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Quick Dallas getaways

Quick Dallas getaways

Thank you River of Love for providing one of the best quick Dallas getaways of all time! We also thank our Texas friends for the referral. We loved the privacy and the Jacuzzi tub. We are scheduling our 20th anniversary celebration, so we will be seeing you this fall.  Thanks again.

Terry and Gina of Dallas, TX.

Quick Texas getaways

“We will be telling our friends about one of the beat quick Texas getaways that’s only an hour away.”

L & P McKinney Texas

Quick Fort Worth getaways

This is one of those awesome and quick Fort Worth getaways. We love it here. The Casino has a wonderful buffet as well. We seen a turkey, a deer. and a raccoon. We had a wonderful nature walk and loved the seclusion. We will be back and will tell our friends about this amazing place.

The Thompson’s of FT. Worth
Quick Dallas getaways

Quick Dallas Getaways

“This is the perfect place for one of the best quick Dallas getaways

Ben and Joanna of Dallas TX.

Quick Texas Getaways

Thanks to River of Love, We re-connected like never before. I found this place online while searching for quick Texas getaways. Were so glad to have located a gem like this. We are planning on returning in November to celebrate our anniversary. We love the seclusion that this place offers and can’t wait to return.

Dee Ann and Jeff C of Arlington, Texas


Quick Fort Worth Getaways

” One of the best quick Fort Worth getaways in sixteen years of marriage”.

The Harper's of FT. Worth, TX.


 Quick Dallas Getaways

What an amazing adventure that we had on one of the best quick Dallas getaways of all time. It’s for sure our favorite! We laughed more on this trip than any in the past. We built a lot of great memories, took several pictures, and absolutely had a blast. We loved the hot-tub while having our morning coffee. We will making plans to stay in the Green-Briar cabin in our future visit.

The Clarendon’s of Dallas Texas 

Fast Dallas getaway

We love the location being so close to the DFW area. It’s like a playground in our back yard. It’s a whole new world just right around the corner. We loved Toby Keith’s bar and Grill that was inside the casino. Were not big gamblers although we dropped 20 bucks and actually won 40. We had an amazing time relaxing and just stepping out of our well worn stressful world. Thanks for providing such an awesome fast Dallas getaway.

Jerry and Sue of Texas 


Most romantic places to stay near Dallas

Most romantic places to stay near Dallas


Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to stay in what I call one of the the most romantic places to stay near Dallas. We really enjoyed our anniversary celebration. It was relaxing and just a great time to getaway and reflect on the things that really matter. When we return “I hope it’s soon” I will be bringing some extra clothes in-case we want to extend our visit. Thanks again for providing one of the most romantic places to stay near Texas. See yall soon!

The Bakers of Dallas TX.


most romantic places to stay near Dallas


“This is for sure one of the most romantic places to stay near Fort Worth”

F&G FT. Worth Texas

 Most romantic places to stay near Texas

When we arrived I knew that this was the place that we have been searching for. Total privacy, We kicked back and done the three R’s that was suggested. Rest, Relax, and Renewed. We can’t wait to tell our friends of this place and return to what we call one of the most romantic places to stay near Texas.

Jarred and Sue of McKinney, Texas


“This impressive place ranks it for our #1 most romantic place to stay near Dallas.”

Dale and Whitney of Dallas

Most romantic places to stay near Fort Worth

This past year has been a hectic one. It’s been full of stress and unwanted situations. I wont bother to boar anyone who is reading this with the details. Just take my word! I can’t express how much the Red Bud Cabin at River of Love, has meant to my husband and I. This is our second trip and like the first we both hate to leave.  We love the fact that we are semi close to home and can still enjoy privacy, seclusion, and nature to it’s fullest. We have searched the world over and have concluded that this is by far the most romantic places to stay near Fort Worth Texas. Our parents actually told us about your existence  I’m just so thankful that they shared this little piece of heaven on earth with us. We will be seeing you again in January.


As close as you can get. This is still one of the most romantic places to stay near Texas.

Angie and Joe Irving, TX. 

most romantic places to stay near Dallas

Most romantic places to stay near Texas

After experiencing some of the top romantic hotels in Texas. River of Love holds a new candle of excitement when it comes to choosing the most romantic places to stay near Texas. When we left the DFW area I expected to be on the road for several hours. To my surprise we arrived in 90 minutes from our departure time. I was thrilled about how close the DFW metroplex is to The River of Love.  I suppose that River of Love is an appropriate name for this place because that exactly what it is. My husband and I have been married over 15 years and our week-end here took us back to honeymoon level status. We laughed, danced, and enjoyed each-others company. We shared some past memories and dreamed of future plans. We love what this place has done and is doing for us as well as others. We will be returning soon to what many have called one of the most romantic places to stay near Dallas.

Thanks for everything- Deb and Randy of Dallas Texas

Most romantic places to stay near Fort Worth

“What a perfect location to celebrate our tenth anniversary in a shot story it one of the most romantic places to stay near Fort Worth.”

Mandy and Matt FT. Worth TX.

Most romantic places to stay near Dallas

This is definitely one of the most romantic places to stay near Dallas. We loved staying in the Green-Briar. The Jacuzzi Tub  was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Most of all we liked the peace and seclusion of being alone and      re- energizing. We will be back next spring to celebrate the gift of life. Keep on Keeping on!

Jenny and Elvis of Dallas


Most romantic places to stay near Texas


Oklahoma getaways for couples

Oklahoma getaways for couples

Great reviews about these Oklahoma couple getaway cabins!


We thank you so much for your hospitality. The paradise that you have built here was the perfect spot for my husband’s 41st birthday. We are hoping to come back in July for my 40th birthday <ughhh> on the age. My husband and I both have really demanding careers with hectic schedules. It’s wonderful to know that there is an Oklahoma couple getaway that’s not too far from the homestead. Scott said to tell your masseuse that he feel a million times better. From the bottom of our hearts thanks for everything.

Tammy and Scott Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Oklahoma couple getaway





This place is amazing and the perfect location for our first anniversary. The champagne and the card were very sweet. The relaxing sounds of nature and the hot tub were awesome. We really can’t say enough about this Oklahoma couple getaway cabin.

Randy and Kelly- Mustang Oklahoma



This is a wonderful place to be! Sorry about leaving late, we haven’t slept that sound in years. The Jacuzzi was so good for all of our aches and pains. We enjoyed setting outside drinking our morning coffee and watching all the different birds and bunnies. The cheese and fruit tray was greatly appreciated and we will spread the word about these Oklahoma couple getaway cabins.

Heidi and David- Moore Oklahoma




River of Love; Oklahoma couple getaway

Great reviews about these Oklahoma getaways.

There is something different about these relaxing Oklahoma getaways. We had a marvelous time. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. I surprised my Husband Bill by reserving the Love Train Caboose. He is retired from the Rail Road. (He absolutely loves trains). I couldn’t think of a better way for him to really enjoy, or be more excited about our anniversary. I was right, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The expression on his face was priceless when I pulled our pick-up truck near the front door of the Love Train Caboose. He said “This is one of those Oklahoma getaways that won’t be forgotten.” We latter built a cozy fire and roasted marsh-mellows. I think the last time we roasted marsh-mellows was several years ago when our two boys were still living at home. This is truly an amazing place. The hot-tub was so relaxing and felt really good on our aching bones. Bill and I even slow danced on the huge open deck. Bill said this place made him feel 20 years younger. He was so happy. I can honestly say this was our best anniversary celebration ever. We loved everything including, the privacy and open sky. We will be recommending to all of Bill’s train enthusiastic friends as well as others.


Thanks again for these wonderful Oklahoma getaways.

Bill and Susan – Norman, Oklahoma


Oklahoma getaways








We love this place! This is the third visit for us in these wonderful Oklahoma getaways. We have so much fun here. We adore the Green-Briar cabin and it’s the super-sized Jacuzzi. The last time we visited we had an unexpected emergency and had to leave a day early. This time was much more relaxing and we got to unwind. We both work high demanding jobs that require hands on people skills. Here the only people we see are each-other. That’s my favorite part ALONE TIME! Not the kind of alone where you can hear others going up and down the stairs or banging something against the wall. No loud music blasting, no screaming kids, just peace and quiet with the natural sounds of nature.  That’s why we come back. That’s why we will continue coming to these beautiful Oklahoma getaways .

See ya on our fourth trip.

The Gaston’s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


I’m so glad we discovered this place. We have laughed, cried, danced, ate, drank, and slept. As a matter of a fact we slept better than we have in months. We are both early birds and normally wake up before the sun rises. Here we slept in later than we ever have. I think we were both so relaxed after our hot-tub excursion, that we sawed some major logs. This is defiantly one of the best Oklahoma getaways that we’ve ever experienced.  We loved our long evening walks and building a fire in the fire-pit near the creek. Shelly said she’s never seen as many stars anytime in her life. Somehow, I did manage to locate the Big and Little Dipper’s. The cheese tray was delicious and the flowers were delightful. We will surely share our experience of these Oklahoma getaways with others and highly recommend this place.

Duane & Shelly-OK.

Wow! These Oklahoma getaways were very warm and cozy. We had a blast ridding our four-wheeler at the local Dust 2 Dust ATV track. Although we couldn’t wait to get back and relax in the hot tub.  We truly had a wonderful three day getaway. Maybe next time we can stay longer. We’ll be back and we will share our photo’s and our experiences of these Oklahoma getaways with our friends on Facebook.

The Nelsons of Duncan, Oklahoma


You have a great thing going with these amazing Oklahoma getaways! W’ell be back.

Sherry and James of Elmore City, Oklahoma



River of Love Cabins; Oklahoma getaways.

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