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Romantic forth of July getaways

Romantic 4th of July ideas ideas

Romantic forth of July getaways

Thank you River of Love for allowing us this opportunity to stay here. We thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks. This has been the most romantic 4th of July ideas that we’ve ever experienced. Everything was perfect! The small details in this place really say allot. We are booking in advance the Red-Bud Cabin for next year and we anticipate one of the most romantic forth of July getaways of all time.

Julie and Brad of Dallas Texas


Romantic forth of July getaways

“This is truly the most romantic forth of July getaways

Josh and Meg near Dallas Texas 

Romantic 4th of July ideas

“It’s been amazing! The best 4th of July getaway since we’ve been together.”

We are recommending this place to our friends.

Tammy & Trent of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Romantic forth of July ideas

We searched a long time for some romantic July fourth ideas on where to getaway near Dallas. I’m so glad we found you! We always look for unique places to getaway for the holidays. It sure don’t hurt to ad some romance along the way.

S & T

Romantic forth of July getaways

“We hope to return next 4th of July for another wonderful getaway.”

Jake & Anna Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What a wonderful 4th of July hideout

This place is amazing. We went to WinStar Casinos and watched a fabulous fire work display. One of the best I’ve ever seen. We also ate dinner in the buffet at the casino, I gave it three and a half stars, the food was good but I think it was a little pricey. We donated some cash to the hungry slot machines while we were there. We played for almost an hour on a hundred dollar bill, I was broke and my wife had eight bucks left and she won one hundred and twelve back. She ended up  playing  it back down to eighty bucks before cashing out. So a good fun time for twenty bucks.(the firework show was worth every penny of that). Afterwards we returned to our Independence day hideout. We loved the private and secluded setting, that’s why we named it the hideaway. Thanks for a romantic holiday weekend.

Ted and Lizz

Romantic 4th of July ideas

This is the best romantic forth of July getaway celebration. We both loved the seclusion and country atmosphere, and It’s much closer to Dallas than what we both imagined. We will be returning during the busy holidays for some more R&R.

Ted and Melinda of Dallas, TX.

Romantic forth of July ideas

We love it here. What an amazing time we had. I have to say that it was a surprise from my husband, it was the most romantic forth of July ideas of all time. Actually it was the most romantic trip that we’ve taken in over ten years of marriage. I can’t wait to return and celebrate our anniversary. The hot-tub was fabulous and the local fireworks show wasn’t half bad either. I love the country setting and the privacy that this place offers. We will be telling our friends and family about the River of Love.


Romantic forth of July getaways

Romantic 4th of July ideas

While searching the internet for romantic 4th of July ideas, I happened to locate The River of Love. I’m so glad that our plans weren’t canceled because of our misfortune. My husband talked his mechanic into working late to repair our vehicle just so we could make it here. It cost him extra but he said it was well worth it. Our romance package was awesome  and the private time spent together was much needed and appreciated. Thanks for everything.

Karen & Jim of FT. Worth, Texas


The stars were definitely shining at River of Love in Thackerville. After seeing all of the fireworks at the casino, we came back to our cabin and made our own firework show. I won’t get too explicit but our show was much more enjoyable than the one at the casino lol. Thanks for all you do and for allowing us to stay on your property while enjoying the three R’s Rest. Relax. Renew.

Becky and Tom


Romantic forth of July getaways

“Best romantic forth of July getaways of all time” We laughed, we cried, we shared our lifelong dreams with one another. We danced, we hugged, snuggled and kissed passionately. Many of these things we haven’t done in years. Don’t ever forget that the best things in life are free and if your not careful you will take them for granted. this is a great place to get back to the basics and to stay in check.

T N T Smith

Cabins for adults in Oklahoma

Cabins for adults in Oklahoma

 What people are saying about these Cabins for adults in Oklahoma.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing us to spend one of the most memorial times of our lives in these cabins for adults in Oklahoma. Our second anniversary was so wonderful. It was great to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of work and family. We never even turned the television on. The hot tub was great! We left the raccoon plenty of pop corn, he loved it. We will always remember this anniversary! Thanks for the romance package.

Jon and Joan Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


We celebrated our eighth anniversary this weekend. These romantic cabins for adults in Oklahoma were a wonderful place to celebrate. Everything was perfect! We really enjoyed the seclusion. (We have three teenagers), the hot-tub and the chocolate strawberries were awesome.  We definitely plan on coming back again.

Kathryn and Jerry Norman, OK.


Cabins for adults in Oklahoma


Dear River of Love Cabins,

The past few days have been such a wonderful experience! We couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend our honeymoon tan these getaway cabins for adults in Oklahoma. It fits us perfectly and we don’t want to leave. The wine and cheese were delicious. We already have had our calendars out trying to schedule a longer visit in the summer. We are going to surprise our friends with a gift certificate to this place. Thanks so much for everything.

Daniel & Heather Duncan, Oklahoma


Really hate to leave these secluded cabins for adults in Oklahoma. Next time we plan to stay longer and getting a message. Thanks for the birthday cake and card, it was great. We have stayed in several cabins in the past and by far this was the best one.

Thanks for a great weekend,

Everett and Lori-Small Town in Oklahoma

Cabins for adults in Oklahoma

 River of Love Cabins; Cabins for adults in Oklahoma.

Cabins for rent in Oklahoma

Cabins for rent in Oklahoma


What people are saying about cabins for rent in Oklahoma!


This was a very special occasion for my husband and I. I just graduated from college on Friday, and we just had a brand new baby boy seven weeks ago. This was a complete surprise for me. I didn’t have any idea that these cabins for rent in Oklahoma even existed. I knew we were going somewhere for the weekend but, I just didn’t know where. You have done a great job thinking of everything that your guest might need. We loved the private walks; they are great for a new Mommy. We have such busy lives and this place has an amazing unbelievable energy to it that allows people to escape day to day stress issues. I’m so glad that my husband found your cabins for rent in Oklahoma. We saw three raccoons, a deer and so many birds that I lost count. The hot tub was fabulous and the weather was perfect. We are planning on returning in the fall. Thanks for everything.

The Combers – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Thank you so much for letting us stay in your Cabins for rent in Oklahoma. It’s been over ten years since we’ve had a getaway. I can honestly say that staying here was like our own little slice of heaven. This place is beautiful and we are already making plans to return.

Justin and Stephanie, Moore Oklahoma


This was our first real vacation since we’ve been together and it was perfect. You guys did a perfect job creating these cabins for rent in Oklahoma. We loved everything about this place especially the peace and quiet. We plan on returning and staying in The Love Train Caboose.

Guinn and Edith O.K.C, OK.


We had such a great weekend here celebrating our first anniversary! All of the special touches were appreciated. The hot tub was so nice and relaxing. We also enjoyed the champagne, card, and treats. We know why you have such good ratings on these  Cabins for rent in Oklahoma and we will definitely be back.

Willis and Angie Muskogee, OK.



River of Love Cabins; Cabins for rent in Oklahoma.

cabins for rent in Oklahoma


Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma

Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma

Raving reviews about this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.



Thank you for everything. There was so much love put into this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. It makes it impossible not to find and experience love. Just what we needed, time to re-connect and set some goals for the upcoming year. I planned this surprise birthday getaway for my husband for one night only, I’m glad that you had a vacancy to extend it another night. We went to the casino (Our first gambling experience). On our first five dollars spent we won one-hundred and sixty bucks. Just enough to cover our meal, and our second night at the Red Bud Cabin. This was truly the best birthday surprise ever for my husband. We danced, soaked in the hot-tub, and spent quality time together. He said this birthday truly made him feel like a new man. We will be back.

M & M Arlington,Texas


Birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma



  Cake picture from the perfect birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.



We feel so happy here. The hot-tub is a wonderful way to let your thoughts drift away; we spent our last morning in the tub watching the sun come up. This place is very cozy and a wonderful way to watch the wonders of nature. Our birthday is in the same month so we usually celebrate them together. We spent our past birthday in a cheesy motel. I’m so glad that our friends recommend this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma called the River of Love. We spent time grilling out together and setting by the romantic fire pit. Thanks for the birthday cake. We are looking forward to getting a year older next year so we can return to this awesome birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.

Pam and Jimmy of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What a great place! We had such a peaceful and relaxing stay at this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. We live in O.K.C and are proud to have found such an amazing place that’s close to home. We are caring for Darien’s mother and can’t be too far from home.  We will tell everyone we know about this birthday getaway discovery and we will return.

Darien and Susan O.K.C


This is a wonderful place to getaway and an even better place for a birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. We kicked our shoes off and made ourselves at home here. Living in the city sometimes gets us caught up in daily commitments and we forget to take time for ourselves. Thanks to this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma, we completely focused on each other’s needs and made the most of our stay. Thanks for making us feel welcome.

Summer and Thurman of Lawton, Oklahoma

We loved the cabin! We had an amazing time in this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma. Thanks for the birthday cake and card. Our stay made my wife’s 40th birthday very special. The hot-tub put the icing on the cake. (No pun intended).  We loved looking up into the dark sky, filled with ka-zillion stars all around, and the fire pit was a blast.  We will join this birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma on Facebook, and share our pictures, and experience with everyone we know.

The Andrews from Moore,Oklahoma

River of Love Cabins;The perfect birthday getaway for couples in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma cabin getaways

Oklahoma cabin getaways at their best.

 Oklahoma cabin getaways

We had a great time at your Oklahoma cabin getaways. It was perfect for our anniversary. If your planning on building more Mark said he would help for time in the cabin lol. We will tell our friends and we will be back.

Mark and Sonya / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Thank you so much for this wonderful night at these Oklahoma cabin getaways. Vernon and I have had a great time relaxing in the hot-tub. Thanks for the movies. Hats off to you for your hospitality and the birthday cake. The champagne and card was the perfect added touch. We wish your business lots of success.

Vernon and Marie / Moore Oklahoma

River of Love Cabins; Oklahoma cabin getaways.

Oklahoma cabin getaways





Thank you so very much for this experience. The two nights in your Oklahoma cabin getaways were the best nights me and Jason have spent together. Thanks for all of the special touches. It was great to get away from all of the noises of Dallas. The hot-tub and sleeping in were the best. We will post some photos on Face Book for the world to see.

Jason and Bridget / Dallas Texas


Thanks for everything you have done with your Oklahoma cabin getaways. This weekend was the best and the most beautiful time of our new beginning. We have really made some awesome memories together that we won’t soon forget. We will tell our friends and will be returning soon.

Matt and Amber / Denton Texas


Tom and I really enjoyed our stay at these Oklahoma cabin getaways. Thank you  for offering such a  wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful place. God is truly working at this place. We will definitely be back and refer our friends.

Tom and Mary / Frisco Texas



   Oklahoma cabin getaways; River of Love Cabins.

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City


It’s easy to be thankful in this beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing your weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful time at Lake Murray.  The Red Bud cabin is so cozy and charming we don’t want to leave, but duties call. We are planning a return trip in the spring. Thanks again.

Carla and David, Oklahoma City, OK.


We had a great time at the cabins many call, weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. It’s very peaceful here. We didn’t see a soul except for each other all weekend. With our crazy work schedules, church, kids, and sports we rarely have time for each other. We made a promise to each other after this weekend, to spend a couple of days alone every six months.  Both of us now realize how important it is to strengthen each other in our marriage, our goals and dreams for the future. This is the perfect place to make those commitments. The décor and the hot-tub add to the exotic allure of this place. We shall return.

Billy and Brandy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Spending time here after Christmas was just what we needed. You’ve created some wonderful weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. Thanks for the attention to detail. May this coming year be blessed. Good luck in the future.

Happy New Year -Chris and Robin Oklahoma City, OK.


I stayed in this wonderful cabin. It is perfect for weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City. My husband and I have been together for over four years. Soon he will be leaving for boot camp. We really needed this time together before his departure. The hot tub was absolutely wonderful. We ate strawberries and drank Champagne. Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Marie and David, Oklahoma City


We had a wonderful time. This place is both beautiful and peaceful. It was a great way to celebrate our 14th year anniversary.

Barry and Bobbette of Oklahoma City


River of Love Cabins; Perfect weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Weekend getaways for couples near Oklahoma City

Oklahoma one night getaways

Oklahoma one night getaways


Thank you very much for allowing us to stay in your Oklahoma one night getaways. This place is truly amazing!!  This far exceeds our expectations. I know it sounds like other testimonials but it’s all absolutely true. These Oklahoma one night getaways are a slice of Heaven. It’s so peaceful, quiet and relaxing here. The hot-tub is awesome. The way you have decorated the cabin is great. We love it and took lots of pictures to use for ideas for our own home. I’m finding it hard to really say how much we love this place. I’m speechless for a change. It takes a lot for me to be speechless…lol…… We really don’t want to leave. We will be back.

Rusty and Tracy-Elmore Oklahoma


We have enjoyed our second visit at these Oklahoma one night getaways. We needed this time together away from work and kids. We will be back.


Stanley and Cathy-Chickasha, OK.

Oklahoma one night getaways





This place is perfect for those Oklahoma one night getaways. We had a relaxing time and enjoyed ourselves. The best part was when we were dancing and my husband said being here made him feel  twenty-years younger. You gotta love it!!!


Ellen and Rod-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Mike and I came to these Oklahoma one night getaways one year ago, on this day. We still look forward to coming back next year. We both needed the rest and a hot-tub soaking. We have hectic schedules and it’s nice to have a place to run away from our everyday life and escape to total seclusion.

Everyone needs a few occasional Oklahoma one night getaways to be quiet rest and relax.

Linda and Mike-Durant, OK.



Words alone cannot express our thanks for a wonderful stay at your Oklahoma one night getaways.  In all of my 20 years in the military I’ve stayed in many places. I have to say that none hold a candle to this place. Everything was great and wadding through the creek brought back a lot of childhood memories. We also picked a few wild grapes. We will be back someday and will tell our friends and family.

Mike and Tina-Guymon, Oklahoma

Oklahoma one night getaways; River of Love Cabins.


Remote Oklahoma getaway cabin

Remote Oklahoma getaway cabin

What some have said about their remote Oklahoma getaway cabin.

Our stay at your remote Oklahoma getaway cabin was absolutely wonderful. My husband and I came from Belton Texas, a small town near Fort Hood. We gambled some at the casino, didn’t do too good but not bad either. After a long night at staring at video slots, the hot-tub was very relaxing and very needed since it was 19 degrees outside. This small remote Oklahoma getaway cabin has gave us just enough relaxation and togetherness to put another spark in our marriage. We are both very busy, so our time here was just what we needed. All the special touches made this place so much better than any other place we’ve stayed at. We will definitely come back to this awesome remote Oklahoma getaway cabin soon.

Jason & Laurie- Dallas Texas


Coming to this remote Oklahoma getaway cabin was perfect timing for us. Our stay here has been such a relaxing, beautiful, and enjoyable experience. Thanks for the champagne and picnic basket. This cabin had an outstanding environment that was perfect for our occasion. I’m sure we’ll be back to visit soon

Selam & Abra- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


This is such a lovely remote Oklahoma getaway cabin place for our ladies night out. We had a wonderful time. It means a lot when people put so much heart and soul into something they do. We really enjoyed the hot-tub, creek, and Rocky the raccoon. We don’t get out much and we sure needed this. This remote Oklahoma getaway cabin is beautiful, and has a nice homey atmosphere. It’s a perfect little getaway place and next time it may be a romantic getaway. Thanks for everything.

It’s us -Burkburnett, TX.

Thanks so much for your hospitality. We had a great time in your remote Oklahoma getaway cabin! We took a short walk to the Red River sand bar and got a little lost on the way-back when we decided to get off the path. Everything was perfect .The hot-tub, champagne and the hammock. We will definitely be back to this remote Oklahoma getaway cabin.

 Keegan & Dian- Lawton Oklahoma


 Visit your remote Oklahoma getaway cabin at River of Love Cabins today.Remote Oklahoma getaway cabin


secluded and romantic cabins in oklahoma

Romantic cabins in Oklahoma

Unlike many Oklahoma getaways it’s less than two hours away from Oklahoma City. We don’t waste our time driving three or four hours since we’ve discovered River of Love cabins.Our time is limited, and now we can get to our favorite secluded romantic cabins in Oklahoma quickly, so we can have more quality time to enjoy ourselves.

We normally try and schedule a weekend getaway at least three times per year, but lately we’ve been reserving quick weekday stays. We arrive in the early afternoon and just enjoy some downtime together relaxing in the hammock, going for a walk, and yes don’t forget the tub. We are both in the entertainment business and live very rushed and demanding lives in the City.

This place is a great place to unwind and refresh yourself. One of the best mini vacations in Oklahoma close enough for us to enjoy several hours of downtime to re-energize and then get back to the workplace fast.After visiting River of Love Cabins and committing ourselves to some occasional downtime. We both feel more productive and have improved in many areas in our lives.

The best part for us is communication, you would think with the technology of today, email, texting, phones and all of the other high tech gadgets in the world that couples would be able to communicate more efficiently but it doesn’t seem to be happening. The best way is one on one face to face talking without interruption. I agree with many others about the late night hot-tub soaking being good among the other attributes of this place. Always remember in any relationship communication is key.

We hate to leave and cant wait to return.

River of Love Cabins is defiantly at the top of our list and one of our favorites.

The perfect place to getaway.

S & B Givens                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


oklahoma getaways for families

secluded and romantic cabins in Oklahoma

We recently married and have five kids between us. We spent our honeymoon at River of Love Cabins. We hated one thing about our trip.”Leaving” It is truly one of the most enjoyable and fun weekend trips in Oklahoma that’s located close enough, but not too far from the kidos.

Kevin & Merissa K                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Fort Worth, Texas

We live near OKC and have searched for a romantic Oklahoma getaway that is private and not a long drive. We have stayed in other cabins about five hours away but we wanted something a little closer. Thanks River of Love for providing the perfect Oklahoma couples getaway.

Marie H.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Dallas TX.



Oklahoma getaway for couples

 Its been over ten years since my husband and I were married. We never had an official honeymoon. We had a very fast  and cheap wedding, but its still lasting. Many of our friends have had large elaborate weddings and most have already separated or divorced.  Love is true and love is everlasting and The River of Love cabins holds a special place in our hearts. We came here and literally fell in love again. Thanks for putting this place together for couples like us.


Oklahoma couples getaway                                                                                                                                                                                                                



A few descriptive words for one of our favorite Oklahoma getaways for couples:  simple, serene, rustic, charming, and cozy.

Brooke M.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lawton, OK.



Add River of Love Cabins to the top of your list of getaways to visit.

What a perfect place for me and my wife to escape the city noise, we gazed at the stars and talked about the simple, free and most important things in life for several hours. We love River of Love Cabins.We have had a few rough spots in our marriage but through prayer, thoughtfulness, and simple small things like this weekend retreat has helped save our relationship with one another. thanks again for this special place.



After visiting many romantic luxury cabins in Oklahoma there is no comparison.

This place was one of those perfect overnight getaways in Oklahoma. It enriched our marriage and I recommend it to anyone who needs some rest and relaxation to visit this place. We loved the privacy and our midnight soak in our hot-tub. We almost stayed in a hotel, I am so glad we chose these cabins instead in our opinion they provide the best Oklahoma getaways for families that’s close to the Dallas FT. Worth metroplex. and we recommend this place to all of the couples we know.




oklahoma getaways for couples

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