaceful place like this, so close to home. We will tell everyone we know.

Mike and Jen- Dallas Texas


Your log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas were what we needed to melt away years of dirt and grime, from what we call life. We have re-connected and re-charged the one thing that’s most important to us. “Each other” The anniversary package was a great way to celebrate to the fullest. Again lots of thanks, we had a wonderful weekend.

Katie and Rex of Dallas TX.


We had a wonderful stay at your cabin. It is so beautiful out here. We came down here to go fishing, but on Tuesday it rained all day. We had a great time hanging out in the hot-tub, listening to music, and watching the rain.  It was nice and sunny on Wednesday, but we didn’t want to leave because it was our last day here and we had so much fun yesterday that we decided to postpone fishing to a later date.  These log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas are awesome; we are planning on returning before this year is over. We wish we did not have to leave already.

Jimmy and Janice- Dallas Texas


Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas


Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas; River of Love Cabins.





Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City


It’s easy to be thankful in this beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing your weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful time at Lake Murray.  The Red Bud cabin is so cozy and charming we don’t want to leave, but duties call. We are planning a return trip in the spring. Thanks again.

Carla and David, Oklahoma City, OK.


We had a great time at the cabins many call, weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. It’s very peaceful here. We didn’t see a soul except for each other all weekend. With our crazy work schedules, church, kids, and sports we rarely have time for each other. We made a promise to each other after this weekend, to spend a couple of days alone every six months.  Both of us now realize how important it is to strengthen each other in our marriage, our goals and dreams for the future. This is the perfect place to make those commitments. The décor and the hot-tub add to the exotic allure of this place. We shall return.

Billy and Brandy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Spending time here after Christmas was just what we needed. You’ve created some wonderful weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. Thanks for the attention to detail. May this coming year be blessed. Good luck in the future.

Happy New Year -Chris and Robin Oklahoma City, OK.


I stayed in this wonderful cabin. It is perfect for weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. My husband and I have been together for over four years. Soon he will be leaving for boot camp. We really needed this time together before his departure. The hot tub was absolutely wonderful. We ate strawberries and drank Champagne. Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Marie and David, Oklahoma City


We had a wonderful time. This place is both beautiful and peaceful. It was a great way to celebrate our 14th year anniversary.

Barry and Bobbette of Oklahoma City


River of Love Cabins; Perfect weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

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