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Sexy Getaways In Oklahoma

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma


We were so amazed with the entire ambiance of this place. we have stayed in several sexy getaways in Oklahoma but this is at the top of the list when it comes to the mood of privacy and all out piece and quiet. We really love that aspect. The hot-tub is also amazing. We had a nice relaxing and private getaway. We will recommend River of Love to our friends and family and we will be returning in the fall to enjoy one of the top sexy getaways in Oklahoma.

Randall and Sue from Oklahoma City. OK.

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma







Sexy getaways near Texas

Hats off to The River of Love! We came here anticipating one of the best sexy getaways near Texas and that’s exactly what we got. The Jacuzzi, and the wrap around porch was our domain for the weekend. No phones, no interruptions.  Just plain ole Texas one on one time. We normally choose a cabin in Eastern Oklahoma near Broken Bow but The River of Love is much closer. We decided to give it a try and we are so glad we did. We spent one afternoon driving around Lake Murray. It’s absolutely gorgeous.   Next time were bringing our boat and staying longer. We will also recommend this hidden lovers getaway near Texas to our friends.  Thanks for everything.

George and Mattie of Dallas Texas

The greatest “Lovers getaway near Texas”

Josh and Laurie of Ft.Worth, TX.



Sexy getaways near Texas


sexy getaways near Texas

Today my husband of nine years surprised me with some pink roses when he woke my up for breakfast in bed. After breakfast and a shower he explained that today would be a very special day. He instructed me to pack a small bag with two days worth of clothes in it. I asked where we were going, he would only continue to say its a surprise. He had already made plans for our kids to be at grandmas for the week-end and had everything on his end ready to go. By the time I got dressed and a few things together it was almost lunch time. We will stop along the way he says as he loads my bags. I continued to ask and he finally broke down and gave me a hint. Sexy getaways near Texas. That’s it I replied. It could be a million possibilities. We got on Interstate-35 heading North toward Denton, as my mind wandered and my mouth begged for another clue he yells out “lovers getaway near Texas” Again a million possibilities. As we passed the Denton area my mind really raced,we pulled off of the interstate in Gainesville. First by a fast food chain then to Wal-Mart. I was now only in more suspense than ever. His instructions were clear on what supplies to get. I guessed we were going to visit a bed and breakfast until some breakfast items were placed in the buggy. I was clueless. As I methodically pressured my husband  he said last clue sexy getaways in Oklahoma. It dawned on me at that time River of Love Cabins??? I said it and he grinned from ear to ear. I knew at that time that’s where we were headed. I forgot that we had previously tried to schedule a trip to River of Love  but our schedule never worked out. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see which cabin he had chosen. When we left Gainesville and crossed the Red River into Oklahoma my heart raced with joy. a few minutes later we were pulling into the Red-Bud Cabin driveway. Ironically this was the exact cabin I had chosen previously when we had scheduling issues in the past. I was so happy! The privacy and surrounding setting of this place makes it one of the top sexy getaways near Texas and the hot-tub was fabulous. He even had me a massage scheduled. This was truly a fun filled romantic surprise and the best lovers getaway near Texas of all time. We are recommending this place to our circle of friends and family.

Janice and Dave of Dallas TX.


“River of Love” rated in the top for sexy getaways in Oklahoma

Seth and Crystal of Moore Oklahoma



If there was an award for Top lovers getaway near Texas you deserve it.

Matthew and Jill of Houston, TX.

sexy getaways near Texas

sexy getaways near Texas

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

Best romantic getaways in Oklahoma


Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas


“Now we know why they call River of Love is called one of the best romantic getaways in Oklahoma. Because it is!”

J&S Oklahoma City

Best Texas weekend getaways

This trip was amazing! We have been trying to get here for over a year now. I can honestly say that the wait was well worth it! We think that’s it’s ranked as one of the best weekend getaways from Dallas. We will be telling our friends and family about this secluded gold mine of romance!

Tom and Jessica of Dallas, TX. 

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

I can now mark a perfect sunset from my bucket list. The amazing things that we take for granted. We viewed it at what we refer to as a getaways near Dallas Texas. We really enjoyed the hot-tub and some pretty amazing area attractions. We will continue to live life to the fullest, just remember to live life today like it’s your last day, because soon enough it will be. Glad to have made river of love cabins an amazing experience.

Greg and Deborah of Dallas, TX.


Romantic weekend getaways from Dallas

We absolutely love it here. I surprised my husband with this mini vacation trip, it was just a pre-cursor for our yearly vacation to the Caribbean sea. After visiting here we both realized that we need more pre-cursor mini vacations. The Cabin was magnificent and loaded with goodies. We really love the fact that it is excluded from the rest of the world but not to far off the grid. Our hope is to return again next year, but next time for a much longer stay. This seems to be one of those perfect Dallas getaways for couples. My Facebook family will get the more exclusive details of this place.



romantic places near austin texas

Romantic places near Austin Texas

“This is  a great place to renew yourselves as a couple”

Cindy and Matt of Austin, Texas


Top romantic getaways in Oklahoma

Thank you for reviving our marriage. We have searched for a place like this one for a long time. Were just sad about two things, not finding this place sooner and having to go back home to reality. We loved our getaway weekend. It was a nice break where we could just relax away from the busy world, work, and children. We will tell others about River of Love Cabins- One of the top romantic getaways in Oklahoma.

Carol and Bill from Oklahoma City, OK


 Best romantic getaways in Oklahoma

“If your longing to experience one of the best romantic getaways in Oklahoma then visit this place!”

T&T Sharron of Oklahoma





Romantic places to propose near Dallas

Romantic places to propose near Dallas

What a huge surprise!! Chris and I have been together now for almost seven years and finally he pops the question. I was shocked. It was a very romantic and private setting and in my opinion it was the perfect and most romantic places to propose near Dallas, TX. A quaint cabin getaway turned into one of the most unforgettable getaways ever. How romantic that we were in Love County. We will return here someday soon to remember how special this day really was. I hope it’s sooner than latter.

Chris and Crystal Dallas and Ft.Worth soon to be wed.

romantic places to propose near Dallas

“This was for sure the most romantic places to propose near Dallas”

One happy girl named Kerry

Romantic places to propose near Fort Worth

What more can I say,  Love County! One of the most romantic places to propose near Fort Worth. I will never forget this special day, I never expected your proposal in May, What do you think I should say? There was only one answer and it wasn’t nay. I Love Jerry so much  ! I will never forget this moment of time. Can’t wait to return for our honeymoon.

Jerry and Lisa soon to be wed. Ft. Worth Texas

Romantic places to propose near Fort Worth

romantic places to propose near Dallas









“Most Romantic places to propose near Fort Worth”

Bret & Terra

Romantic places to propose near Dallas

The romance package must have done the trick! This is our third visit here. Third time was a charm. He proposed when i was walking into the cabin, to my surprise he had ordered a romance package that was waiting on the bed. When I noticed it he dropped to one knee and asked the question. I immediately answered YES! with a huge smile on my face. We love the Red Bud cabin. I’m so glad he chose this place, so quiet, secluded and it’s also in Love County. Seems to be one of those perfect and most romantic places to propose near Dallas.

Romantic places to propose near Oklahoma City

This place has romance written all over it! You know its just one of those romantic places to propose near Oklahoma City. Today was one of the happiest days of my life. We celebrated and made memories in Love County that we will never forget! I can’t wait to return to this place for future endeavors!

Brian and Tammy OKC, Oklahoma

“A sure thing if your looking for the most romantic places to propose near Dallas”

Romantic places to propose near Fort Worth

We were saturated with romance in one of the most romantic places to propose near Fort Worth.


One of my friends told me about The River of Love in Love County. I figured that I couldn’t go wrong asking my girlfriend of four years to be my wife. She said yes with tears of joy in her eyes, so it must have worked! We love the seclusion that this place has to offer not to mention the casino was just a few minutes down the road. The Jacuzzi was wonderful as well.I’m sure we will visit this place in our future plans.

Thanks for making it special.

Cindy and Jeff  of Forth Worth Texas

Romantic places to propose near Oklahoma City

The most romantic day of my life! All because of my future husband located one of the most beautiful and romantic places to propose near Oklahoma City. I suspected that the BIG question was coming because his best friend spilled the beans earlier this week. I pretended not to hear and it worked out perfect. We loved the country atmosphere that this place offers and are sure to return soon!

Anna and Mike Oklahoma City, OK

Romantic places to propose near Dallas

This is my all time favorite romantic getaway place! Our friends of 17 years told us this place. They renewed their vows in Love County! They acted the entire scene out from the proposal to the reading of vows. She described it as one of the most romantic places to propose near Dallas. So we couldn’t resist visiting here to find out for ourselves. They were right. This place is amazing. We had a marvelous experience.

Deb and Jesse Dallas TX.

“Promising top romantic places to propose near Fort Worth”

Gene and Wayne

Dave and Gloria – “Most romantic places to propose near Dallas”


Most romantic Places To Stay In Oklahoma

Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

It’s a keeper! One of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma. My wife and I have visited the Thackerville area more than a dozen times now. We have also stayed at one of the most romantic resorts in Oklahoma called River of Love. We love coming here! There is plenty to do around  the area, I like just hanging around the cabin enjoying the company of my best friend and lover called my wife.



Romantic places near Oklahoma City

It has to be on of the most romantic places near Oklahoma City. I can’t wait to return, now that we have the feel of this place. We both work full time positions in OKC and it’s very nice to have a secluded place like this to ad to our list of romantic places near Oklahoma City.

Jake and Julie OKC


Fun weekend trips in Oklahoma

It sure ranks up at the top of the list as one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.”This place is Amazing” We love the hammock and the peace and quiet. No lights, no phones, just us and natures natural beauty. We will be coming back in July.

H & D

Romantic Places near Oklahoma City










Weekend getaways for couples in Oklahoma

Romantic Places-to stay in Oklahoma









We finally booked our reservation! We’ve attempted to reserve a River of Love Cabin twice, but we were too late on both occasions. We finally booked for three months in advance, just to be on the safe side. We had a blast from the past staying here. We didn’t gamble much at WinStar, but we did enjoy Aubree Anna singing on Valentines Day and an awesome steak at Toby Keith’s Grill. The Jacuzzi was fa-nominal. and all of the special touches really stand out in the cabin. It’s for sure one of the top romantic resorts in Oklahoma. It was well worth the wait and were already anticipating our next visit.


 Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

If romance is your thing, this should be your place. We have stayed all over the area and this is defiantly at the top of our list when it comes to romantic places  in Oklahoma. The best thing is the privacy and seclusion of being alone with the one you love.

Larry and Jenny P. of OKC


Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

We finally made it and I’m so glad we did. We have been trying to book a weekend at these cabins for over three months. We are last minute people but we had to adjust our schedule more advance that normal. It was so worth it! We love the Jacuzzi and the evening walks. We built a fire and danced. We haven’t had this much alone time in years. We can’t wait to return this spring.  Thanks again.


Romantic places near Oklahoma City

One happy momma
We have been married for six-teen years now. We never really celebrated with a hunneymoon. My husband isn’t know for his
romance but this time he really pulled it off. It was a huge surprise for me. I thought we were staying in a crappy hotel, after seeing a great concert at Winstar Casinos but instead I was actually led to our car and blindfolded by my husband.
He just kept telling me that I would love it and not to peak. When we got to our cabin (The Red Bud) I took off the blindfold and was amazed. He ordered us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We had an awesome experience and I loved the hot-tub. In my opinion its one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.


For all of you non-romantic men lol.

happy wife/ happy life

Ritta and Jerry


Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

"excerpts" from- Oklahoma Getaway journal's

This was one amazing Oklahoma getaway that we will be talking about and remembering for years to come. First we want to thank our stewards for allowing us the opportunity to settle in at one of the best Oklahoma getaways in the state. Now we will give a tid-bit about our visit here. It started from our home in Oklahoma City where my husband, Jeff and I had an amazing new year beginning. While in the process of discussing our new years resolution when the phone rang. Suddenly we found out our daughter was going to have a baby. (I just had to include that). Now back to the new years resolution. While setting some modest resolutions and goals, we both decided this year we were gonna work smarter not harder. Here I won’t boar you with our personal details except the one where we agreed that we would take a mini getaway trip out of Oklahoma City, somewhere we could spend quality time together and re-connect to one another and just re-charge our batteries. A place to clear our minds and prepare ourselves for the next wave. We put our goals in writing and placed them on the refrigerator, where they would be in plain view.  While preforming a routine internet search we ran across what seemed to be a secluded and romantic place. Could this be one of those perfect Oklahoma getaways? The perfect recipe for what we’ve been longing for. Yes  that’s exactly what it is in a few words. “The perfect recipe”. We loved it so much, before we left we both vowed to each other that we would return two more times before the years end.

Jeff and Shelly of Oklahoma City, OK.


Oklahoma Getaway Cabins

When we first arrived it was cold and raining. I thought this might be one of those Oklahoma getaways that’s warm. (you know- the kind that’s not too hot). ha/ha. I had a change of heart as soon as I soaked in the hot-tub for a bit. My wife and I have been married for ten years today. What an anniversary we will always remember. We relaxed, reconnected, and renewed ourselves to one another. Were so glad we discovered what I would call -The golden nugget of any Oklahoma getaway cabin. Thanks for letting us share this awesome cabin called Red-Bud.

Calvin and Marissa, Moore Oklahoma

Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

We had fun at what we consider one of our new favorite Oklahoma getaways. This week marks Tammy, My wife of five years birthday. I would tell you her age but, I may not live to enjoy tomorrow. Anyway we had a wonderful time celebrating and we loved the privacy. I love the country, It’s where I grew up. Tammy was a little jumpy at first but I was so proud of her for settling in so well. She was raised in Houston in the City therefore she’s a little out of her element. She moved to Oklahoma City from Houston and that’s where we met. I knew if I could get her here that she would love it, and she did. Thank ya’ll for all that you’ve done for the many folks that have stayed here.

James and Tammy of OKC

Oklahoma Getaways for couples

Can someone say one of the greatest Oklahoma getaway for couples to the rescue? That’s what this place has done for my wife and I. We came here to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We both work in the high stress work environment, as medical professionals we deal with many people on a daily basis. This is a wonderful place to unwind and leave your troubles behind. We have visited many Oklahoma getaway cabins, but this place seems to remain our favorite. It’s really rejuvenating.

T & T-Lawton Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways

We are from Tulsa and were glad to have found this place. It’s nice to know that places like this exist today. We had a dynamic time here. We have visited many of Oklahoma getaway and this one makes the top three list. The hot-tub was magical, and the stress that builds within us was melted after a few days at the Red-Bud cabin. Thanks for creating such a peaceful atmosphere.

Jack and Hannah of Tulsa Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways









Oklahoma getaway cabins

These Oklahoma getaway cabins were amazing. We seemed to find them at the perfect time in our lives. We have been struggling on many paths of life for the past few months and its a wonderful feeling to know that there are a few Oklahoma getaways for couples, that are secluded enough for a perfect atmosphere. We are planning a return trip when we can stay longer.

Matt & Suzzie – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma getaway cabins

 Best Oklahoma Getaway

Romantic Fathers Day Getaway

Romantic Fathers Day Getaway


I must say that this was the most relaxing and romantic Fathers day getaway near the Dallas area that I have ever experienced. Veronica, my wife of twelve years booked this place as a romantic Fathers day getaway surprise, and boy was I surprised. We loved the privacy and seclusion. It only took us just over an hour to drive here. I didn’t realize how close Oklahoma was to the DFW Metroplex. I may need to change teams. (not really) Anyway, it has been a blast here enjoying our messages, chocolate covered strawberries, and most of all the joy of being alive to share this time and make some fond memories that will last our lifetime. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such an amazing place to spend a romantic fathers day getaway. Our hopes are to return next summer, when the kids our out of school for summer vacation. We will book more than just two nights. Thanks Again.


Justin and Veronica of Dallas Texas


Romantic Fathers Day Getaway

This romantic fathers day getaway near Oklahoma City will be ingrained into our brain forever. First I found out this morning Mindy, my wife planned this fathers day weekend getaway thing. The plan was when I got home from work, Mindy would have our bags packed so we could quickly skin out of OKC as fast as possible. Well,when I arrived at work to my surprise three people had called in sick. This over doubled my work load and a long story short my boss of course requested me to work late because of this situation. I worked through my lunch break playing catch-up, but still I stayed over two hours past my normal departure time. Be-time I finished I was exhausted and so ready to soak my troubles away in the hot-tub at this romantic fathers day getaway, that my wife spoke of.  I then rushed home and loaded the car with our bags and about thirty minutes down the street I realized I had forgotten to bring my phone. I really didn’t need it. It’s just one of those things that you forget and you get a funny feeling. I was debating turning around and thankfully Mindy talked me out of it. Approximately fifteen minutes later I heard a loud pop. You guessed it a blown out tire. I wanted to cry. Thank the Lord we had a spare (a doughnut). at least it worked. All I could think about was this romantic fathers day getaway and the hot-tub that Mindy kept reminding me of. We finally got back on the road and made our destination to a small quaint town in Southern Oklahoma. It was after ten o’clock when we arrived but you don’t know how much we enjoyed De-stressing in the hot-tub. It was worth the wait. I can honestly say that this place is awesome and that we had a great time. We will return and hopefully not sporting a doughnut for a tire.

Jerry and Mindy of Oklahoma City, OK.

Romantic Fathers Day Getaway











Romantic Fathers Day Getaway

We drove up from FT. Worth Texas to enjoy my first romantic fathers day getaway. We had a blast. We both won at WinStar Casino. I won $10 and Melanie won $12 (wow big winners ha-ha). We also enjoyed some great tasting Mexican food at The ElFenix  Restaurant. We highly recommend it! Then back to the Green-Briar Cabin to enjoy the indoor Jacuzzi Tub. I must say this place far exceeded the web-site photos. I said earlier that this was my first romantic fathers day getaway not the first romantic getaway, but the first Romantic Fathers Day Getaway . I’m so thankful for my wife of almost twenty years who found and booked this place, and that you share your cabin and everything it offers.  It really is an amazing place to spend those quality moments with the one you love. I’m sure a return visit is in our  future now that we know how close you are to Texas.

Thanks again,

Kevin & Melanie from Fort Worth Texas

 Romantic Fathers Day Getaway

Book online today and enjoy A Romantic Fathers Day Getaway with the one you love.


Getaway near the Dallas area

Its the best getaway near the Dallas area. We play at the WinStar Casino about once per month. We have stayed in the Casino hotel many times until we discovered theses cabins. We still stay in the hotel if we are given a free visit from WinStar, but when were not we stay at River Of Love. The cabins are unique and private. In Thackerville, we can get our gambling fix and enjoy some private time relaxing and enjoying each-others company. Thus we tell our friends it’s the best getaway near the Dallas area.


Getaway near Oklahoma City

Oh that it is, a really good getaway near Oklahoma City. We make the drive to Thackerville to enjoy some peace and quiet from our hectic lives. He we can chill out and let the small town atmosphere melt our stress away. The hot-tub helps too. but seriously it is a really good getaway near Oklahoma City. Try it some-time



Romantic Fathers Day Getaway

Places to go for an anniversary

Places to go for an anniversary


Wow! This was on of the most awesome and romantic places to go for an anniversary near Dallas. We had such a good time and now we hate to leave. I wish we could have extended our stay, we were sad when we found out that someone already booked the following day. The Jacuzzi was marvelous and we loved the chocolate strawberries! We hope to return for our next anniversary getaway!

Jeff and Julie of Dallas Texas

Places to go for an anniversary

I’m so thankful that we located this place when we were looking for romantic places to go for an anniversary near Fort Worth. It was well worth the time we spent looking. We love it here. From the seclusion and privacy to the hot-tub that we melted our stress away in. We will recommend this as one of the top places to go for an anniversary to our friends and family.

Shelly and Tim from FT. Worth Texas


Places to go for an anniversary

Places to go for an anniversary

This is for sure one of the most romantic places to go for an anniversary near Oklahoma City that we’ve ever visited.  We arrived in shambles and left in peace. The trip here wasn’t exactly the best since we got such a late start, but when we got to our private cabin everything changed in a hurry. We had a marvelous time and our debating on returning for a romantic birthday getaway or just a spring fling. Regardless we are coming back.

Sandy and Darrell of Oklahoma City, OK.


Places to go for an anniversary

This is one of those perfect romantic places to go for anniversary weekend. Were so glad to realize just how close the River of Love Cabins were located from our home in Plano. We fell in love all over again, celebrating the spirit of life on our special much needed romantic anniversary getaway. We will find you and share your Facebook link with our friends.

Anniversary celebration of Kayla and Jess from Plano TX.


Places to go for an anniversary in Texas

River of Love is definitely one of the most romantic places to go for an anniversary celebration near Dallas period. We have been a long time overdue for some quality alone time. This was the perfect place and such a  private and peaceful atmosphere. The flowers and card were appreciated. We made an agreement to getaway more often. We shall return and we will spread the word about one of the best places to go on an anniversary trip on a budget.

Cheri and Bob – Dallas Texas


Romantic ideas for anniversary

Where to go for your anniversary was the question? River of Love Cabins was the answer. We love it here and will be returning.


Places to go for an anniversary

After searching for multiple places to go on an anniversary trip ideas on a budget near Dallas, we finally found our perfect destination. The private and romantic destination that we’ve searched for several months. Thanks to a friend who referred you, and thank you for providing these places to go for an anniversary celebration. This place met our expectations and then some. We will in return refer your business and support River of Love by returning on an annual basis.

Bill and Tisha of Dallas Texas-celebrating twenty years with romance.


Places to go for an anniversary

 Where to go for 25th wedding anniversary

We were wandering where to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We weren’t disappointed with the Red Bud Cabin. Actually we will be back to celebrate our twenty sixth if the Lord Willing. Can’t say enough about this place.

Claude and Velester

Places to go for an anniversary

We have lived in FT. Worth Texas for over ten years and never knew this romantic place  even existed. We  located it while searching for inexpensive anniversary getaway ideas. We love the fact of the country setting and nearby location. The hot-tub was sure an added feature in our stay, as well as the fresh flowers. Thanks from the many people you have blessed by sharing a little slice of heaven on earth. We had a blast!

Celebrating twelve years of love Gail and Ron of Fort Worth Texas


Places to go for an anniversary in Oklahoma

Thanks for providing this wonderful place for us to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We don’t getaway much, but after some research we found that there isn’t many ideas of things to do for anniversary in the Oklahoma Texas region that suites our liking. Anyway I’m glad we found you. It was the perfect way to celebrate such a special occasion.

Becky and Rod of Moore Oklahoma




Romantic Mothers Day Getaway

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway


We had a wonderful time at celebrating at this romantic mothers day getaway near Dallas. I’m so glad that my husband found this place. It was a surprise and the best mothers day ever. We loved the decor of the cabin and the Jacuzzi tub. I can’t wait to tell our friends and return.

Gerry and Lee of Dallas, TX.

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway near Oklahoma City

This has to be the most impressive and romantic mothers day getaway near Oklahoma City that we’ve ever had. We had an amazing time and the hot-tub experience is very relaxing. We fell in love with the seclusion of this magical place. No interruptions, just one on one enjoyment. No kids, no phones, no pets. We loved it!

Bill and Sue Oklahoma City, OK.


Romantic Mothers Day Getaway near Dallas

Our stay at the Red-Bud cabin seemed like we stepped back in time! We laughed, talked and even danced. (We haven’t danced in years). This romantic mothers day getaway surprise was a huge shock. My husband isn’t really the romantic type. I don’t know what got in to him, but i like it. This is the perfect getaway and much closer to Dallas than Roger initially thought. We enjoyed the Hot-Tub and the bliss of being alone without any disturbances of any kind. We have enjoyed staying in romantic hotels in the past but this place is different. No one running up and down the halls, running water, mowing, or making any noise. Just me and him. What a feeling. Thanks for the wonderful card and the bottle of champagne. We will return soon.

Roger and Mary of Dallas Texas

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway







Romantic Mothers Day Getaway near FT. Worth

I wish we would have known about this place sometime ago! this had to be the surprise of surprises. The most romantic Mothers Day getaway, in fact the most romantic surprise that my hubby ever gave me period. I love it here. The Jacuzzi tub is amazing, It felt so good on my aching back. We saw a red cardinal pecking at our car window, he must have seen his own reflection. We roasted hot-dogs on the fire pit and shared heart felt memories of the past. This place really brings out the best in both of us. We love it so much that we are going to book a few days next month for my husbands birthday. See you soon.

Georgina & Michael – from Funky Town, FT. Worth Texas

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway near Dallas

What an wonderful adventure. We drove from Dallas thinking this might be an okay trip. It ended up being the most romantic mothers day getaway that I’ve ever experienced. The uninterrupted privacy was great. We got to spend some much needed quality time together. The hot-tub was the icing on the cake. We will definitely return as soon as Mark returns from his military excursion. We will also recommend this hidden jewel to our friends and family.


Mark and Melissa of Dallas, TX.


Romantic Mothers Day Getaway

Normally my husband doesn’t do much for me on mothers day. His excuse is your not my mother. This year was obviously different. He must have finally seen the light and booked us a stay at the River of Love. We made some new tracks at the Love Train caboose! It is for sure the most romantic mothers day getaway in Oklahoma. Ben really outdone himself. I got flowers, a message, chocolate covered strawberries, and we toasted with a bottle of champagne. I don’t really know what else I could have asked for. Thank you River of Love for the hospitality, and most of all I thank my husband Ben. The love of my life. If any of you ladies out there are reading this and are saying or thinking that your husband just don’t have it in him. Don’t give up hope. I would have said the same thing last mothers day and look at me now! ha ha!!

Lori and Ben T. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Romantic Mothers Day Getaway

Romantic Valentines Getaway Near Dallas

Romantic Valentines Getaway Near Dallas


We so enjoyed this romantic valentines getaway near Dallas. It was perfect, the flowers, chocolates and most of all, the Jacuzzi tub. I’m so glad we found you. We have looked for a private place like this for a long time. We have stayed in several romantic bed and breakfast establishments around the DFW metroplex area, but the seclusion of this place fits us much better.  It’s definitely the most romantic valentines getaway near Dallas that we have ever spent together. That being said we will return soon, hopefully for my birthday (in two months). Thanks again for this wonderful romantic valentines getaway hot-spot. We will spread the word about this getaway.

Jeff and Carrie of Dallas Texas





Romantic Valentines Getaway near Fort Worth

This was an awesome romantic valentines getaway near Fort Worth. It is our first time here. The cabin is very beautiful, clean, and relaxing. It’s very nice to have appliances and utensils provided. It sure save us time since we were only required to bring food. We cooked on the grill and spent our time relaxing, and sharing deep emotions, and feelings with one another. Something that doesn’t happen often. We loved the private hot-tub. We also roasted marshmallows over the open fire pit. Overall we had the best  romantic valentines getaway near Fort Worth ever. We loved the delicious cookies and the champagne. We will be recommending this secluded couples getaway to all of our friends and family.

Thanks a bunch,

Justin and Brittney from Funky Town-FT.Worth Texas


Romantic Valentines Getaway near Oklahoma City

River of Love Cabins,

This romantic valentines getaway near Oklahoma City was wonderful! We enjoyed our time alone. We have been married for five and a half years and never took a honeymoon, much less a romantic valentines getaway. This it what we will always remember as our special honeymoon/romantic valentines getaway. I didn’t think my husband had it in him until I found out of this surprise trip. We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife. We spent most of our time indoors. We spent quality time here talking, laughing, and re-connecting. We both enjoyed the hot-tub, it was great. I guess we were the wildlife-ha ha! The massage therapist was professional and excellent. There are really just too many wonderful things to list about this place. There was so much put into this cabin. We are so blessed that we got to share it. We hope to visit again in the future.

Dustin and Becky of Oklahoma City, OK.


“My dreams came true today at the Red-Bud cabin thanks for making this Romantic Valentines Getaway Near Dallas Possible”.

Shelly and Rick of Dallas, TX.



We named our stay “Amazing bliss” thanks for this Romantic Valentines Getaway near Oklahoma City

Romantic Valentines Getaway near Dallas.


This was the most wonderful surprise ever! Thanks River Of love for bringing one Romantic Valentines Getaway near Fort Worth into existence.

We came to celebrate a romantic valentines getaway near Dallas and for some peace and quiet. We did relax and enjoyed our stay very much. The champagne and strawberries were much appreciated. We will tell our friends about this place.

Thanks again,

Darlene & Tommy-Dallas Texas

Romantic Valentines Getaway near Dallas

Thank You so much for the use of your cabin. I have been so stressed out lately, sometimes to the point of very little sleep or food intake. My wife scheduled us a romantic valentines getaway near DFW and it was worth it. Here I slept like never before. The in room Jacuzzi seemed to melt much of the stress away. My job really takes a toll on our lives and it’s nice to know that there is a peaceful place like River of Love to rejuvenate, rekindle, and relax. It’s kinda like a big De-Tox of the worlds grime. We are putting this place in our lives as a routine getaway escape.

S&D Dallas, TX.

Romantic Valentines Getaway near Fort Worth

I have to say; I was very surprised! This Romantic Valentines Getaway near Garland is the bomb diggidy. We had a special time while visiting the Green-Briar cabin. The indoor Jacuzzi was relaxing and the chocolate strawberries were delicious. We sure hate to leave this place and look forward to returning soon.

Thanks for everything

D & D Garland, TX.

Romantic Valentines Getaway Near Dallas


Romantic Valentines Getaway near Dallas

When I first saw that this place was located in Oklahoma, I must admit that I was disappointed to say the least. After researching the distance I realized that you were closer than I thought. This romantic valentines getaway near Dallas is a wonderful escape from the busy world. A place to re-connect and enjoy the privacy of nature, and each-other. We love it here! It’s on our top notch romantic destination list and we will be returning soon.

Betty & James of Irving Texas 


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“The perfect Romantic Valentines Getaway near Oklahoma City”

We cant wait to return to this amazing Romantic Valentines Getaway Near Dallas!

Best Honeymoon Suite near Dallas

Best honeymoon suite Near Dallas

“Guest excerpts”

This has to be the best honeymoon suite near Dallas Forth area. We will never forget our experience at River Of Love Cabins. We’ve been planning this trip for well over a year and it was well worth the wait. The private Jacuzzi was awesome and so were the goodies that you left for us. We appreciate the card and the champagne. It was a wonderful thing not to hear a phone ring, a dog bark, or a child cry. Only us and nature. It was special to just entwine ourselves in total seclusion.

We hope to return here each year.

Nathan and Kimberley Jones of Dallas Texas


Best honeymoon suite near Dallas

Best honeymoon suite










Best Honeymoon Suite near Fort Worth

Guest “Excerpts”

Thanks for sharing your dreams , goals and visions with others and allowing us to stay in the overall best honeymoon suite near Fort Worth. We have looked for a place like this for sometime. We rekindled our love for each other. We replenished sadly what the world slowly takes away. We now have a newness and once again feel like conquering the world. We now feel like the heroes that we were born to be. This honeymoon trip we made a commitment with one another to escape the clutches of the world and plan a getaway every six months just to be alone with no phones, no pets, just each-other. Thanks again for sharing with us. In just three days here we both laughed and cried, and set a new standard for our lives, shared our dreams and even made new ones. Together were reaching our life goals.

Sheree and Fran- from Funky Town Fort Worth Texas

 Best Honeymoon Suite near Dallas

Guest “Excerpts”

This seems to be the happening best honeymoon suite near Dallas. After reading all of the things that people go through  and experience called life this place is truly therapeutic medicine. We really had the time of our lives. We’ve never stayed anywhere that you don’t see other people. I’m talking one-hundred percent privacy. This alone makes it awesome, not to mention our own private hot-tub. We will be returning soon. Thanks a million.

Terry and Leta of Dallas Texas

Best honeymoon suite near Dallas

Best Honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City

Guest “Excerpts”

What a perfect getaway- Best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City. Do not worry, with all of the evil things happening in the world around us, it is so wonderful to have a place to go and relax and leave the worries behind. This is for sure one of those places. We fell in love with this cabin and plan on having a honeymoon anniversary celebration this time next year.

Sam and Angie Oklahoma City, OK

Best Honeymoon suite near Fort Worth


This is our second trip here. The first time here we were engaged and now we our celebrating our honeymoon. This is by far the best honeymoon suite near Plano, heaven on earth. We were greeted by a rabbit first thing. We cooked, played games,enjoyed the hot-tub, built a fire. Every afternoon we saw a red cardinal and some hummingbirds, our favorite was the raccoon. Thanks again were looking forward to returning.

Brad & Julie of FT.Worth, Texas

“Best honeymoon suite near Dallas”

Bill and Tammy

Best Honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City

We had a wonderful time in the best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City. It is very peaceful and nice. We plan on returning in October. Thanks again.

Jason and Abigail from O.K.C

Best Honeymoon suite near Dallas

We thoroughly enjoyed our three day stay in the Red Bud Cabin. It was serene and we saw all kinds of wildlife. What we liked best was the one on one privacy to enjoy each others company. This is the best honeymoon suite near Dallas Texas . We have searched for some time and I’m finally glad that we found just what we’ve been looking for.It’s actually a lot closer than we originally thought. Thanks for a wonderful and very memorable honeymoon that we could never forget.

Lisa and Jeff of Dallas Texas


Best Honeymoon suite near Dallas

Thank you so much! This place is beautiful. We truly relaxed and enjoyed ourselves which is not always easy for us to do. I can honestly see why many have written of this cabin being the best honeymoon suite near Dallas. You have put so much into this cabin. We feel lucky that we were able to share it.

Dustin and Becky of Grand Dallas Texas


 If you like the country and you want a private honeymoon we recommend River of Love. The Best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City.

Shane and Lyn


Best Honeymoon suite near FT Worth / Dallas

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