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Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

"excerpts" from- Oklahoma Getaway journal's

This was one amazing Oklahoma getaway that we will be talking about and remembering for years to come. First we want to thank our stewards for allowing us the opportunity to settle in at one of the best Oklahoma getaways in the state. Now we will give a tid-bit about our visit here. It started from our home in Oklahoma City where my husband, Jeff and I had an amazing new year beginning. While in the process of discussing our new years resolution when the phone rang. Suddenly we found out our daughter was going to have a baby. (I just had to include that). Now back to the new years resolution. While setting some modest resolutions and goals, we both decided this year we were gonna work smarter not harder. Here I won’t boar you with our personal details except the one where we agreed that we would take a mini getaway trip out of Oklahoma City, somewhere we could spend quality time together and re-connect to one another and just re-charge our batteries. A place to clear our minds and prepare ourselves for the next wave. We put our goals in writing and placed them on the refrigerator, where they would be in plain view.  While preforming a routine internet search we ran across what seemed to be a secluded and romantic place. Could this be one of those perfect Oklahoma getaways? The perfect recipe for what we’ve been longing for. Yes  that’s exactly what it is in a few words. “The perfect recipe”. We loved it so much, before we left we both vowed to each other that we would return two more times before the years end.

Jeff and Shelly of Oklahoma City, OK.


Oklahoma Getaway Cabins

When we first arrived it was cold and raining. I thought this might be one of those Oklahoma getaways that’s warm. (you know- the kind that’s not too hot). ha/ha. I had a change of heart as soon as I soaked in the hot-tub for a bit. My wife and I have been married for ten years today. What an anniversary we will always remember. We relaxed, reconnected, and renewed ourselves to one another. Were so glad we discovered what I would call -The golden nugget of any Oklahoma getaway cabin. Thanks for letting us share this awesome cabin called Red-Bud.

Calvin and Marissa, Moore Oklahoma

Oklahoma Getaways

Oklahoma Getaways

We had fun at what we consider one of our new favorite Oklahoma getaways. This week marks Tammy, My wife of five years birthday. I would tell you her age but, I may not live to enjoy tomorrow. Anyway we had a wonderful time celebrating and we loved the privacy. I love the country, It’s where I grew up. Tammy was a little jumpy at first but I was so proud of her for settling in so well. She was raised in Houston in the City therefore she’s a little out of her element. She moved to Oklahoma City from Houston and that’s where we met. I knew if I could get her here that she would love it, and she did. Thank ya’ll for all that you’ve done for the many folks that have stayed here.

James and Tammy of OKC

Oklahoma Getaways for couples

Can someone say one of the greatest Oklahoma getaway for couples to the rescue? That’s what this place has done for my wife and I. We came here to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We both work in the high stress work environment, as medical professionals we deal with many people on a daily basis. This is a wonderful place to unwind and leave your troubles behind. We have visited many Oklahoma getaway cabins, but this place seems to remain our favorite. It’s really rejuvenating.

T & T-Lawton Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways

We are from Tulsa and were glad to have found this place. It’s nice to know that places like this exist today. We had a dynamic time here. We have visited many of Oklahoma getaway and this one makes the top three list. The hot-tub was magical, and the stress that builds within us was melted after a few days at the Red-Bud cabin. Thanks for creating such a peaceful atmosphere.

Jack and Hannah of Tulsa Oklahoma


Oklahoma Getaways









Oklahoma getaway cabins

These Oklahoma getaway cabins were amazing. We seemed to find them at the perfect time in our lives. We have been struggling on many paths of life for the past few months and its a wonderful feeling to know that there are a few Oklahoma getaways for couples, that are secluded enough for a perfect atmosphere. We are planning a return trip when we can stay longer.

Matt & Suzzie – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma getaway cabins

 Best Oklahoma Getaway

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