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unusual weekend getaways

Unusual weekend getaways !

We arrived all the way from Lake Charles on a Friday afternoon, too see some thing that I’ve only dreamed of as a small child. My Grand-pa retired from the rail-road and I’ve always been fascinated by trains. The Love Train Caboose, was just what we had been looking for and more. The Hot-Tub and the huge outside deck added to the mystique of one of the most unusual weekend getaways ever. We stayed for two nights at this lovely getaway heaven, but we’ve  already made plans for a return trip in the fall. Thanks River of Love for making one of my childhood fantasies come to pass.

Greg and Mary

Lake Charles, Louisiana


unusual weekend getaways, might describe it.

We love this place called River of Love. This is our second visit and we will be back for a third. The hot-tub was wonderful and so was the weather. We thought it was going to rain but thankfully, it never got started. We shared some one on one time in the Love Train Train Caboose. I think this place is the fabric that holds marriages together by providing all the special touches required for a romantic getaway that’s located close to home for many. We call it one of our unusual weekend getaways and what makes it so unusual? No Phone, No Computer, No Noise. It’s sad that the world has become so busy,but it just makes this place more enjoyable.  In the past we have stayed in the Green-Briar cabin, and now The Love Train Caboose. Our next visit is going to be in the Red-Bud Cabin and we can’t wait. The Picnic basket and the fresh cut flowers were perfect. I hope next time the Hubby can take off work for an extra day to give us some more private time together. With three kids, two dogs, and all of the hectic schedules to juggle-(you guessed it) I need this place.

Rhonda and Jess
Dallas, TX.

unusual weekend getaways









 Welcome to our world of unusual weekend getaways

It’s unusual for us to see so much wildlife in one area. We both work in the heart of Oklahoma City. I’ve heard it called the wild-life. Sometimes it gets pretty wild with all of the emergency vehicle sirens and busy daily activities of a typical city. This place is so peaceful, I’m almost lost for words of how we enjoyed getting away from the stress of what many now days call “the norm” I can certainty understand calling this place unusual because for us it’s been one of the most unusual weekend getaways compared to the city or most typical getaways. We will return to our slice of the real wildlife to experience another unusual weekend getaways.

T & J

Oklahoma City, OK.


With us any getaway(s) can be called unusual weekend getaways. We try and schedule a romantic getaway once per year but its been almost three years since our last visit. We have had a hectic three years. I won’t boar you with the details. This trip has truly been amazing though. I would call it better than the other visits simply because, it was a surprise romantic getaway from my husband. Now that’s for sure what makes this one of those unusual weekend getaways. If you knew my husband you would for sure understand. The Jacuzzi was amazing along with the chocolate covered strawberries. I’ve been waiting on any unusual weekend getaways for almost twenty years. This weekend made it worth the wait. Can’t wait to tell my friends about one of the most unusual weekend getaways ever.

The unusual weekend getaways people from:

Houston, Texas


This is one of those awesome and unusual weekend getaways. I just happened to stumble upon it searching on the internet. This cabin and its surroundings are perfect for us. Henry and I are re-united after 15 years. We were a young couple in the 80’s who broke it off. We haven’t seen or heard from each-other since. Odd enough Henry located me on Facebook two years ago and we have been together since. We needed some R&R and were so glad we found this place. It’s been added to our list of  unusual weekend getaways since it’s so private and such. Thanks for everything.

Emma and Henry

Ft. Worth, Texas


unusual weekend getaways

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas


Top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas!

Wow! We had an amazing time, this truly is the best that we’ve enjoyed in over 12 years. It was actually a double celebration. My birthday and our wedding anniversary. Thanks for the card and the goodies. We loved taking a late night dip in the hot-tub while listening to the rain on the roof and, we both slept like a rock listening to the thunder storm.  Today was a gorgeous morning. We had our coffee while setting on the porch listening to the singing birds. We hiked to the river after lunch to see a beautiful site from on top of the hill. We also seen a wild turkey. We came back and prepared dinner while sharing a bottle of wine. We danced, laughed and truly had an amazing time in the Red Bud cabin. We will be recommending these romantic weekend getaways near Dallas to our friends and family.

The Livingston’s of Dallas


These romantic weekend getaways near Dallas are awesome! Darla has never seen the night sky with a gillion stars all around. Well worth the trip!

D and J


Well just like many people have already written. … It’s time to go home and we don’t want to leave. This is definitely a little piece of hidden heaven!  We had an awesome time and we didn’t even do anything. It’s so peaceful and serene here. We loved listening to Mother Nature. Friday we saw a deer and a rabbit. Saturday we saw two raccoon while we were in the hot tub. They came by to visit. I tried to take  a picture, but they wanted nothing to do with that. This beautiful Sunday morning we saw two humming birds. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful place to rest and unwind. This has to be one of the greatest romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. I’m glad we located you on the internet. When I saw these cabins were in Oklahoma I thought it was going to be a really long trip. I was surprised to know how close your location is to Dallas. (Your almost in Texas). ha/ha. We had plans to visit WinStar Casino but we never wanted to leave. Were probably better off. We plan on returning when the weather starts getting cooler outside. Thanks for the special balloons and champagne. We will share our experience of these amazing  romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

L & F of Dallas


People say these are some of the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas but after staying here, we say they are the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas.

Thanks for everything,

Cliff and Jenny


This is an awesome place here. We stumbled on to it by mistake. It was the best mistake we ever made. It has got to be one of the most romantic weekend getaways near Dallas that we have ever enjoyed. We were once a couple over twenty years ago. After some recent hard times, I decided to locate Jimmy. I wrote him a letter and afterwards we began calling each other and sending pictures to each other. He finally decided to come and visit with me in Texas, all the way from Virginia. We wanted some R&R  and that’s when the greatest mistake ever happened. Jimmy says we are soul mates….. Our souls have been floating around for over twenty years waiting on our bodies to find them. Latter this year Jimmy has plans to move to Texas. I can’t wait. I really doesn’t get any better than this. True love, true happiness, in one amazing place to share with one another the most intimate moments of your life. The term  Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas doesn’t even begin to explain it. This place is magic! It’s where magic is made and talked about! I’m just thankful that the walls don’t talk. If they did, there’s no telling the stories they would tell.

Julie and Jimmy both soon to be of Dallas Texas


Live like a king in his palace, in this romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. he/he

S and J


Thanks for sharing your cabins. They are for sure the top romantic weekend getaways near Dallas. We will be returning on a regular basis.

Joe and Ann

Romantic weekend getaways near Dallas









romantic weekend getaways near Dallas

River of Love cabins; romantic weekend getaways near Dallas !

Fun romantic Forth Worth getaways

Fun romantic Forth Worth getaways


What client are saying about these fun romantic Forth Worth getaways.


Fun romantic Forth Worth getaways






How can we thank you enough? You worked so hard to make these fun romantic Forth Worth getaways perfect for everyone. This is something my wife and I will never forget! We’ve been married for almost 12 years and have never had a romantic getaway alone. Isn’t that wild? Thanks for the help of keeping Terra totally surprised right up to the point of walking in the door. She never suspected a thing. It was the perfect idea. What a wonderful service you provide. Me and Terra totally re-connected here! The charming atmosphere, no phones, and no one around allowed us to focus on each other’s needs. We re-discovered the joy and closeness of being newlyweds again!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

James and Terra- Fort Worth, Texas


What a beautiful rustic cabin. Spent the day listening to it rain and enjoying the quiet time with a very special friend. The hot-tub was a nice way to soak away the hectic city life. Spending two nights in these fun romantic Forth Worth getaways is like stepping back in time, with a few added features. We had an outstanding time here watching all of the red birds eat pop corn and building a nice cozy fire when the rain stopped. This place provided the special atmosphere needed to build some very good memories. We will tell our friends about this place.

P & D Fort Worth, Texas


We had a wonderful time in you’re A+ rated fun romantic Forth Worth getaways. What a great place for romance. The stars were beautiful and plentiful. We visited the WinStar Casino and won a little money (Enough to buy dinner).before retiring to the hot tub for a midnight dip. We love the idea of using spoons for door handles. Thank for the chocolate covered strawberries. They are Anthony’s favorite.

Gail and Anthony – FT. Worth, Texas


We had a good, relaxing, peaceful time. We really enjoy these top rated, fun romantic Forth Worth getaways. Don’t want to leave yet. We will be back for sure. Thanks for everything including the wine and cheese.

Gary and Karen – FT. Worth, Texas


River of Love cabins; Fun romantic Forth Worth getaways.


Fun romantic Forth Worth getaways

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