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Sleepless in Seattle is a perfect example. The movie revolves around Sam Baldwin who has just lost his wife to cancer, Sam’s son Jonah thinks that his father needs another wife in order to get back on track, Jonah goes ahead and calls a radio station and he convinces his father to go on air too. The call is heard by6 many women on air including a journalist from Baltimore (Annie reed), well the rest is history. Other top rated romance movies include titanic (1997), pretty woman (1990), love story (1970), city of angels (199among others. Movies not only romantic movies are a nice mode of passing time as they also reduce incidences of idleness that is a major reason for drug abuse. In Addition, movies are a popular way of relaxing with friends and catching up on good times. They also assist their viewers to be updated on the current dating catchwords.

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I think we all know what Lord of the Rings is about. In a nutshell, it tells the story of a band of heroes who go on a quest to destroy this evil little ring, which causes bad things to happen to anybody who touches it. But I think I should probably sum up what Romance of the Three Kingdoms is, in order to cater to the layman reader. Basically, Romance of the Three Kingdoms takes place in the declining years of the Han Dynasty (c. 180 A.D.), and revolves around a regular guy named Liu Bei, who is in fact, the true heir to the throne of China. It tells of how Liu Bei rises from poverty and becomes one of the greatest men in Ancient China, and centers around his quest to restore the Han Dynasty to its former glory, and bring peace to the people. Here’s a link to the theme song of the epic 2010 TV Series Three Kingdoms. This should give you a more thorough idea on what I mean when I say it strongly, strongly contrasts with Lord of the Rings. Just read the lyrics, and you will see what I mean!




Other than southern Occitano-Romance, the Gallo-Romance languages are quite innovatory, with French and some of the Gallo-Italian languages rivaling each other for the most extreme phonological changes compared with conservative languages. For example, French sain, saint, sein, ceint, ceint meaning “healthy, holy, breast, (he) girds, (was) girded” (Latin sānum, sanctum, sinum, cinget, cinctum) are all pronounced /sɛ̃/; similarly cent, sent, sans, sang meaning “hundred, (he) feels, without, blood” (Latin centum, sentit, (ab)sentis, sanguen) are all pronounced /sɑ̃/.

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This is going to be one of my more controversial posts, which I expect to generate a fair bit of debate. We all know that all great literature has had its origins somewhere. We all know that the plot of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Inception was probably based on a Donald Duck comic book, and that that William Shakespeare’s world-renowned play Romeo and Juliet was in fact, inspired by the Roman fable Pyramus and Thisbe. But did you know that The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (very, very probably) had its roots in Early Modern Chinese literature? This essay attempts to compare and contrast the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the 14th century Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, altogether pointing out the uncanny parallels, in order to support the notion that Tolkien had in fact based the Lord of the Rings on Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Please note that this essay is not supported by any contemporary academic authority of any kind, and that the opinions put fourth by me are nothing but opinions, and that you are free to disagree with me as far as this issue is concerned.

romance packages in Dallas TX

While women love to be romanced with trinkets, jewelry, flowers and chocolates, men like to be romanced with emotion. In fact, this is one of the best ways to romance a man. These emotions can be proclaimed in quite a number of ways. Suppose he loves a particular brand of chewing gum. The next time you meet him, make sure that you have some of those chewing gums with you and pass on the same to him. These little acts go a long way in romancing a man and making him feel that he is cared for.


Romance Packages in Dallas TX

While searching for a romantic place to stay and for romance packages in Dallas Texas. We discovered River of Love Cabins. It was the ultimate romance experience. It wasn’t quite Romance in Dallas Texas but it was close enough. Exactly 86 minutes from our home. We fell in Love all over again!

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I looked up the definition for Romance;

A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. This was the only way I could describe this place.


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