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Planning Your Wedding A-Z

Planning Your Wedding A-Z

Article by JOHN BRINK

Planning your wedding A-Z:

o A- ask: Don’t be afraid to ask questions; this is a special day, and you should take your time getting everything planned out just the way you want it.o B- bridesmaids: Your bridesmaids will be your support system; pick women who you want to honor, and those who will be quick to lend a helping hand.o C- cake: Choosing a cake can be very fun; be sure that you and your partner sample several different types, as there are many incredible types of frosting, fillings, and cake flavors.o D- dancing: If you and your spouse-to-be don’t feel comfortable on the dance floor, why not take pre-wedding dance lessons! o E- engagement pictures: Your engagement pictures are a preview to your guests of your relationship. Some couples have never met many of those attending their wedding, so this is a great way to include everyone.o F- flowers: Start visiting florists early to talk about flowers that will be in season, if you have your heart set on a certain out of season flower, explore silk options–there are many that look very realistic. o G- guest-book: A traditional guest-book is not the only way to have those invited to your wedding leave their mark. Now there are photo frames, special cards, and all sorts of creative ways to remember your guests.o H- hair: Research hairstyles for your special day; if you already know what you want, make an appointment at the salon to do a trial run so you know for sure you like it.o I- invitations: Many brides are doing their own invitations; there are several options online, as well as at the local craft or paper supply stores.o J- just married- Think about your getaway car and if you want to create a ‘Just Married’ sign to hang on the back; remember there will be honking if you do!o K- kiss: It is never too early to practice kissing for the big day. o L- lighting: Starting thinking about your lighting options, which might greatly depend on the time of day that you are getting married. o M- music: Start making a list of music that you want played during the ceremony and reception. o N- name: If you plan to change your name, you will want to have your paperwork all organized, because the process can be quite lengthy.o O- outdoors: If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, start thinking of some backup options or solutions in case of bad weather. o P- photography: Start contacting photographers early, as many book out season before. o Q- questions: Making a list of questions or concerns can be a very helpful thing for a bride or groom to do, especially as the day gets closer and you feel more and more scattered.o R- refreshments: Start sampling drinks and decide what kind of beverages that you wish to serve at your wedding. o S- seating: If your wedding is in a unique location, you should start contacting venues to rent seating or see if they provide their own.o T- timing: Decide when you want to have your wedding, as the timing could eliminate a meal or lead your guests to believe there will be a sit-down dinner.o U- unity candle: A unity candle is a lovely touch to a wedding; start looking around for one that is really special.o V- vows: You and your partner need to decide if you wish to write your own vows, or if you will choose from a set of traditional vows.o W- wedding planner: Are you feeling in over your head? If so, maybe you need a wedding planner.o X- x marks the spot (location): Finding the perfect location can be tricky, so start brainstorming with your partner and make a list of ideal places.o Y- you: No matter what happens this day is about you! o Z- zeal: Remember that this is a time to celebrate! Don’t forget in the midst of all the stress to embrace a sense of zeal for your wedding day.

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About the Author

John Brink is active in Dallas social and business circles. He is a father, marathoner and martial artist – specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which he holds the rank of Black Belt. He also manages the marketing for My Dallas Weddings – A wedding services company for those getting married in Dallas. A recent MBA graduate from UTA’s School of Business he currently juggles work responsibilities as a SR. Analyst for Verizon Communications. He also teaches BJJ For South Dallas residents as well as classes for Oak Cliff Jiu Jitsu Athletes

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Guide To Writing Custom Wedding Vows

Guide To Writing Custom Wedding Vows

Article by JOHN BRINK

Writing your own wedding vows is a very thoughtful and romantic thing to do. It can be overwhelming thinking of spilling your heart out in front of so many people, but your wedding is a time for others to witness your love and celebrate with you.

Here are a few tips for writing your own vows:

Plan Ahead: Whether you are the procrastinating type or not, leaving your wedding vows until the last minute is a bad option. You should plan ahead and really thinking about you want to say. When you speak those vows out-loud, many people will be listening, but more importantly your spouse-to-be will be taking in everything you say

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