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fun activities for couples in Dallas

Excerpts from the River of Love journals:

Fun activities for couples in Dallas

It was a whole new year 2016. Happy new year everyone! My husband and I were searching online for fun activities for couples in Dallas,  he posted it all over his social media pages for any fresh ideas. Many ideas and replies were left in return but most of the places mentioned we had already experienced. So much for fun activities for couples in Dallas idea was my thought, just about that time I was reading a friends recent post. They had just returned from River of Love Cabins in Oklahoma. My next thought was its to long of a drive, but after some quick zip code research I realized that it was just over an hour away and my fun activities for couples in Dallas dream was still alive. We have thoroughly enjoyed this place and wish for many returns. It makes a great getaway for Dallas couples.

Melvin and Sue


Romantic places near Dallas

I was so happy that we finally found a true peaceful place to rest, relax, and renew. We have a hectic schedule and this is on the top of our list as one of the most romantic places near Dallas. We have talked about making it an annual event.



Getaway for Dallas couples

This is our second time to visit Thackerville and this awesome place. We will be back for a third trip. Its  my birthday soon and I’ve already thought that I would ask for a gift certificate so we could return soon. Thanks for the fresh flowers and chocolate strawberries. Those special touches continues to make this a great getaway for Dallas couples.

Pete and Arita


fun activities for couples in dallas

Romantic activities for couples near Dallas

Romantic activities for couples near Dallas

Plenty of romantic activities for couples near Dallas

Our top getaway pick of the year was River Of Love Cabins in Thackerville. You might ask where is Thackerville? It’s only about 90 minutes North on Interstate-35 on the Texas Oklahoma border. We’ve stayed at these cabins twice now and both times was a thrill. We have now stayed in both the Red-Bud and Green-Briar Cabins. We have plans on returning to the Love Shack on our next visit. We tried to book it this time but they didn’t have a vacancy on our particular scheduled weekend away. Word to the wise. If you are searching for romantic activities for couples near Dallas at River of Love Cabins, then book as far in advance as possible. It looks as though they book weekends as far as four to eight weeks in advance, depending on the time of year. Trust us though; this romantic activitity for couples near Dallas is well worth the wait.


Romantic getaway near Richardson

This place was smashing! We loved the hot-tub and weekend privacy. We didn’t see anyone but each-other for two days. After my husband made reservations I asked him where River of Love Cabins were located and when he said Oklahoma. I wasn’t ready for a long trip but they were right on the Texas Oklahoma state line. I was so happy when I found out. They were only a little over an hour away. I travel frequently with my job and this time I was wanting a romantic getaway near Richardson. Something nearby. I enjoy traveling but I do get tired of living out of a suitcase from time to time.

Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway

What an awesome visit to the Love Cabins in Love County. It’s an amazing romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway. We really enjoyed our stay and its already on our summer calendar to return. This is one romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway that deserves to be shared. We have stayed in multiple Bed and Breakfast and specialty lodging establishments around the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We must brag a little on The River of Love Cabins by saying that it seems to be the most romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway in the areas.






 romantic getaway near Richardson




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Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway


This made his life pretty chaotic, over a period of many years ? until he eventually learned a little sense in middle age.

During summer school, a very tall student named Ryouji Suzuki (from another class) shows up and Risa immediately falls for him because he is tall. There is a girl that Atsushi likes as well, so Risa and Atsushi decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests. But both fail, and Suzuki and the girl whom Otani had a crush on – Chiharu Tanaka – became a couple. Risa and Otani become best friends. But as they get to know each other better, Risa’s feelings for Atsushi begin to blossom, and her love life gets complicated from there on.

romantic getaway near Richardson

The word “romance” has also developed with other meanings in other languages such as the early nineteenth century Spanish and Italian definitions of “adventurous” and “passionate”, sometimes combining the idea of “love affair” or “idealistic quality.”Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway

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romantic activities for couples near Dallas

Townsend’s compilation of various research projects concludes that men are susceptible to youth and beauty, whereas women are susceptible to status and security. These differences are part of a natural selection process where males seek many healthy women of childbearing age which will mother offspring, whereas women seek men who are willing and able to take care of them and their children.

I had one male patient who kept telling me that his latest relationship (and there were many) was not emotional, but ‘just mental’. Yet again and again, within a few weeks he found himself hopelessly in love with his newest girlfriend.Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway

Wow, these are certainly best places for a getaway romantic wedding ! Voted up, awesome and beautiful.

romantic activities for couples near Dallas

If your fiance to be is an animal lover, tie the ring or a note asking her to marry you to her pet’s collar. If it’s a cat bring it to her, if it’s a dog call the dog over and tell her that there’s something weird on the pet’s neck, would you look at it? Wait for her reaction.Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway

Bobby Vinton – Daytona, Florida Enjoy a romantic night and fell in love with “The Polish Prince”, known for his popular song “Blue Velvet”, “Roses are Red” and many more! Watch him live at Peabody Auditorium. Graceland Ninjaz -Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway Dallas, Texas The King of Party Bands will perform live at House of Blues. The Ninjaz fiery stage performances draw audiences dancing along all night long. They will surely make your evening into an unforgettable Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Crush – Los Angeles, California An all-star event on Valentine’s at Nokia Theatre in LA! Starring Somo, Jason Derulo, Big Sean, Miguel, Ciara and Sean Paul. Vince Gill and Amy Grant – Montgomery, Alabama Spread the love with this power couple at Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Don’t miss this chance to date your beloved, fell in love and inspire together with this lovely couple. Mike Birbiglia – Boston, Miami Want to have a laugh-a-ton with your love ones? Mike Birbiglia is coming to Wilbur Theatre once again to shower happiness and love on February 14th.Romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaways

romantic activities for couples near Dallas

Highland Park, Texas – Highland Park is located in north Dallas. The city of Highland Park has a rich history in the Dallas. It is easily one of the most beautiful cities in all of the Lone Star State. Many of the homes in Highland Park are very fancy and exquisite, just adding the more fun of seeing all the luxurious houses.


romantic Dallas Fort Worth getaway

Dallas romantic dates

Dallas romantic dates

While expecting to go on one our quarterly Dallas romantic dates my wife surprised me with a romantic evening and night in Love County at River of Love Cabins. We really had some quality time and we will soon return. It’s been one of our best Dallas romantic getaways of all time.

 Kevin and Dawn BIG D


Dallas romantic cabins

This is one of our favorite getaways. .We love the location it’s just far enough away that it seems like a world apart. Thanks for the romance package and the late checkout. We will return. Thanks-Dallas romantic cabins.

Jerry and Tina



Dallas romantic date ideas

Oh yes! one of our beast private getaways ever. We whole heatedly vote this place as the number one Dallas romantic date ideas of all time. It all started as a romantic dates in Dallas idea and has ended up being the best three nights of my life. We coming back in the summer to enjoy some lake time. See y’all soon!


Dallas romantic dates

Dallas romantic cabins

Thank You River of Love, We found you while searching for Dallas romantic cabins. This has been the most relaxing weekends in our twelve years together. We loved the hot-tub as well as the peace and quiet. We both are employed at very high stressful jobs and this place is literally priceless. Thank you for building your dream and allowing others to share a piece of it.

Scott and Deb


Dallas romantic dates

We were searching  for Dallas romantic dates and dating ideas when we found you. Were so glad we found this place. We have searched for several months to finally locate you. We fell in love immediately. We love the seclusion and the floating bed, We will tell our friends and we will be back.

Dallas romantic dates



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Dallas romantic cabins

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Married in Love County

Married in Love County

We live in  Texas but decided to get married in  Love County since my husband has family there. We had a very small outside ceremony with only a dozen friends and family present. We planned a frugal honeymoon and stayed at The river of Love Cabins, also located in Love County. We actually had planned on traveling back to Texas to a Dallas romantic hotel but was told of the River of Love. It was the best tip of the day. We had such a memorable honeymoon. We are planning on a return visit to Love County to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

John and Linda O. – Dallas


"Guest Excerpts"{River of Love}

Most romantic Love County

I’m so glad we got our marriage license in Love County. It’s my second marriage and I wanted to do this one the right way by being married in the most romantic Love County.

Honeymoon in Love County


Honeymoon in Love County

We were married in a Dallas church before approximately three-hundred people. Our day was good, long, and of course stressed with all of the last minute shuffle to make things perfect for the perfect day. We had a wonderful and beautiful reception afterwards. We finally tore loose from  the party and were relieved to do so. Our car was demolished in a good way with just married shoe polish, shaving cream and a case of cans tied to the bumper. Our trip to Love County was quicker than either of us expected. We had pre-arranged our honeymoon in Love County after some close friends recommended River of Love  Cabins. We both fell in Love with the place immediately. Our most cherished memories of our perfect day made better than perfect  at River of Love Cabins on our honeymoon in Love County.

Daryl and Cindy of Dallas Texas

Married in Love County

It is such an honor to be married in Love County. We searched for many months before the final decision was made to be married here. It is such a magical and special place to be married. The Lake Murray Chapel was perfect. Also we can’t even begin to express the time we shared at River of Love Cabins. The honeymoon package was beyond perfect and the seclusion was fabulous. We Love Love County. I hope we can spend more time here after retirement.

J & D  FT. Worth Texas


Most romantic Love County honeymoon

We got hitched in Oklahoma County on Saturday evening and spent the most romantic love County honeymoon on the planet. We cant say enough about this place. From the Red Bud Cabin to the friendly small town hospitality. We had such a great time. Our plans are to return in the near future for a longer visit. There are five children between us so hopefully we can visit Lake Murray in in the summer.

G & G-Oklahoma City, OK.




romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

Romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

We we astonished when we first visited at River of Love. We love the peace and quiet in the countryside setting and the conveyance of being so close to the DFW area. We will recommend this place to our friends as one of  the best romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas. We will be returning!

Joe and Samantha of Dallas Texas 

Romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

“These cabins are more than the perfect romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

John and Michelle Dallas, TX.

Romantic DFW getaways

We are avid golfers and have been itching to play at the WinStar Golf Course. I’m glad we did. My game wasn’t perfect but the course is awesome to say the least. We stayed at River of Love Cabins. From our private hot-tub, to the back porch setting, it was by far one of the best romantic DFW getaways. I can’t wait to return. Hopefully my game will improve by then.

The Nelsons, DFW

romantic DFW getaways

romantic DFW getaways









Romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

“River of Love Cabins gets our vote when it comes to top notch romantic getaways within an hour of Dallas

Jeff and Karen of Dallas Texas

Romantic places to stay the night near Dallas

While searching for romantic places to stay the night near Dallas, River of Love was at the top of the list. Now we understand why. It’s the perfect country atmosphere not far from the big city. We loved the Jacuzzi tub and the privacy factor of just being alone together without disruptions. We are recommending this place to our friends and family.

Brenda and Hershel – Dallas Texas


Romantic DFW getaways

“This place rocks and is one of the better romantic DFW getaways that we’ve visited” 
Susan and Paul 

Romantic getaways close to Dallas

Wow! what an amazing place to hang out. We left from Dallas on Friday and Sunday I sure want to stay. We like this area, it’s country enough for us. We loved stargazing at night. We will tell our friends about this amazing place and our personal adventures here.

Scott and Theresa


 Romantic places to stay near Dallas

"This is the most private and romantic place to stay near Dallas"
The Russell’s of Dallas TX.  

One romantic Dallas/ FT. Worth getaway

We are business owners who travel for a living. We call coming home a getaway that’s why we love River of Love. It’s close to home but yet a world of it’s own when it comes to romance and seclusion. We give it two thumbs up when it comes to romantic DFW getaways that’s not a thousand miles away!

Mike and Jenny C. From Dallas/ FT. Worth 

Make River of love a top romantic DFW getaways destination!

Romantic Houston Getaway

Romantic Houston Getaway (s)

Searching for a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Why not spend that Romantic Houston Getaway, in Love County ?


 Ask yourself – What’s a Romantic Houston Getaway ?


Here are a few simple romantic “exerts” noted from guest who’ve made, River of Love Cabins their Romantic Houston Getaway destination.

  • Peace and quiet
  • total seclusion
  • privacy
  • We didn’t see anyone but each-other all weekend
  • Warm
  •  Inviting
  •  Awesome location
  •  Perfect Romantic Houston Getaway
  •  It’s almost Texas
  • We hate to leave
  • We love this place
  • Best honeymoon ever=} Only honeymoon ever
  • Enjoyed some me time
  • one on one
  • No kids
  • No phones
  • Zero distractions
  • The hot-tub was wonderful
  • We loved the Jacuzzi
  • Nice} chocolate covered strawberries
  • Romantic Houston Getaway and champagne too ?
  • Happy New Years
  • Perfect holiday getaway
  • I haven’t heard a police siren all week
  • It’s the simple things in life that count
  • Sometimes we forget to make quality time for one another
  • Made new tracks at The Love Train Caboose
  • We danced for the firsts time in ten years
  • My fiance proposed
  • Best anniversary
  • This was the surprise
  • Happy Birthday me
  • Roasted marshmallows and hot-dogs
  • Walking in the woods
  • The sounds of nature


Romantic Houston Getaway








Things to do

  • WinStar World Casino
  • Dining
  • Golfing
  • Shopping
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Animal parks
  • Live entertainment
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV’s
  • Get a message
  • Wine tasting
  • Antiques
  • Rest
  • Relax
  • Renew

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas Discovered!

After searching the DFW area for quite some time now and staying at many establishments around the area  such as; The Great Wolfe Lodge, The Alodpus, and don’t forget the Gayot Hotel,  I’m glad we finally found the perfect Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas just what we have been searching  for.

This has to be by far the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.

We heard about it from an old friend who had stayed and had a wonderful experience at The Love Train Caboose a couple of years ago, so after hearing about our old friend’s experience, we made our reservations online. I admit we were a bit hesitant at first because these cabins called Love aren’t located in Texas. They are actually in Oklahoma. When I first realized this I almost backed out because I didn’t want to travel for several hours to reach any destination, we just wanted a local getaway. To my surprise they are located in the most Southern part of Oklahoma, right on the Texas/ Oklahoma boarder line. We decided it was close enough for us so we completed our reservations. Besides,our old friend was conveinced that these were the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.




Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas continued;

We had to schedule more in advance than we are accustomed to since the dates we initially wanted were already taken. All of the bookings were a good sign to me. I mean, why would that many people make reservations and schedule to stay if this was a bad place? Plus I read up on many online reviews through Trip Advisor among others and most was awesome. Most past guest of River of Love Cabins left positive reviews of more than four stars on average.

 I really didn’t like the fact that our reservation was almost four weeks away but looking on the bright side, it gave us the time we needed to prepare for one of the most private, secluded, and romantic weekends that we have ever experienced. This was truly a blessing in disguise and one of the most Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas.

On the day of our departure from home I had already purchased our groceries and the things we needed for the short drive too; (in my own words) Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas. If you’ve noticed by now I continue to use the word Texas. <Sorry it’s because I’m a Texas girl through and through> we made it to Interstate-35 and basically it’s a straight shot to Oklahoma from there. It’s kind of sad that I’ve lived in Texas all of my life, and never have seen Oklahoma.  We knew we were close when we crossed the Red River which boarders the two states. We also saw the huge Casino called WinStar. The drive was pleasant and it only took about 90 minutes from our home. Much closer that initially expected. Once we arrived at our cabin named Green Briar, I knew this was it. This was the perfect place I knew we would have complete privacy and seclusion to just absorb one another and spend quality time without the interruption of phones, internet, kids, or our dogs. What more could couples want, need, or ask for? My own words describe these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas as simple seclusion.


Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas continued;

As described before we have stayed in some of the most elegant places in the DFW metroplex and these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas was just the change of pace we have been needing. Don’t get me wrong because I absolutely love some of the more upper class places that are equipped with elegance and room service but this place was magical and all of the amenities including private hot-tubs or Jacuzzi baths in a more rustic sense. Ask yourself how many times that you and your spouse have been on a getaway and never saw any people other than each-other. This feature in its self makes these Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas a place that’s absolutely majestic for couples that are in love. I won’t boar you with the more private and intimate details but I will try and convince all of those who are looking for the perfect Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas that the secret is out of the bag and it has already been discovered. I will say it again if your looking for Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas check out River of Love Cabins.


romantic Texas


Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas








Romantic places to stay in the woods near Texas

Honeymoon cabin near Texas

Honeymoon cabin near Texas.


Great reviews on this honeymoon cabin near Texas.


Thank you for everything! This was the perfect place to celebrate our honeymoon. It is so easy to forget the power of slowing down and being quiet. This is definitely the perfect honeymoon cabin near Texas. We will never forget our time spent here. We had the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy all of God’s gifts. We were both happy that we decided to get A massage, she does a marvelous job. Please forgive Rocky the raccoon for getting a towel muddy. The hot-tub and cheese tray were both amazing. We will share our memories with our friends and family.

The Nelson’s of Dallas


These Oklahoma cabins near Texas is awesome! The scenery is breathtaking and the cabin is beautiful. We are planning a return trip in June.

J and D of keller Texas


Dear River of Love Cabins,

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality! This place is amazing and is perfectly located for a honeymoon cabin. What an excellent way to start a perfect relationship. The peaceful atmosphere here is almost overwhelming. We have decided to make this an annual retreat, and not to share this honeymoon cabin near Texas secret. Ha-Ha. They hot-tub and Champaign were wonderful. See you next year.

Corrie and Christy of Fort Worth Texas
We are very impressed with all the wonderful and creative little touches in your honeymoon cabin near Texas. Our favorite has to be the spoon doorknobs as pulls for the bathroom door. It shows you have put a lot of love, and work into making the honeymoon cabin near Texas very special. Thank you for your labor of love. We couldn’t have planned a more enjoyable or memorable honeymoon. We enjoyed snuggling on your comfy couch and watching romantic movies. We did enjoy all of our treats. We also enjoyed the cool crisp night air while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. We spent our mornings enjoying sitting out back, and listening to the sounds of the birds and the creek. Reminds me of my childhood. It was so relaxing and peaceful, we even got to indulge in an afternoon nap. We take home with us some wonderful and special memories, and leave behind, thank you’s from the bottom of our hearts. Our only regret for the weekend is that it couldn’t last longer. Thank you for the bubbly, the chocolates, and the card. They made us feel welcomed and encouraged. We will see you again sometime this winter.

D and D of Burleson Texas



texas hill country getaway cabins


This is our first visit to this romantic place. Our friends spent there honeymoon here last May. Now we understand why they so strongly recommended this so called honeymoon cabin near Texas. The surroundings is just what a couple needs for a special week-end getaway. We shall return.

S&J Fletcher, Dallas Texas


O Yeah,

This honeymoon cabin near Texas is just as special the second go around! This time we were so ready for a getaway. We were both exhausted from many hours of work. We love this place! we will continue to spread the word about the wonders it holds and will be seeing you again soon!

p.s The hot-tub is great for stress relief.

Brianna and David of Houston Texas


Honeymoon cabin near Texas,

We had the time of our lives visiting this place! We danced, laughed, and talked like never before. We also slept better than ever. I guess it’s the night air. We will be back.

Sonja and Mike of Dallas TX.


sexy getaways near Texas

River of Love Cabins; Perfect honeymoon cabin near Texas.

Oklahoma getaways for couples

Oklahoma getaways for couples

Great reviews about these Oklahoma couple getaway cabins!


We thank you so much for your hospitality. The paradise that you have built here was the perfect spot for my husband’s 41st birthday. We are hoping to come back in July for my 40th birthday <ughhh> on the age. My husband and I both have really demanding careers with hectic schedules. It’s wonderful to know that there is an Oklahoma couple getaway that’s not too far from the homestead. Scott said to tell your masseuse that he feel a million times better. From the bottom of our hearts thanks for everything.

Tammy and Scott Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Oklahoma couple getaway





This place is amazing and the perfect location for our first anniversary. The champagne and the card were very sweet. The relaxing sounds of nature and the hot tub were awesome. We really can’t say enough about this Oklahoma couple getaway cabin.

Randy and Kelly- Mustang Oklahoma



This is a wonderful place to be! Sorry about leaving late, we haven’t slept that sound in years. The Jacuzzi was so good for all of our aches and pains. We enjoyed setting outside drinking our morning coffee and watching all the different birds and bunnies. The cheese and fruit tray was greatly appreciated and we will spread the word about these Oklahoma couple getaway cabins.

Heidi and David- Moore Oklahoma




River of Love; Oklahoma couple getaway

Great reviews about these Oklahoma getaways.

There is something different about these relaxing Oklahoma getaways. We had a marvelous time. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. I surprised my Husband Bill by reserving the Love Train Caboose. He is retired from the Rail Road. (He absolutely loves trains). I couldn’t think of a better way for him to really enjoy, or be more excited about our anniversary. I was right, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The expression on his face was priceless when I pulled our pick-up truck near the front door of the Love Train Caboose. He said “This is one of those Oklahoma getaways that won’t be forgotten.” We latter built a cozy fire and roasted marsh-mellows. I think the last time we roasted marsh-mellows was several years ago when our two boys were still living at home. This is truly an amazing place. The hot-tub was so relaxing and felt really good on our aching bones. Bill and I even slow danced on the huge open deck. Bill said this place made him feel 20 years younger. He was so happy. I can honestly say this was our best anniversary celebration ever. We loved everything including, the privacy and open sky. We will be recommending to all of Bill’s train enthusiastic friends as well as others.


Thanks again for these wonderful Oklahoma getaways.

Bill and Susan – Norman, Oklahoma


Oklahoma getaways








We love this place! This is the third visit for us in these wonderful Oklahoma getaways. We have so much fun here. We adore the Green-Briar cabin and it’s the super-sized Jacuzzi. The last time we visited we had an unexpected emergency and had to leave a day early. This time was much more relaxing and we got to unwind. We both work high demanding jobs that require hands on people skills. Here the only people we see are each-other. That’s my favorite part ALONE TIME! Not the kind of alone where you can hear others going up and down the stairs or banging something against the wall. No loud music blasting, no screaming kids, just peace and quiet with the natural sounds of nature.  That’s why we come back. That’s why we will continue coming to these beautiful Oklahoma getaways .

See ya on our fourth trip.

The Gaston’s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I’m so glad we discovered this place. We have laughed, cried, danced, ate, drank, and slept. As a matter of a fact we slept better than we have in months. We are both early birds and normally wake up before the sun rises. Here we slept in later than we ever have. I think we were both so relaxed after our hot-tub excursion, that we sawed some major logs. This is defiantly one of the best Oklahoma getaways that we’ve ever experienced.  We loved our long evening walks and building a fire in the fire-pit near the creek. Shelly said she’s never seen as many stars anytime in her life. Somehow, I did manage to locate the Big and Little Dipper’s. The cheese tray was delicious and the flowers were delightful. We will surely share our experience of these Oklahoma getaways with others and highly recommend this place.

Duane & Shelly-OK.

Wow! These Oklahoma getaways were very warm and cozy. We had a blast ridding our four-wheeler at the local Dust 2 Dust ATV track. Although we couldn’t wait to get back and relax in the hot tub.  We truly had a wonderful three day getaway. Maybe next time we can stay longer. We’ll be back and we will share our photo’s and our experiences of these Oklahoma getaways with our friends on Facebook.

The Nelsons of Duncan, Oklahoma


You have a great thing going with these amazing Oklahoma getaways! W’ell be back.

Sherry and James of Elmore City, Oklahoma



River of Love Cabins; Oklahoma getaways.

short road trip from Dallas

short road trip from Dallas


 Experienced the Love Train on a short road trip from Dallas!


short road trip from Dallas









Choo-Choo from the Love Train Caboose,

We want everyone to know what an awesome trip we had and what a short road trip from Dallas that it really is. You and the Love train have made our 1st anniversary a very romantic, special one that we will always cherish, and remember forever. It has everything that we wished for and more. We enjoyed the honeymoon package. The robes came in handy after our late night hot-tub dips. Randy loved the smell of the linens. I guess it’s time for me to switch laundry detergent. We do not really want to go back to Dallas today but we have no choice. We are planning on returning for anniversary number two. I think we will try the Green Briar Cabin.

Aaren and Randy of Dallas Texas


Hello River of Love,

I wanted to surprise my wife with a bit of peace and relaxation, on a short road trip from Dallas. She was very surprised once we arrived. As you know she was blind folded the entire time. (that’s the main reason I wanted a short road trip from Dallas). You should have seen some of the looks I got driving down Interstate-35. We have had a marvelous time. Traci has never experienced peace and relaxation that this place offers. We laid a blanket on the ground and stargazed for three hours. She has never seen it that dark before. We had so much fun sitting in the rockers and enjoying each other’s company. We noticed a lot of attention to the little details of this cabin which made us feel very welcome. The cheese and fruit tray was delicious. We even had a late night visit from a little furry critter cat that we named Sox. We hope you guys have a happy holiday season. Loved the short road trip from Dallas.We will be returning.

Joe and Traci Dallas Texas


We came on this short road trip from Dallas to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! The years have been great but with two boys, work, and living life, we really needed a break from it all! Your land and cabin has been a breath of fresh air for us. The “Simple Life” is truly the best. We think we need so many material things, but we really don’t.  We thank you for this opportunity to just enjoy each other and to relax, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Thanks for having the hot tub set at 100 degrees, as we requested. We love the location and the idea that it’s just a short road trip from Dallas. The card and champagne were also fabulous. These extra touches made it special. Thank You! We will definitely be back.

D & S of Dallas Texas


Our advice is to take a short road trip from Dallas or a walk on the wild-side and get the Love Train Caboose. You won’t be sorry!

Jeff and Angie of Dallas Texas


A short road trip from Dallas was what we were looking for when we found these awesome cabins. Thanks for everything. We will tell our friends. I didn’t realize we lived so close to Oklahoma.

B and G Dallas TX.


River of Love Cabins; short road trip from Dallas.

If a short road trip from Dallas is what your looking for then River of Love cabins is your place. It’s only a little over an hour from Dallas and it very peaceful and romantic.


Contact us today and bring your love to Love County, and relax in our cabins and spas.

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