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Dallas Wedding Receptions

Dallas Wedding Receptions

Article by Randy Wilson

The most important day of your life is drawing near and you want to plan it to perfection. Everything has to be just right, the chapel, the dresses, the food and most importantly the wedding reception. Specifically if you are planning a Dallas wedding reception, there are many areas that you need to look into in creating the right theme, the right ambience as well as to ensure that all your guests’ needs are taken care of. The first thing in planning Dallas wedding receptions is the search for the right location. However, before you can make a list of probable venues, you first need to determine your budget for the occasion. If possible, it would be best if you could breakdown your costs of the wedding reception to categories such as food, hall rentals, wedding favors, flower arrangements, music, etc. With this, you will then have an exact feel of what you can afford to pay for in rentals. This will also put you in a better position for negotiations. If you are on a tight budget then perhaps you should consider a Dallas wedding reception held in your own backyard. This way, you save on hall rental costs and do not have restrictions on catering your own food for the occasion. On the other hand, if you do have an adequate budget to spare then you have more choices in terms of the location.A wedding reception in Dallas can be held in many types of venues. If you prefer to plan everything from scratch, then you could probably rent a basic hall. Then get relatives and friends to help you with hall decorations and food preparation, and get a separate vendor to rent your tables and chairs. With this, you can probably consider renting a school hall or your local town hall for this occasion.Alternatively, you can also enquire with halls that have been designed and built just for hosting wedding receptions. For example, the Cityplace is a great unique Dallas wedding reception location. They have incorporated a choice of classic design d

Luxurious Boutique Hotels Offer More for Your Dallas Wedding Reception

Luxurious Boutique Hotels Offer More for Your Dallas Wedding Reception

Article by Barbara Wade

When anything less than perfection simply won’t do, there’s no better place to host your wedding reception than at a luxury, boutique hotel in Dallas. Wedding receptions throughout Texas are known for their grandeur and flair. If you have visions of creating the most elaborate event ever seen in Dallas, look for a hotel that offers majestic ballrooms, elegant dining areas and an experienced staff ready to attend to your every need.

In order to ensure your wedding reception is everything you’ve dreamed of, take note of these tips for booking distinctive amenities and services that are unequaled elsewhere.

Does the hotel’s ambiance suit your unique style and personality? A historic hotel might offer the sophisticated charm of the Old South. Its intricate architecture and antique-style furnishings add distinctive character and a romantic backdrop. If your reception, however, will be more modern, look for a boutique hotel that combines contemporary elegance with a chic air to produce a trendy yet luxurious atmosphere.

When touring the hotel, pay careful attention to the layout and the shape of the reception area. Are there columns or other obstructions that could potentially block people’s views? Are there intimate areas for your guests to mingle and relax?

Does the hotel have an onsite wedding coordinator available? If so, what range of services do they provide? Will they also help you book and plan your wedding rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch, if needed? Can they recommend reputable vendors for flowers, photography, music and other reception needs?

What kind of security does the hotel provide? It’s imperative that your special day isn’t interrupted by unwanted guests. Are safes available for you and your guests to store valuables?

What must-haves and indulgences are available for hotel guests? Are concierges on call? Are fitness facilities and spa treatments available? High-speed Internet access?

Is there ample staff to attend to you and your guests? Some luxury hotels insist on hosting one event at a time to ensure complete dedication and first-rate treatment. If this is a priority, ask for preferential treatment, don’t assume.

Do they have an in-house chef for catering needs? Does the hotel have an extensive menu of various cuisines and cocktails to choose from? Do they have an experienced pastry chef available to design elaborate wedding cakes?

Will the hotel accommodate your choice of decorations? If you’ve chosen a special theme for your wedding, will the hotel allow you to decorate the reception area the way you wish?

Can the hotel fully accommodate musicians, bands or DJs? Risers, stage setups, cords, audio/visual equipment and more may be needed.

If you plan to spend your wedding night at the hotel, is a honeymoon suite available? If so, ask to tour the suite or view pictures to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Are enough rooms available for your wedding party and/or out-of-town guests? You’ll want everyone who would like to stay overnight (or through the weekend) to have that option available.

Keep in mind that Saturday is the most popular day for weddings nationwide, including Dallas. Wedding reception venues are typically booked months – sometimes years – in advance. Certain holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, are also exceptionally popular and may require advanced planning.

Choosing the hotel best suited for your Dallas wedding reception is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Give due diligence to the research process in order to be confident in your choice. Then you can relax, enjoy the lavish attention to detail and celebrate your joyous day without a care in the world.

About the Author

Barbara Wade writes articles for the Hotel Palomar Dallas where wedding reception coordinators will gladly discuss plans for making your special day memorable. Visit www.hotelpalomar-dallas.com, a Kimpton Hotel, today.

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