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Sexy Getaways In Oklahoma

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma


We were so amazed with the entire ambiance of this place. we have stayed in several sexy getaways in Oklahoma but this is at the top of the list when it comes to the mood of privacy and all out piece and quiet. We really love that aspect. The hot-tub is also amazing. We had a nice relaxing and private getaway. We will recommend River of Love to our friends and family and we will be returning in the fall to enjoy one of the top sexy getaways in Oklahoma.

Randall and Sue from Oklahoma City. OK.

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma







Sexy getaways near Texas

Hats off to The River of Love! We came here anticipating one of the best sexy getaways near Texas and that’s exactly what we got. The Jacuzzi, and the wrap around porch was our domain for the weekend. No phones, no interruptions.  Just plain ole Texas one on one time. We normally choose a cabin in Eastern Oklahoma near Broken Bow but The River of Love is much closer. We decided to give it a try and we are so glad we did. We spent one afternoon driving around Lake Murray. It’s absolutely gorgeous.   Next time were bringing our boat and staying longer. We will also recommend this hidden lovers getaway near Texas to our friends.  Thanks for everything.

George and Mattie of Dallas Texas

The greatest “Lovers getaway near Texas”

Josh and Laurie of Ft.Worth, TX.



Sexy getaways near Texas


sexy getaways near Texas

Today my husband of nine years surprised me with some pink roses when he woke my up for breakfast in bed. After breakfast and a shower he explained that today would be a very special day. He instructed me to pack a small bag with two days worth of clothes in it. I asked where we were going, he would only continue to say its a surprise. He had already made plans for our kids to be at grandmas for the week-end and had everything on his end ready to go. By the time I got dressed and a few things together it was almost lunch time. We will stop along the way he says as he loads my bags. I continued to ask and he finally broke down and gave me a hint. Sexy getaways near Texas. That’s it I replied. It could be a million possibilities. We got on Interstate-35 heading North toward Denton, as my mind wandered and my mouth begged for another clue he yells out “lovers getaway near Texas” Again a million possibilities. As we passed the Denton area my mind really raced,we pulled off of the interstate in Gainesville. First by a fast food chain then to Wal-Mart. I was now only in more suspense than ever. His instructions were clear on what supplies to get. I guessed we were going to visit a bed and breakfast until some breakfast items were placed in the buggy. I was clueless. As I methodically pressured my husband  he said last clue sexy getaways in Oklahoma. It dawned on me at that time River of Love Cabins??? I said it and he grinned from ear to ear. I knew at that time that’s where we were headed. I forgot that we had previously tried to schedule a trip to River of Love  but our schedule never worked out. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see which cabin he had chosen. When we left Gainesville and crossed the Red River into Oklahoma my heart raced with joy. a few minutes later we were pulling into the Red-Bud Cabin driveway. Ironically this was the exact cabin I had chosen previously when we had scheduling issues in the past. I was so happy! The privacy and surrounding setting of this place makes it one of the top sexy getaways near Texas and the hot-tub was fabulous. He even had me a massage scheduled. This was truly a fun filled romantic surprise and the best lovers getaway near Texas of all time. We are recommending this place to our circle of friends and family.

Janice and Dave of Dallas TX.


“River of Love” rated in the top for sexy getaways in Oklahoma

Seth and Crystal of Moore Oklahoma



If there was an award for Top lovers getaway near Texas you deserve it.

Matthew and Jill of Houston, TX.

sexy getaways near Texas

sexy getaways near Texas

romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

Romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

We we astonished when we first visited at River of Love. We love the peace and quiet in the countryside setting and the conveyance of being so close to the DFW area. We will recommend this place to our friends as one of  the best romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas. We will be returning!

Joe and Samantha of Dallas Texas 

Romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

“These cabins are more than the perfect romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

John and Michelle Dallas, TX.

Romantic DFW getaways

We are avid golfers and have been itching to play at the WinStar Golf Course. I’m glad we did. My game wasn’t perfect but the course is awesome to say the least. We stayed at River of Love Cabins. From our private hot-tub, to the back porch setting, it was by far one of the best romantic DFW getaways. I can’t wait to return. Hopefully my game will improve by then.

The Nelsons, DFW

romantic DFW getaways

romantic DFW getaways









Romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

“River of Love Cabins gets our vote when it comes to top notch romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

Jeff and Karen of Dallas Texas

Romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

While searching for romantic places to stay the night near Dallas, River of Love was at the top of the list. Now we understand why. It’s the perfect country atmosphere not far from the big city. We loved the Jacuzzi tub and the privacy factor of just being alone together without disruptions. We are recommending this place to our friends and family.

Brenda and Hershel – Dallas Texas


Romantic DFW getaways

“This place rocks and is one of the better romantic DFW getaways that we’ve visited” 
Susan and Paul 

Romantic getaways close to Dallas

Wow! what an amazing place to hang out. We left from Dallas on Friday and Sunday I sure want to stay. We like this area, it’s country enough for us. We loved stargazing at night. We will tell our friends about this amazing place and our personal adventures here.

Scott and Theresa


 Romantic places to stay near Dallas

"This is the most private and romantic place to stay near Dallas"
The Russell’s of Dallas TX.  

One romantic Dallas/ FT. Worth getaway

We are business owners who travel for a living. We call coming home a getaway that’s why we love River of Love. It’s close to home but yet a world of it’s own when it comes to romance and seclusion. We give it two thumbs up when it comes to romantic DFW getaways that’s not a thousand miles away!

Mike and Jenny C. From Dallas/ FT. Worth 

Make River of love a top romantic DFW getaways destination!

Romantic Dallas day trip

Romantic Dallas day trip


romantic Fort Worth day trip







This was the best romantic Dallas day trip of all time! First thing it was a total surprise! I was shocked when I found out that my husband of eleven years took off of work on my day off to sweep me from my feet with total bliss. I woke up to breakfast in bed. I was then given a letter with specific instructions about what to wear and what to pack. The letter warned me sternly not to ask questions and to keep talking to a minimum. I did it with a puzzled look on my face. When we got in the car we drove for about an hour for some wine tasting. Once that was over we took a short half hour trip to a cozy cabin in the woods. The cabin was decorated with chocolate goodies, and flowers. I can’t express how shocked that I was. I call this the best romantic Dallas day trip, although we did end up staying the night. The cabin was amazingly clean and secluded. I was pampered with a nice dinner as well as a trip to WinStar Casino. I didn’t win much but we had an amazing trip. I hope to surprise my husband on his next birthday at this place but I doubt that it tops my surprise.

Sandra and Ryan of Dallas

“The most perfect Romantic Oklahoma day trip ever”

Wayne and Michelle Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Romantic Fort Worth day trip

We have lived in Ft. Worth for over fifteen years and we finally found the perfect romantic Forth Worth day trip. We love this place and its mystic allure. The hot tub was wonderful. We went for an evening  walk before returning to our home for the night. Thanks River of Love for a wonderful experience

Teresa and Sam of Ft. Worth Texas


Romantic Dallas day trip

“This was the best  Dallas day trip of all time”

Elizabeth & Ed from Dallas, TX. 


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

For the first time since we’ve been married my wife surprised me with a romantic Fort Worth day trip. It was an awesome experience. We started early and visited Lake Murray and had a pic-nick, WinStar Casino where I won $80.00, and River of Love cabins where we retired for the evening. This place was amazing and we will recommend this romantic Fort Worth day trip to our friends. Hope to see ya’ll soon.

Josh and Terra from FT. Worth, TX. 


Champagne on our Romantic Dallas day trip

romantic Fort Worth day trip


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

“We place River of Love at the top of the food chain when it comes to a romantic Fort Worth day trip”. 

Pat and Larry of Fort Worth Texas

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Being a military couple we have traveled all over the world. Our home is in Oklahoma City and we have been back for a few months now. I was looking for a romantic Oklahoma day trip that was not far from home when I stumbled up on River of Love cabins. I did book it online and we had an amazing time of our lives. This was the perfect place for privacy with no phones, kids, or pets. We loved this place and will be returning. I’m recommending all of our military couples to take the plunge with a romantic Oklahoma day trip at River of Love.

A military Couple Kim and Shane O.K.C, OK. 



Romantic Dallas day trip

“If your’e searching for a romantic Dallas day trip then River of Love Cabins is it”

Sheri and Bob of BIG D

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Seclusion from the world around us! What more could you ask for in a romantic Oklahoma day trip? This is our second visit to these cabins. We love it here! From the hot-tub to the no interruption atmosphere this is by far the best romantic Oklahoma day trip we’ve taken so far.

Karen and Mike of Lawton Oklahoma 


Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break ideas

Wow! this is one of those fabulous romantic spring break getaways for all of those who live in the Dallas/ FT. Worth Metroplex. We didn’t think we lived so close to the Oklahoma border. It was just over an hour away. I found this place while searching for romantic spring break ideas. I surprised my husband and made him wear a blindfold the entire trip here. You should have seen the looks I got driving down the interstate. I’m surprised that we didn’t  get pulled over before we could we arrived. We had a blast cooking out-doors on the grill and the hot-tub felt great to our muscles. We will recommend this place to our friends and family members and we will see you next spring break.

D & D Jones of Dallas Texas













Romantic spring break ideas

For sure one of the most romantic spring break trips.


romantic spring break getaways

While searching for a romantic spring break getaways near Dallas, I discovered this amazing jewel. Both working in education we normally share a getaway two times per year. once for fall break and once during spring break. Then a family vacation during the summer months. We don’t like to go far from home during our fall and spring breaks, because of our children and pets. This seemed to be a good fit for us. We really enjoyed the peace and seclusion that our cabin offered. The Jacuzzi tub, trail walks, and fire pit were our three favorite things. Oh yeah I forgot the hammock, make that four favorite things. We will be telling our colleagues about this place but we have first dibs on both fall and spring breaks.

Jerry and Linda P. of Dallas, TX.

romantic spring break getaways

We have visited several romantic spring break getaways in  Oklahoma over the past few years. We can now honestly say the River of Love firmly holds it’s spot in the top three. We love how we had perfect weather and got to see several deer and cotton tail rabbits. The private hot-tub should be an attraction of it’s own. We danced, laughed, and made many memories in this celebration together called life. We have been happily married just over 24 years now and were thinking of returning here to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We hope you all the best of luck in you’re future en-devours and we hope to return for many more romantic spring break trips.

Ed and Judy Oklahoma City, OK.


Some of our best memories were spent at  these romantic spring break getaways in Oklahoma.

Sheri and Tommy Oklahoma













Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break trips

I’m sure glad that we ran across this place while searching for the perfect romantic spring break trips near Dallas. We have had one of the best romantic spring break getaways of all time. The casino is sure an added bonus. (No pun intended) My wife won over four-hundred bucks. That makes us happy-happy. Also they serve one mean steak. We had the most fun here just spending some quality time alone. It’s something that’s not in our daily routine, since we have five kids between the two of us and most of them play sports. It’s a juggling act is the best way to describe it. We have really enjoyed the down time together.A perfect time to rejuvenate.

Mark and Barb – Dallas

Romantic spring break trips

This place is one of the most memorable and romantic spring break trips near the OKC area. We have literally had the time of our lives. My husband was injured over four years ago in a motorcycle accident. He has been on a slow road to recovery. I can say that this place has been a long time coming.  It was one of the first romantic spring break trips since his accident and it was amazing. We both had a message, which we have never done. We loved the seclusion and the private Jacuzzi tub. Now we are thinking of putting one of those tubs in our house. We will be sure and share the new romantic spring break ideas and our personal experience that we shared at this place.

Elisha and Claude of OKC, OK.

Our best romantic spring break getaways

J&M Texas

Romantic spring break ideas

We located River of Love while searching for a romantic spring break ideas. We had a wonderful time here and we will be back.

Jerry and Ann T. of Oklahoma

Be sure and share you're top spring break ideas

Most romantic Places To Stay In Oklahoma

Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

It’s a keeper! One of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma. My wife and I have visited the Thackerville area more than a dozen times now. We have also stayed at one of the most romantic resorts in Oklahoma called River of Love. We love coming here! There is plenty to do around  the area, I like just hanging around the cabin enjoying the company of my best friend and lover called my wife.



Romantic places near Oklahoma City

It has to be on of the most romantic places near Oklahoma City. I can’t wait to return, now that we have the feel of this place. We both work full time positions in OKC and it’s very nice to have a secluded place like this to ad to our list of romantic places near Oklahoma City.

Jake and Julie OKC


Fun weekend trips in Oklahoma

It sure ranks up at the top of the list as one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.”This place is Amazing” We love the hammock and the peace and quiet. No lights, no phones, just us and natures natural beauty. We will be coming back in July.

H & D

Romantic Places near Oklahoma City










Weekend getaways for couples in Oklahoma

Romantic Places-to stay in Oklahoma









We finally booked our reservation! We’ve attempted to reserve a River of Love Cabin twice, but we were too late on both occasions. We finally booked for three months in advance, just to be on the safe side. We had a blast from the past staying here. We didn’t gamble much at WinStar, but we did enjoy Aubree Anna singing on Valentines Day and an awesome steak at Toby Keith’s Grill. The Jacuzzi was fa-nominal. and all of the special touches really stand out in the cabin. It’s for sure one of the top romantic resorts in Oklahoma. It was well worth the wait and were already anticipating our next visit.


 Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

If romance is your thing, this should be your place. We have stayed all over the area and this is defiantly at the top of our list when it comes to romantic places  in Oklahoma. The best thing is the privacy and seclusion of being alone with the one you love.

Larry and Jenny P. of OKC


Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

We finally made it and I’m so glad we did. We have been trying to book a weekend at these cabins for over three months. We are last minute people but we had to adjust our schedule more advance that normal. It was so worth it! We love the Jacuzzi and the evening walks. We built a fire and danced. We haven’t had this much alone time in years. We can’t wait to return this spring.  Thanks again.


Romantic places near Oklahoma City

One happy momma
We have been married for six-teen years now. We never really celebrated with a hunneymoon. My husband isn’t know for his
romance but this time he really pulled it off. It was a huge surprise for me. I thought we were staying in a crappy hotel, after seeing a great concert at Winstar Casinos but instead I was actually led to our car and blindfolded by my husband.
He just kept telling me that I would love it and not to peak. When we got to our cabin (The Red Bud) I took off the blindfold and was amazed. He ordered us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We had an awesome experience and I loved the hot-tub. In my opinion its one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.


For all of you non-romantic men lol.

happy wife/ happy life

Ritta and Jerry


romantic anniversary getaway Dallas

Exciting weekend getaways near Dallas TX.

"Customer Excerpts"
Dallas romantic getaway deals

Dallas romantic getaway deals










We had the most amazing wonderful time at this Dallas romantic getaway. If you have never been, you should defiantly go sometime! We needed to spend some quality time together and this is the perfect place. It’s so relaxing and renewing! We love the privacy and seclusion that is here.
We will tell our friends and will see you in the spring.
Dallas Texas


Dallas getaway deals

Can you say bliss ? This was a total surprise from my husband. We had an awesome visit at this Dallas romantic getaway. The River of Love Cabins is on our return list. We spent uninterrupted quality time together. No phones, no television, no kids, no pets, no computers, only one on one time. key word  “UNINTERRUPTED” It was AWESOME. We done things we haven’t done in years. We even danced. We’ve been looking for a private place like this for a long time. I’m glad we finally found it. It was worth the wait. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Dianna and Charles B.

Dallas TX.


 Local romantic anniversary getaway

This is one of those places that has something that you just can’t explain. We will visit again!


Dallas getaway deals

After all of the holiday rush (We work in retail). We were so glad to finally make it to this Dallas romantic getaway. The city was a mad-house and this is a whole new world. Here we can re-charge our batteries and set some new goals. Personally I’m not ready to leave but its required. Thanks for extending our stay another day. Wish we could have stayed longer. Next time count us in for at least five days. We love it here.

James and Charlene G.

Dallas Texas

Dallas Romantic Getaways

We consider ourselves very blessed to have found such a wonderful weekend getaways from Dallas thats practically in our backyard. We have bountifully enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature at our disposal. We will recommend the Green-Briar cabin to our friends. We hope to try the Red- Bud cabin on our next outing. It has been remarkable and the Jacuzzi was amazing. Thanks for all that you’ve done.

Craig and Jenna of Dallas Texas



Romantic Getaway deals

Thanks for everything. This was the perfect romantic getaway before heading back to school. It was beautiful. We enjoyed the river hike and the Hot-Tub. We were going to try our luck at the casino, but since we had such a good time here we never got a chance to try it. Maybe on the way home!

Saundra and Chris Dallas, TX.


Dallas Romantic Getaway

River of Love Cabins – Words cant express how magical this place is. We are really regretting not booking the cabin for a few more days. Three days just simply hasn’t been long enough to explore and enjoy the variety of things to do around here. I must admit that many of my friends thought I was crazy   when I told them that we had booked a cabin on the internet and that it was located on private property. There are a lot of weirdos out there. Luckily you guys turned out to be normal. You know that this is our honeymoon trip and one awesome place I might add. Seven years, two children and a house mortgage later we finally decided to tie the knot. We plan on coming back next year for our anniversary. This  getaway is simply a piece of heaven on earth. Thanks for allowing us to visit. We will spread the word about this place.

Darrell and Jessica- Dallas Texas

Dallas Romantic Getaway

Dallas Romantic Getaway

Special Dallas romantic getaway

Our stay was just what we wanted and needed. We are both educators. my husband is in administration and our lives get really hectic from time to time. This area romantic getaway was the perfect way to begin our new school year. God Bless this place.

Marty & Rhonda Dallas, TX.



romantic places to stay near Dallas

Very Cute! We had a wonderful time and are planning another trip. You all have done a wonderful job with this cabin. We can’t wait to return and with the kiddos. We were even talking about surprising my mom and dad with a weekend getaway. They would love it!

Until next time ,

Richard and Maria of Dallas Texas



Best Honeymoon Suite near Dallas

Best honeymoon suite Near Dallas

“Guest excerpts”

This has to be the best honeymoon suite near Dallas Forth area. We will never forget our experience at River Of Love Cabins. We’ve been planning this trip for well over a year and it was well worth the wait. The private Jacuzzi was awesome and so were the goodies that you left for us. We appreciate the card and the champagne. It was a wonderful thing not to hear a phone ring, a dog bark, or a child cry. Only us and nature. It was special to just entwine ourselves in total seclusion.

We hope to return here each year.

Nathan and Kimberley Jones of Dallas Texas


Best honeymoon suite near Dallas

Best honeymoon suite










Best Honeymoon Suite near Fort Worth

Guest “Excerpts”

Thanks for sharing your dreams , goals and visions with others and allowing us to stay in the overall best honeymoon suite near Fort Worth. We have looked for a place like this for sometime. We rekindled our love for each other. We replenished sadly what the world slowly takes away. We now have a newness and once again feel like conquering the world. We now feel like the heroes that we were born to be. This honeymoon trip we made a commitment with one another to escape the clutches of the world and plan a getaway every six months just to be alone with no phones, no pets, just each-other. Thanks again for sharing with us. In just three days here we both laughed and cried, and set a new standard for our lives, shared our dreams and even made new ones. Together were reaching our life goals.

Sheree and Fran- from Funky Town Fort Worth Texas

 Best Honeymoon Suite near Dallas

Guest “Excerpts”

This seems to be the happening best honeymoon suite near Dallas. After reading all of the things that people go through  and experience called life this place is truly therapeutic medicine. We really had the time of our lives. We’ve never stayed anywhere that you don’t see other people. I’m talking one-hundred percent privacy. This alone makes it awesome, not to mention our own private hot-tub. We will be returning soon. Thanks a million.

Terry and Leta of Dallas Texas

Best honeymoon suite near Dallas

Best Honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City

Guest “Excerpts”

What a perfect getaway- Best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City. Do not worry, with all of the evil things happening in the world around us, it is so wonderful to have a place to go and relax and leave the worries behind. This is for sure one of those places. We fell in love with this cabin and plan on having a honeymoon anniversary celebration this time next year.

Sam and Angie Oklahoma City, OK

Best Honeymoon suite near Fort Worth


This is our second trip here. The first time here we were engaged and now we our celebrating our honeymoon. This is by far the best honeymoon suite near Plano, heaven on earth. We were greeted by a rabbit first thing. We cooked, played games,enjoyed the hot-tub, built a fire. Every afternoon we saw a red cardinal and some hummingbirds, our favorite was the raccoon. Thanks again were looking forward to returning.

Brad & Julie of FT.Worth, Texas

“Best honeymoon suite near Dallas”

Bill and Tammy

Best Honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City

We had a wonderful time in the best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City. It is very peaceful and nice. We plan on returning in October. Thanks again.

Jason and Abigail from O.K.C

Best Honeymoon suite near Dallas

We thoroughly enjoyed our three day stay in the Red Bud Cabin. It was serene and we saw all kinds of wildlife. What we liked best was the one on one privacy to enjoy each others company. This is the best honeymoon suite near Dallas Texas . We have searched for some time and I’m finally glad that we found just what we’ve been looking for.It’s actually a lot closer than we originally thought. Thanks for a wonderful and very memorable honeymoon that we could never forget.

Lisa and Jeff of Dallas Texas


Best Honeymoon suite near Dallas

Thank you so much! This place is beautiful. We truly relaxed and enjoyed ourselves which is not always easy for us to do. I can honestly see why many have written of this cabin being the best honeymoon suite near Dallas. You have put so much into this cabin. We feel lucky that we were able to share it.

Dustin and Becky of Grand Dallas Texas


 If you like the country and you want a private honeymoon we recommend River of Love. The Best honeymoon suite near Oklahoma City.

Shane and Lyn


Best Honeymoon suite near FT Worth / Dallas

Hidden Cabin Rentals

Hidden cabin rentals

A few “excerpts” from reviews of these hidden cabin rentals

Wow! what a beautiful weekend away from the Oklahoma City area in these hidden cabin rentals! We have been looking for a place like this for several months. I hate to say we must leave for now but we will return in the near future. Brian and Debbie Oklahoma City, OK.

There is no place like this place, these hidden cabin rentals are the closest thing to nature we’ve ever stayed in and we will be back. The perfect, simple break from BIG D.

These hidden cabin rentals were the perfect romantic getaway near Allen TX.

If you need to hide, crawl under a rock, disappear, hunker down,vanish, these hidden cabin rentals seems to be the perfect place for most of the listed situations.   who?

Thank you River of Love for being the best hidden cabin rentals in the North Texas region. This is our fourth trip and were planning another one soon.

We love these romantic hidden cabin rentals

This was the best happening spot for a peaceful  romantic getaway near Wylie Texas as it gets.

Down right, good ole peace and quiet describes our stay at this romantic getaway near Keller TX. Joe and Mary


Hidden cabin rentals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hidden Cabin Rentals




hidden cabin rentals


Pleasure, Passionate, Pleasing is the three P’s we enjoyed during our romantic visit, along with the suggested three R’s of Rest, Relax, Renew. We only like twenty-four more letters of the alphabet having this thing figured out. I guess that give us a good excuse to return to these hidden cabin rentals. The Sanders of Moore OK.

Kinda like the “I cant believe it’s not butter” guy. We can’t believe its time to leave. We’ve already extended our stay for another day but, we only wished that you had vacancy for another week. What a relaxing journey. I guess you could say we had the full meal deal. Romance package-check, fresh cut flowers-check, massages for two-check, chocolate covered strawberries-check, enough clean underwear-NO Check. It’s time to leave, but we’ll be seeing these hidden cabin rentals called River of Love in the near future with plenty of time to spare and of-course clean underwear. Betty and Joseph of Little Elm Texas

While searching for a quaint romantic getaway near Houston, we discovered River of Love in the heart of Love county. We took your three R’s rule advise and re-discovered each other. We renewed our vows to each other and we danced, something we haven’t done in over ten years. What an awesome environment this really is. After reading others stories and learning there struggles of life, we want to deeply thank you for providing the perfect romantic getaway atmosphere for many. We pray that these hidden cabin rentals continues to thrive in love. H & J Gibson of Houston Texas

 We found it! (bust a rhyme contest) 

We found it! shout it from the mountain tops, scream it in a loud sound, this is the perfect romantic getaway, near Flower Mound. We love these hidden cabin rentals and cant wait to return. Deb & Chase

We found it! scream it from afar because it’s not little bitty, this must be the best romantic getaway near Haltom City.  Shay & Greg

We found it! Shout it from the hill-side, dance it in you’re disco, this is the best romantic getaway near Frisco J&J

We found it! Yell it from the streets, Lets hear it in your bark, it the best romantic getaway near University Park. Don & Linda

We found it! Turn it loose yes don’t be still, tell everyone you know about this romantic getaway near Duncanville Jerry & Linda

We found it! Yell, Yell, keep it quiet? oh no. It’s the best romantic getaway near DeSoto Frank & Jenny

We found it! Tell it to your family, tell it to your friends, tell everybody to come back again, This place gives us butterflies, it also gives us chills, it’s the best romantic getaway near North Richland Hills

We found it! We already told our relatives, we already told our friends, we’ve already made plans to come back again, no use in getting jealous, and please don’t be scared, quit shaking in your shoes cause we came prepared, no one can out rhyme us, cause were kin to P. Diddy this is the best romantic getaway near Oklahoma City – S & C




Hidden Cabin Rentals

Romantic Houston Getaway

Romantic Houston Getaway (s)

Searching for a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Why not spend that Romantic Houston Getaway, in Love County ?


 Ask yourself – What’s a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Here are a few simple romantic “exerts” noted from guest who’ve made, River of Love Cabins their Romantic Houston Getaway destination.

  • Peace and quiet
  • total seclusion
  • privacy
  • We didn’t see anyone but each-other all weekend
  • Warm
  •  Inviting
  •  Awesome location
  •  Perfect Romantic Houston Getaway
  •  It’s almost Texas
  • We hate to leave
  • We love this place
  • Best honeymoon ever=} Only honeymoon ever
  • Enjoyed some me time
  • one on one
  • No kids
  • No phones
  • Zero distractions
  • The hot-tub was wonderful
  • We loved the Jacuzzi
  • Nice} chocolate covered strawberries
  • Romantic Houston Getaway and champagne too ?
  • Happy New Years
  • Perfect holiday getaway
  • I haven’t heard a police siren all week
  • It’s the simple things in life that count
  • Sometimes we forget to make quality time for one another
  • Made new tracks at The Love Train Caboose
  • We danced for the firsts time in ten years
  • My fiance proposed
  • Best anniversary
  • This was the surprise
  • Happy Birthday me
  • Roasted marshmallows and hot-dogs
  • Walking in the woods
  • The sounds of nature


Romantic Houston Getaway








Things to do

  • WinStar World Casino
  • Dining
  • Golfing
  • Shopping
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Animal parks
  • Live entertainment
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV’s
  • Get a message
  • Wine tasting
  • Antiques
  • Rest
  • Relax
  • Renew

Romantic things to do near Dallas

Romantic things to do near Dallas


Listen to the newest testimonials about these romantic cabins near Dallas!

This place is truly a dream!! It is very peaceful and tranquil. It’s the perfect place that we needed to be at, in the perfect moment.  It is beautifully built. The spoons for door handles and wash-tubs for sinks are the icing on the cake. It really is a special place! The hot-tub was wonderful until it was time to get out. Then the chill set in. The part we loved most was, no phones, no city noise, and there’s  no one to bother you.  Just the sounds of nature and a few animals now and then. Truly this was like “heaven on earth.” You can bet you will see us again soon! We added this place to our main list of romantic things to do near Dallas. See you soon.

Larry and Margret of Dallas, Texas

Add this to your list of romantic things near Dallas.

This was the perfect present. After several months of anticipating this great romantic getaway, we finally made it happen! It was well worth the wait. It was quiet, romantic, and peaceful. It’s now one of our favorite romantic things to do near Dallas. Thanks for the wine. The hot tub was great for our aching muscles. We will be returning.

Gary and Misty/ Dallas, TX.


Randy won the checkers game, but I won the money at WinStar. It payed for our entire weekend and I have sixty bucks to boot. This is actually our second trip here. Once again it was perfect. Thank You for the thoughtful card. This place is one of those perfect romantic things to do near Dallas. We love it and we will be returning in March.

Randy and Anna from Dallas Texas

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This cabin getaway seems to be one of the most perfect romantic places near Dallas. We both loved and enjoyed the interruption free country environment. No loud music, nothing but me and him. What a beautiful picture. This is our third day here and we haven’t seen a soul. I don’t remember anytime in my life that I could say that. The hot-tub has been a real joy for us. We both have slept so well, very relaxing atmosphere.  The chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful and, for us too this place is defiantly on our top ten list of romantic things to do near Dallas. We are planning our return trip this fall.

J & C Dallas

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Hate to be too boring and write what everyone else does but, this truly is on of the most interesting and romantic things to do near Dallas!

See you next trip!

Jim and Ann


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