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Dallas couples retreat

Dallas couples retreat

This made the perfect Dallas couples retreat! We can’t express our gratitude enough for allowing us to share your cabin with us. Today we have been married for twenty-years. I can honestly say that this has been one of the best getaways ever. We will tell our friends about this wonderful establishment and we will be back.

Kendra and Milton of Dallas Texas


 “Top Dallas couples retreat” Anna and Jeff.



Couple getaway near Dallas

We have been searching many years for a  getaway near Dallas. We finally found you! We absolutely love it here. We fell in love all over again. We laughed, cried,  and even danced. We haven’t danced in over ten years.  This place enriched our lives together as individuals. May the Lord continue to bless this place called Love.

N & D  Dallas, TX.


Christian couples retreat

This was one of the most peaceful and relaxing places we have found. The perfect setting for a Christian couples retreat. We will be recommending this place to our friends and may the Lord Bless the River of Love Cabins.

Sarah and Chad-Dallas TX.


Couple getaway near Dallas

We were very fortunate to have found this place. It made for the perfect couple getaway near Dallas. We loved the hot-tub. Our time here really flew, but we had the time of our lives. We are celebrating life to the fullest and we are glad we got to share some time here making some perfect memories. We are both leaving here supercharged.

Brad and Dana of Dallas Texas

 “Perfect Couple getaway near Dallas.” Mary and Tom



Dallas couples retreat

The best Dallas Couples retreat. I will be the first to admit that we don’t have a perfect marriage. My husband works away from home and we rarely spend quality time together. Some of our friends recommended this place and I’m glad we experienced it together. Our marriage has been enriched because, we made new vows to one another, and we now remember why we were married. We will be recommending this place to others and hopefully returning soon!

Amy and Lee of  Dallas TX.

Christian couples retreat

We love private overnight outings. Over the past few years we’ve been on several stay-cations. This one is at the top of the chart for the best Christian couples retreat, due to it’s seclusion. It’s the perfect Couple getaway near Dallas. We had fun winning eighty-bucks at the Casino, they also serve an amazing steak at Toby Keith’s. The hot-tub worked wonders for our aching muscles. In a nut shell- “We Love The River Of Love.”

Barb & Gary – A Dallas couple in love.

Dallas couples retreat

Abe Lincoln once said “good things come to those who wait, but only things left from those who hustle.” We had to hustle to find two nights available here. We finally got a weekend booked after several attempts and two cancellations. We were in dire need of this Dallas couples retreat. We won’t forget the amazing adventure. We built many memories here and will be returning.

H & T Dallas

Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

"excerpts" from- Oklahoma Getaway journal's

This was one amazing Oklahoma getaway that we will be talking about and remembering for years to come. First we want to thank our stewards for allowing us the opportunity to settle in at one of the best Oklahoma getaways in the state. Now we will give a tid-bit about our visit here. It started from our home in Oklahoma City where my husband, Jeff and I had an amazing new year beginning. While in the process of discussing our new years resolution when the phone rang. Suddenly we found out our daughter was going to have a baby. (I just had to include that). Now back to the new years resolution. While setting some modest resolutions and goals, we both decided this year we were gonna work smarter not harder. Here I won’t boar you with our personal details except the one where we agreed that we would take a mini getaway trip out of Oklahoma City, somewhere we could spend quality time together and re-connect to one another and just re-charge our batteries. A place to clear our minds and prepare ourselves for the next wave. We put our goals in writing and placed them on the refrigerator, where they would be in plain view.  While preforming a routine internet search we ran across what seemed to be a secluded and romantic place. Could this be one of those perfect Oklahoma getaways? The perfect recipe for what we’ve been longing for. Yes  that’s exactly what it is in a few words. “The perfect recipe”. We loved it so much, before we left we both vowed to each other that we would return two more times before the years end.

Jeff and Shelly of Oklahoma City, OK.


Oklahoma Getaway Cabins

When we first arrived it was cold and raining. I thought this might be one of those Oklahoma getaways that’s warm. (you know- the kind that’s not too hot). ha/ha. I had a change of heart as soon as I soaked in the hot-tub for a bit. My wife and I have been married for ten years today. What an anniversary we will always remember. We relaxed, reconnected, and renewed ourselves to one another. Were so glad we discovered what I would call -The golden nugget of any Oklahoma getaway cabin. Thanks for letting us share this awesome cabin called Red-Bud.

Calvin and Marissa, Moore Oklahoma

Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

We had fun at what we consider one of our new favorite Oklahoma getaways. This week marks Tammy, My wife of five years birthday. I would tell you her age but, I may not live to enjoy tomorrow. Anyway we had a wonderful time celebrating and we loved the privacy. I love the country, It’s where I grew up. Tammy was a little jumpy at first but I was so proud of her for settling in so well. She was raised in Houston in the City therefore she’s a little out of her element. She moved to Oklahoma City from Houston and that’s where we met. I knew if I could get her here that she would love it, and she did. Thank ya’ll for all that you’ve done for the many folks that have stayed here.

James and Tammy of OKC

Oklahoma Getaways for couples

Can someone say one of the greatest Oklahoma getaway for couples to the rescue? That’s what this place has done for my wife and I. We came here to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We both work in the high stress work environment, as medical professionals we deal with many people on a daily basis. This is a wonderful place to unwind and leave your troubles behind. We have visited many Oklahoma getaway cabins, but this place seems to remain our favorite. It’s really rejuvenating.

T & T-Lawton Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways

We are from Tulsa and were glad to have found this place. It’s nice to know that places like this exist today. We had a dynamic time here. We have visited many of Oklahoma getaway and this one makes the top three list. The hot-tub was magical, and the stress that builds within us was melted after a few days at the Red-Bud cabin. Thanks for creating such a peaceful atmosphere.

Jack and Hannah of Tulsa Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways









Oklahoma getaway cabins

These Oklahoma getaway cabins were amazing. We seemed to find them at the perfect time in our lives. We have been struggling on many paths of life for the past few months and its a wonderful feeling to know that there are a few Oklahoma getaways for couples, that are secluded enough for a perfect atmosphere. We are planning a return trip when we can stay longer.

Matt & Suzzie – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma getaway cabins

 Best Oklahoma Getaway

Romantic Houston Getaway

Romantic Houston Getaway (s)

Searching for a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Why not spend that Romantic Houston Getaway, in Love County ?


 Ask yourself – What’s a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Here are a few simple romantic “exerts” noted from guest who’ve made, River of Love Cabins their Romantic Houston Getaway destination.

  • Peace and quiet
  • total seclusion
  • privacy
  • We didn’t see anyone but each-other all weekend
  • Warm
  •  Inviting
  •  Awesome location
  •  Perfect Romantic Houston Getaway
  •  It’s almost Texas
  • We hate to leave
  • We love this place
  • Best honeymoon ever=} Only honeymoon ever
  • Enjoyed some me time
  • one on one
  • No kids
  • No phones
  • Zero distractions
  • The hot-tub was wonderful
  • We loved the Jacuzzi
  • Nice} chocolate covered strawberries
  • Romantic Houston Getaway and champagne too ?
  • Happy New Years
  • Perfect holiday getaway
  • I haven’t heard a police siren all week
  • It’s the simple things in life that count
  • Sometimes we forget to make quality time for one another
  • Made new tracks at The Love Train Caboose
  • We danced for the firsts time in ten years
  • My fiance proposed
  • Best anniversary
  • This was the surprise
  • Happy Birthday me
  • Roasted marshmallows and hot-dogs
  • Walking in the woods
  • The sounds of nature


Romantic Houston Getaway








Things to do

  • WinStar World Casino
  • Dining
  • Golfing
  • Shopping
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Animal parks
  • Live entertainment
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV’s
  • Get a message
  • Wine tasting
  • Antiques
  • Rest
  • Relax
  • Renew

Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma

Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma

Raving reviews about this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.



Thank you for everything. There was so much love put into this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. It makes it impossible not to find and experience love. Just what we needed, time to re-connect and set some goals for the upcoming year. I planned this surprise birthday getaway for my husband for one night only, I’m glad that you had a vacancy to extend it another night. We went to the casino (Our first gambling experience). On our first five dollars spent we won one-hundred and sixty bucks. Just enough to cover our meal, and our second night at the Red Bud Cabin. This was truly the best birthday surprise ever for my husband. We danced, soaked in the hot-tub, and spent quality time together. He said this birthday truly made him feel like a new man. We will be back.

M & M Arlington,Texas


Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma



  Cake picture from the perfect birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.



We feel so happy here. The hot-tub is a wonderful way to let your thoughts drift away; we spent our last morning in the tub watching the sun come up. This place is very cozy and a wonderful way to watch the wonders of nature. Our birthday is in the same month so we usually celebrate them together. We spent our past birthday in a cheesy motel. I’m so glad that our friends recommend this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma called the River of Love. We spent time grilling out together and setting by the romantic fire pit. Thanks for the birthday cake. We are looking forward to getting a year older next year so we can return to this awesome birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.

Pam and Jimmy of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What a great place! We had such a peaceful and relaxing stay at this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. We live in O.K.C and are proud to have found such an amazing place that’s close to home. We are caring for Darien’s mother and can’t be too far from home.  We will tell everyone we know about this birthday getaway discovery and we will return.

Darien and Susan O.K.C


This is a wonderful place to getaway and an even better place for a birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. We kicked our shoes off and made ourselves at home here. Living in the city sometimes gets us caught up in daily commitments and we forget to take time for ourselves. Thanks to this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma, we completely focused on each other’s needs and made the most of our stay. Thanks for making us feel welcome.

Summer and Thurman of Lawton, Oklahoma

We loved the cabin! We had an amazing time in this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. Thanks for the birthday cake and card. Our stay made my wife’s 40th birthday very special. The hot-tub put the icing on the cake. (No pun intended).  We loved looking up into the dark sky, filled with ka-zillion stars all around, and the fire pit was a blast.  We will join this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma on Facebook, and share our pictures, and experience with everyone we know.

The Andrews from Moore,Oklahoma

River of Love Cabins;The perfect birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.

Getaway cabins near Dallas Texas

Getaway cabins near Dallas Texas

The original plan for our honeymoon was to visit San-Antonio, and then my husband learned of your getaway cabins near Dallas Texas. We are quite impressed and we are surely planning a return visit. The atmosphere is so relaxing and we were able to spend some quality time together and just enjoy each other. In the city there isn’t really a great picnic place without a swarm of people, so today we enjoyed our first private picnic together. You did a fantastic job on the basket. Thank you so much for providing us this opportunity at these getaway cabins near Dallas Texas. I enjoyed the time learning more about my husband and myself without the drama of everyday life. This place was just what we needed.

Katie and Phillip, Dallas Texas


Getaway cabins near Dallas Texas

 Cabins near Dallas

What a blast it was to be here at this getaway cabins near Dallas Texas. We have a place on Lake Eufaula but it’s not as private as your cabins. The privacy here was wonderful. Got a little scare from a friendly raccoon late last night. Today we enjoyed watching hundreds of butterflies. Yellow, black, orange and all colors. My favorite one was black and blue. It kept following me. The hot-tub was great. This was an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for the hospitality. We are sure to become repeat offenders here.

Mike and Robin, Dallas TX.

Romantic getaway near Dallas


Once again, we had such a wonderful trip. These getaway cabins near Dallas Texas is such a great place to get away from everything. This was our first time to stay for two days. This gave us the chance to really unwind. Thanks again for a wonderful cabin.

Billy and Kelly, Dallas Texas


Thanks again for a great time, we had lots of fun. It’s so peaceful here. We cant wait till we get to come  back to your getaway cabins near Dallas Texas. Maybe next time we will try your other cabin. Thanks again for a great weekend.

Mark and Sonya of Dallas Texas


River of Love Cabins; Getaway cabins near Dallas Texas


Getaway cabins near Dallas Texas

cabins near Dallas

Rural Oklahoma couple retreat

Rural Oklahoma couple retreat


We came to this rural Oklahoma couple retreat cabin for our honeymoon and we were truly surprised at what we found. The cabin was absolutely great! The peaceful surroundings and fresh air was more than we could have hoped for. Our honeymoon couldn’t have been any better. We enjoyed the hot-tub and the patio. We are planning a return visit to your rural Oklahoma couple retreatcabin.

JR. and Shawna
Duncan Oklahoma


First of all we would like to thank you for our romance package. What a special treat!!! The perfect start to a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Yes. It was a very relaxing and peaceful weekend. This rural Oklahoma couple retreat cabin was our 22nd anniversary. It was the best by far. We rarely have time to enjoy dinner together much less an entire weekend. This whole weekend we just spent quality time together. The hot tub was the best!! My husband loved it. I hope this weekend is one of many trips to your rural Oklahoma couple retreat cabins.

Rodney & Nancy
Fairmont Oklahoma
rural Oklahoma couple retreat




We just want to say: Thank you for letting us stay in your rural Oklahoma couple retreat cabin. We both just love it here. Wading in the creek was fun. My husband works out of town for weeks at a time and it is so nice to enjoy some uninterrupted attention. You have the cabin so cozy and we really hate to leave.

D and J
Mustang Oklahoma


Once again we are totally pleased with these rural Oklahoma couple retreat cabins. This is our third visit. We finally got to see Rocky the raccoon. We walked to the Red River but were rushed to get back before dark. The peace and quiet was much needed after a super busy past two weeks at the workplace. We really loved our fresh cut flowers.

Claudia and Curtis
Clinton Oklahoma


River of Love cabins; Rural Oklahoma couple retreat

secluded and romantic cabins in oklahoma

Romantic cabins in Oklahoma

Unlike many Oklahoma getaways it’s less than two hours away from Oklahoma City. We don’t waste our time driving three or four hours since we’ve discovered River of Love cabins.Our time is limited, and now we can get to our favorite secluded romantic cabins in Oklahoma quickly, so we can have more quality time to enjoy ourselves.

We normally try and schedule a weekend getaway at least three times per year, but lately we’ve been reserving quick weekday stays. We arrive in the early afternoon and just enjoy some downtime together relaxing in the hammock, going for a walk, and yes don’t forget the tub. We are both in the entertainment business and live very rushed and demanding lives in the City.

This place is a great place to unwind and refresh yourself. One of the best mini vacations in Oklahoma close enough for us to enjoy several hours of downtime to re-energize and then get back to the workplace fast.After visiting River of Love Cabins and committing ourselves to some occasional downtime. We both feel more productive and have improved in many areas in our lives.

The best part for us is communication, you would think with the technology of today, email, texting, phones and all of the other high tech gadgets in the world that couples would be able to communicate more efficiently but it doesn’t seem to be happening. The best way is one on one face to face talking without interruption. I agree with many others about the late night hot-tub soaking being good among the other attributes of this place. Always remember in any relationship communication is key.

We hate to leave and cant wait to return.

River of Love Cabins is defiantly at the top of our list and one of our favorites.

The perfect place to getaway.

S & B Givens                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


oklahoma getaways for families

secluded and romantic cabins in Oklahoma

We recently married and have five kids between us. We spent our honeymoon at River of Love Cabins. We hated one thing about our trip.”Leaving” It is truly one of the most enjoyable and fun weekend trips in Oklahoma that’s located close enough, but not too far from the kidos.

Kevin & Merissa K                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fort Worth, Texas

We live near OKC and have searched for a romantic Oklahoma getaway that is private and not a long drive. We have stayed in other cabins about five hours away but we wanted something a little closer. Thanks River of Love for providing the perfect Oklahoma couples getaway.

Marie H.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Dallas TX.



Oklahoma getaway for couples

 Its been over ten years since my husband and I were married. We never had an official honeymoon. We had a very fast  and cheap wedding, but its still lasting. Many of our friends have had large elaborate weddings and most have already separated or divorced.  Love is true and love is everlasting and The River of Love cabins holds a special place in our hearts. We came here and literally fell in love again. Thanks for putting this place together for couples like us.


Oklahoma couples getaway                                                                                                                                                                                                                



A few descriptive words for one of our favorite Oklahoma getaways for couples:  simple, serene, rustic, charming, and cozy.

Brooke M.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lawton, OK.



Add River of Love Cabins to the top of your list of getaways to visit.

What a perfect place for me and my wife to escape the city noise, we gazed at the stars and talked about the simple, free and most important things in life for several hours. We love River of Love Cabins.We have had a few rough spots in our marriage but through prayer, thoughtfulness, and simple small things like this weekend retreat has helped save our relationship with one another. thanks again for this special place.



After visiting many romantic luxury cabins in Oklahoma there is no comparison.

This place was one of those perfect overnight getaways in Oklahoma. It enriched our marriage and I recommend it to anyone who needs some rest and relaxation to visit this place. We loved the privacy and our midnight soak in our hot-tub. We almost stayed in a hotel, I am so glad we chose these cabins instead in our opinion they provide the best Oklahoma getaways for families that’s close to the Dallas FT. Worth metroplex. and we recommend this place to all of the couples we know.




oklahoma getaways for couples

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