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On a short vacation to escape his now hectic life in New York City, Stone Barrington set his sight on a lovely and romantic getaway to the islands of St. Marks. His companion, Arrington Carter, all-round superstar was to join him the next day.

romantic getaways

romantic getaway

romantic getaway

There is nothing better than a romantic getaway just for two to keep the romance alive between you and your partner. Romantic getaways are the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend quality time with your loved one. Going on a romantic vacation together will reinvigorate your love life and reignite that magic between you.

While there are so many things to do in Melbourne, anyone who loves a romantic weekend getaway is never far from paradise in this special area. From gourmet food and wine to scenic walks by the beach or through the forest, there are many activities to keep couples enchanted just a short drive away. At the end of the day, there are more than enough bed & breakfasts and other quaint hotels to spend the night. Here are some of the best romantic getaways from Melbourne.

romantic getaway

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on Wedding Anniversary Trips. For more ideas on where to celebrate your next anniversary, check out my favourite anniversary destinations at Romantic Getaway ideas.

Thanks for these tips on preparing for a romantic getaway. I cited this in my hub on Valentine’s Day gifts that couples would love.

romantic getaway in Texas

Finally, after deciding to settle down, you planned to implement your long time engagement ideas for the one you love in one of your romantic getaway weekends. Wow, this is truly exciting for both of you. As this is a once in a life event, you wanted to make it as the best marriage proposal possible.

romantic getaway









Therefore, whether you want to make your marriage proposal on romantic getaway weekends alone or with other people, just make sure you have the best engagement ideas at hand. Then prepare the engagement rings and the romantic talking, to make it extra special for her.

Spending romantic getaway weekends should not really be extravagantly made. You just need to make sure that your marriage proposal can be treasured and unforgettable for a lifetime.

Destination weddings and honeymoons have pretty much been reserved for places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Jamaica, and other tropical locations. Seldom does one consider a quaint, unassuming location, such as Indiana, in the heart of the Midwestern United States.But, don’t be so quick to discount this very affordable and intimate option. The State of Indiana is a mixture of city and country, and the two blend together wonderfully to give everyone a taste of their particular favorite.The entire State is a romantic resource, tapped only by those who are generally from the Midwest, or those who are diligent in their search for a quality romantic getaway at a wonderfully affordable price.

romantic getaways in Oklahoma

In taking someone special on a romantic getaway, you don’t have to hurt your pocket that much. There are still many destinations that will make your marriage proposal amazing.

If you want your marriage proposal to be romantic and unique, doing it on one of you romantic getaway weekends will be great idea. The privacy and the romance will make it as one unforgettable experience that both of you can share and remember.

There are many engagement ideas you can find today, especially if you want to do it in a romantic getaway with her. It will make it more exciting and romantic for the bride to be.

One Night Stays are a great way to turn an evening function into a romantic getaway. Next time you are invited to attend a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, book a hotel room and stay over. You’ll be able to enjoy the party to the fullest, spend an intimate night with your partner, and have a relaxing buffet breakfast the following morning. Then complete your mini-break by spending the morning in the pool or spa, then act like a tourist and visit some local attractions.

Being in a romantic getaway together, you can keep away from all the hassles of your daily life and give more time with each other. You both then can savor the moment and you’ll have the chance to propose in a most romantic and surprising way.

romantic getaways in Oklahoma

For those who don’t have much budget to spend for romantic getaways, you don’t need to feel disappointed. You can just go on less expensive options like a camping trip or hike and propose under the stars.

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Spring Break is first and foremost equated with single college students ready to party, yet they aren’t the only ones who go on road trips during Spring break. Students in a relationship may opt for a romantic getaway for two. Families also plan vacations during this time as a reward for their college student. Add to this list, teachers and families of K-12 grades use their road trip planners to create a fun family getaway during this time.

romantic getaway

romantic getaway



Romantic Dallas day trip

Romantic Dallas day trip


romantic Fort Worth day trip







This was the best romantic Dallas day trip of all time! First thing it was a total surprise! I was shocked when I found out that my husband of eleven years took off of work on my day off to sweep me from my feet with total bliss. I woke up to breakfast in bed. I was then given a letter with specific instructions about what to wear and what to pack. The letter warned me sternly not to ask questions and to keep talking to a minimum. I did it with a puzzled look on my face. When we got in the car we drove for about an hour for some wine tasting. Once that was over we took a short half hour trip to a cozy cabin in the woods. The cabin was decorated with chocolate goodies, and flowers. I can’t express how shocked that I was. I call this the best romantic Dallas day trip, although we did end up staying the night. The cabin was amazingly clean and secluded. I was pampered with a nice dinner as well as a trip to WinStar Casino. I didn’t win much but we had an amazing trip. I hope to surprise my husband on his next birthday at this place but I doubt that it tops my surprise.

Sandra and Ryan of Dallas

“The most perfect Romantic Oklahoma day trip ever”

Wayne and Michelle Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Romantic Fort Worth day trip

We have lived in Ft. Worth for over fifteen years and we finally found the perfect romantic Forth Worth day trip. We love this place and its mystic allure. The hot tub was wonderful. We went for an evening  walk before returning to our home for the night. Thanks River of Love for a wonderful experience

Teresa and Sam of Ft. Worth Texas


Romantic Dallas day trip

“This was the best  Dallas day trip of all time”

Elizabeth & Ed from Dallas, TX. 


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

For the first time since we’ve been married my wife surprised me with a romantic Fort Worth day trip. It was an awesome experience. We started early and visited Lake Murray and had a pic-nick, WinStar Casino where I won $80.00, and River of Love cabins where we retired for the evening. This place was amazing and we will recommend this romantic Fort Worth day trip to our friends. Hope to see ya’ll soon.

Josh and Terra from FT. Worth, TX. 


Champagne on our Romantic Dallas day trip

romantic Fort Worth day trip


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

“We place River of Love at the top of the food chain when it comes to a romantic Fort Worth day trip”. 

Pat and Larry of Fort Worth Texas

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Being a military couple we have traveled all over the world. Our home is in Oklahoma City and we have been back for a few months now. I was looking for a romantic Oklahoma day trip that was not far from home when I stumbled up on River of Love cabins. I did book it online and we had an amazing time of our lives. This was the perfect place for privacy with no phones, kids, or pets. We loved this place and will be returning. I’m recommending all of our military couples to take the plunge with a romantic Oklahoma day trip at River of Love.

A military Couple Kim and Shane O.K.C, OK. 



Romantic Dallas day trip

“If your’e searching for a romantic Dallas day trip then River of Love Cabins is it”

Sheri and Bob of BIG D

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Seclusion from the world around us! What more could you ask for in a romantic Oklahoma day trip? This is our second visit to these cabins. We love it here! From the hot-tub to the no interruption atmosphere this is by far the best romantic Oklahoma day trip we’ve taken so far.

Karen and Mike of Lawton Oklahoma 


Romantic Cabins Accommodation – What’s So Special About It?

Romantic Cabins Accommodation – What’s So Special About It?

Article by Bert Miller

If you are planning a romantic weekend getaway for you and your loved one, why don’t you think outside of the ‘accommodation square’. Hotels and motels are great forms of accommodation and of course are the more traditionally thought of when it comes to planning a special weekend away, but why not try something different? Something that offers you peace and tranquility in a setting that is both private and offers spectacular views? Though cabin accommodation is generally always self contained – don’t let this put you off. Why does a romantic weekend have to include silver service and spa baths? What about the good old fashioned picnic by the stream? Or perhaps relaxing with a glass of wine in an old fashioned fire heated bath under the stars? The more thought you put into it the more appreciative your partner is going to be!Romantic cabins are also generally only for adults, which means that you have a great reason to take your husband / wife away without the kids! Not only that but you really can enjoy your surroundings, without any interruptions.Some romantic cabin accommodation providers provide you with fluffy towels and robes, quality bed linen, the likes of tea and coffee making facilities and in some cases, breakfast to your room. So in a sense it’s not that much different from a motel in terms of the service you receive – but it is superbly different in terms of the atmosphere that you will experience.When you are looking for romantic cabins – look for those which provide a natural setting, perhaps near a river, in a forest or countryside setting. Somewhere were you really can get away from it all! The last thing you want to be doing is relaxing on a deck that overlooks a busy main street in the city – this will take away from the unique feeling you should get!For some honeymooners this is a great option too, particularly for those who can’t get out of the country but still would like the ‘honeymoon’ feel. A setting such as this gives you time to reflect on what a beautiful day you have just experienced; your wedding day! It also allows you time to plan and dream together in your own private getaway.With this type of accommodation you get to go back to basics and reconnect with your loved one. Forget all the modern technologies and pressures of life and really and truly sit back and enjoy. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will both feel!

About the Author

Warm Earth Cottage is a very special place offering two secluded & romantic bush cabins to provide the perfect honeymoon accommodation or romantic escape for a special treat. http://www.warmearthcottage.co.nz/

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas


Top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas!

Wow! We had an amazing time, this truly is the best that we’ve enjoyed in over 12 years. It was actually a double celebration. My birthday and our wedding anniversary. Thanks for the card and the goodies. We loved taking a late night dip in the hot-tub while listening to the rain on the roof and, we both slept like a rock listening to the thunder storm.  Today was a gorgeous morning. We had our coffee while setting on the porch listening to the singing birds. We hiked to the river after lunch to see a beautiful site from on top of the hill. We also seen a wild turkey. We came back and prepared dinner while sharing a bottle of wine. We danced, laughed and truly had an amazing time in the Red Bud cabin. We will be recommending these romantic weekend getaways near Dallas to our friends and family.

The Livingston’s of Dallas


These romantic weekend getaways near Dallas are awesome! Darla has never seen the night sky with a gillion stars all around. Well worth the trip!

D and J


Well just like many people have already written. … It’s time to go home and we don’t want to leave. This is definitely a little piece of hidden heaven!  We had an awesome time and we didn’t even do anything. It’s so peaceful and serene here. We loved listening to Mother Nature. Friday we saw a deer and a rabbit. Saturday we saw two raccoon while we were in the hot tub. They came by to visit. I tried to take  a picture, but they wanted nothing to do with that. This beautiful Sunday morning we saw two humming birds. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful place to rest and unwind. This has to be one of the greatest romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. I’m glad we located you on the internet. When I saw these cabins were in Oklahoma I thought it was going to be a really long trip. I was surprised to know how close your location is to Dallas. (Your almost in Texas). ha/ha. We had plans to visit WinStar Casino but we never wanted to leave. Were probably better off. We plan on returning when the weather starts getting cooler outside. Thanks for the special balloons and champagne. We will share our experience of these amazing  romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

L & F of Dallas


People say these are some of the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas but after staying here, we say they are the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

Thanks for everything,

Cliff and Jenny


This is an awesome place here. We stumbled on to it by mistake. It was the best mistake we ever made. It has got to be one of the most romantic weekend getaways near Dallas that we have ever enjoyed. We were once a couple over twenty years ago. After some recent hard times, I decided to locate Jimmy. I wrote him a letter and afterwards we began calling each other and sending pictures to each other. He finally decided to come and visit with me in Texas, all the way from Virginia. We wanted some R&R  and that’s when the greatest mistake ever happened. Jimmy says we are soul mates….. Our souls have been floating around for over twenty years waiting on our bodies to find them. Latter this year Jimmy has plans to move to Texas. I can’t wait. I really doesn’t get any better than this. True love, true happiness, in one amazing place to share with one another the most intimate moments of your life. The term  Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas doesn’t even begin to explain it. This place is magic! It’s where magic is made and talked about! I’m just thankful that the walls don’t talk. If they did, there’s no telling the stories they would tell.

Julie and Jimmy both soon to be of Dallas Texas


Live like a king in his palace, in this romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. he/he

S and J


Thanks for sharing your cabins. They are for sure the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. We will be returning on a regular basis.

Joe and Ann

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas









romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

River of Love cabins; romantic weekend getaways near Dallas !

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