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fun activities for couples in Dallas

Excerpts from the River of Love journals:

Fun activities for couples in Dallas

It was a whole new year 2016. Happy new year everyone! My husband and I were searching online for fun activities for couples in Dallas,  he posted it all over his social media pages for any fresh ideas. Many ideas and replies were left in return but most of the places mentioned we had already experienced. So much for fun activities for couples in Dallas idea was my thought, just about that time I was reading a friends recent post. They had just returned from River of Love Cabins in Oklahoma. My next thought was its to long of a drive, but after some quick zip code research I realized that it was just over an hour away and my fun activities for couples in Dallas dream was still alive. We have thoroughly enjoyed this place and wish for many returns. It makes a great getaway for Dallas couples.

Melvin and Sue


Romantic places near Dallas

I was so happy that we finally found a true peaceful place to rest, relax, and renew. We have a hectic schedule and this is on the top of our list as one of the most romantic places near Dallas. We have talked about making it an annual event.



Getaway for Dallas couples

This is our second time to visit Thackerville and this awesome place. We will be back for a third trip. Its  my birthday soon and I’ve already thought that I would ask for a gift certificate so we could return soon. Thanks for the fresh flowers and chocolate strawberries. Those special touches continues to make this a great getaway for Dallas couples.

Pete and Arita


fun activities for couples in dallas

Best Cabin in Oklahoma

Best Cabin in Oklahoma

We have traveled all over the United States and in the past few years peculiarly Oklahoma. This is definitely the best cabin in Oklahoma. We love the privacy that each cabin offers. Other cabins are built in close quarters. The cabins here are secluded from each other, that’s a huge plus for us. We loved the hot-tub and we will be sharing our experience on Facebook with our closest friends and family.

George & Audrey of OKC, OK.

cabin rentals Oklahoma

“Post exert”

“Our advice when it comes to cabin rentals Oklahoma is River of Love Cabins.”  We have stayed several times. They are located in Thackerville, which is the same town as Winstar Casino. If you like privacy and need time alone for relationship repair or a touch-up, then this is your place !!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy K.

cabins for lease Oklahoma

We found this place while searching cabins for lease in Oklahoma. We are so glad we did. Our trip was only two nights was the only regrettable thing we had. We loved the romance package and all of the special touches that seem to be diminishing in many locations. We will be returning to these cabins soon.

Jeff and Lisa


Best Cabin in Oklahoma

Wow, is the word of the day while staying at River of Love. In our opinion the Red Bud is the best cabin in Oklahoma. We have traveled extensively and words cant justly explain this place. It’s a wonderful place to unplug and unwind from the real world. Before we departed from one of the best cabins in Oklahoma, we were solely convinced that these cabin rentals were the real world. We have already marked out days on our calendars for our return trip.

Shelly and Richard-Central Oklahoma


Cabin Rentals Oklahoma

Search no longer for cabin rentals Oklahoma. You found them at River of Love Cabins..


Cabins for lease Oklahoma

Look no further for cabins for lease Oklahoma River of Love Cabins.

Romantic cabin rental

These are top romantic  cabin rentals. We love River of Love.  We will be back again..

Sherri and Jack OKC, OK.


We loved our stay

Fire pit, hot-tub, floating bed, massage, peace, quite, seclusion, Were a few of our highlights while staying in the best cabins in Oklahoma!




romantic honeymoon getaway


romantic honeymoon getaway

If you are looking for a quiet, intimate and peaceful surrounding for your romantic honeymoon getaway, then one of the best place to head over to is Rachael’s Dowry – located in a charming residential, historic district of Baltimore called Ridgely’s Delight. It’s within walking distance to Camden Yards, Inner Harbor and some of the other interesting downtown locations. They offer many different types of rooms that you can choose for your romantic honeymoon getaway and their rooms are clean and well maintained. This elegant Maryland inn offers a 21st-century comfort in an 18th century home.

romantic honeymoon Oklahoma

romantic honeymoon getaway


 romantic honeymoon getaway

If you are looking for a quiet, intimate and peaceful surrounding for your romantic honeymoon getaway , then one of the best place to head over to is Rachael’s Dowry – located in a charming residential, historic district of Baltimore called RidgelyAc€â„cs Delight. ItAc€â„cs within walking distance to Camden Yards, Inner Harbor and some of the other interesting downtown locations. They offer many different types of rooms that you can choose for your romantic honeymoon getaway and their rooms are clean and well maintained. This elegant Maryland inn offers a 21st-century comfort in an 18th century home.

romantic honeymoon Texas

If you prefer not to walk, you can opt for a chartered bus to take you around this downtown area. However, if you think a walk would be kind of romantic, a short walk from Rachael’s Dowry will take you and your newly wedded one, to the nearby Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum. From these place, not too far away, you will find some fancy restaurants, including a cozy wine bistro with good food and extensive selection of wines – definitely a great way to spend one of the evenings of your romantic honeymoon getaway- leisure dining with a bottle of wine in a cosy restaurant. What’s more, in recent years, there has been many award winning restaurants like Pickles Pub®, Frank and Nics that were opened here too. So, picking a place to wine and dine during your romantic honeymoon getaway here will not pose to be a problem for you at all.

romantic honeymoon Oklahoma

New York City offers one of the best romantic getaways for honeymooning couples with a variety of fun filled and relaxing activities from romantic walks in a peaceful neighborhood to some of world class architecture and entertainment and great shopping at world’s best shops. Carriage rides are very popular among honeymooners. It is easy to pick up a carriage ride in front of the Plaza hotel in New York City. You may need to reserve in advance if you want to pick a specialty carriage ride with a particular color and design.

romantic honeymoon Oklahoma

It?s indeed a great place to get away from the stresses of life. The island of Bora Bora is your personal relaxation oasis. Breathe in deeply the South Pacific air as you gently sway in your hammock. Read a novel or try out the Polynesian cuisine choices of the island’s various restaurants. A beach rest is something all of us can use, as it provides time away with the family, friends, or just that special someone. Seaside vacations are also a fantastic way to chill out from the pressures of life, and just have a blast. A great resort like Bora Bora and its Sun drenched tropical beaches together with their accompanying warmth beckon sun worshippers by day, and a retreat from that heat and sun in the evenings. All around the globe, there are literally hundreds of places that you can pick out for your beach escape. You can select from beaches in the United States, or choose to go overseas to more tropical climates and romantic beaches. Maui also presents the ideal beach retreat. Located in Hawaii, Maui is one of the most romantic beaches in the world. Also well known for honeymoons, Maui offers you plenty of amazing beaches with heaps of other things to do as well. Another well known spot for a beach holiday for couples is the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands have been a popular holiday location for many years, offering couples the opportunity to get away from it all and just spend some well deserved and well needed time together. When you pick out the ideal beach vacation, you need to decide on a spot that will cater to you. Couples wouldn’t want to go to a family resort vacation spot, while families would not want to go to a couples resort that offers plenty of romance. No matter where you choose to go, you can rest assured that there are stacks of locations for you to select from. Before you make a decision to blast off to your beach retreat, you should plan first. Decide on where you are going, research your getaway spot, and make certain that it offers something for you. Beach holidays are truly inspiring and will make you feel brand new in no time. Another thing you should plan for is being sun smart. Particularly if you come from a climate that is not very sunny or if you spend extended hours indoors. Before I departed for my long overdue break to Tahiti, a buddy of mine put me on to an marvelous product ?Tan-Through Swimware?. No matter whether you’re at the beach, boating, on vacation, or just relaxing in your backyard, this tan-through swimwear and sportswear lets you get a safe, natural tan right through the fabrict.. It’s simple. And it’s 100% cool & comfortable! I can?t recommend it highly enough. So start planning your romantic honeymoon getaway right now for your time to enjoy what these and countless other tropical romantic honeymoon getaway (s) have to offer. A week or two at a tropical retreat lazing away the hours will renew the batteries and leave you counting down the time til your next trip.


romantic honeymoon getaway



romantic honeymoon Texas

Finally, after deciding to settle down, you planned to implement your long time engagement ideas for the one you love in one of your romantic getaway weekends. Wow, this is truly exciting for both of you. As this is a once in a life event, you wanted to make it as the best marriage proposal possible.

romantic honeymoon Oklahoma

These are the indirect but meaningful quotes for your boyfriend or husband to say I love you on your Facebook status, in a text message or in your Twitter tweet. If you really love and care your boyfriend then you must be fall in love with these beautiful romantic quotes.Then to publicity post about our planned romantic honeymoon getaway.

romantic getaway

On a short vacation to escape his now hectic life in New York City, Stone Barrington set his sight on a lovely and romantic getaway to the islands of St. Marks. His companion, Arrington Carter, all-round superstar was to join him the next day.

romantic getaways

romantic getaway

romantic getaway

There is nothing better than a romantic getaway just for two to keep the romance alive between you and your partner. Romantic getaways are the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend quality time with your loved one. Going on a romantic vacation together will reinvigorate your love life and reignite that magic between you.

While there are so many things to do in Melbourne, anyone who loves a romantic weekend getaway is never far from paradise in this special area. From gourmet food and wine to scenic walks by the beach or through the forest, there are many activities to keep couples enchanted just a short drive away. At the end of the day, there are more than enough bed & breakfasts and other quaint hotels to spend the night. Here are some of the best romantic getaways from Melbourne.

romantic getaway

Romantic Getaways provides detailed information on Romantic Getaways, Romantic Getaway Weekends, Romantic Getaway Vacations, Romantic Getaway Packages and more. Romantic Getaways is affiliated with Romantic Honeymoon Vacations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on Wedding Anniversary Trips. For more ideas on where to celebrate your next anniversary, check out my favourite anniversary destinations at Romantic Getaway ideas.

Thanks for these tips on preparing for a romantic getaway. I cited this in my hub on Valentine’s Day gifts that couples would love.

romantic getaway in Texas

Finally, after deciding to settle down, you planned to implement your long time engagement ideas for the one you love in one of your romantic getaway weekends. Wow, this is truly exciting for both of you. As this is a once in a life event, you wanted to make it as the best marriage proposal possible.

romantic getaway









Therefore, whether you want to make your marriage proposal on romantic getaway weekends alone or with other people, just make sure you have the best engagement ideas at hand. Then prepare the engagement rings and the romantic talking, to make it extra special for her.

Spending romantic getaway weekends should not really be extravagantly made. You just need to make sure that your marriage proposal can be treasured and unforgettable for a lifetime.

Destination weddings and honeymoons have pretty much been reserved for places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Jamaica, and other tropical locations. Seldom does one consider a quaint, unassuming location, such as Indiana, in the heart of the Midwestern United States.But, don’t be so quick to discount this very affordable and intimate option. The State of Indiana is a mixture of city and country, and the two blend together wonderfully to give everyone a taste of their particular favorite.The entire State is a romantic resource, tapped only by those who are generally from the Midwest, or those who are diligent in their search for a quality romantic getaway at a wonderfully affordable price.

romantic getaways in Oklahoma

In taking someone special on a romantic getaway, you don’t have to hurt your pocket that much. There are still many destinations that will make your marriage proposal amazing.

If you want your marriage proposal to be romantic and unique, doing it on one of you romantic getaway weekends will be great idea. The privacy and the romance will make it as one unforgettable experience that both of you can share and remember.

There are many engagement ideas you can find today, especially if you want to do it in a romantic getaway with her. It will make it more exciting and romantic for the bride to be.

One Night Stays are a great way to turn an evening function into a romantic getaway. Next time you are invited to attend a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, book a hotel room and stay over. You’ll be able to enjoy the party to the fullest, spend an intimate night with your partner, and have a relaxing buffet breakfast the following morning. Then complete your mini-break by spending the morning in the pool or spa, then act like a tourist and visit some local attractions.

Being in a romantic getaway together, you can keep away from all the hassles of your daily life and give more time with each other. You both then can savor the moment and you’ll have the chance to propose in a most romantic and surprising way.

romantic getaways in Oklahoma

For those who don’t have much budget to spend for romantic getaways, you don’t need to feel disappointed. You can just go on less expensive options like a camping trip or hike and propose under the stars.

About the Author: Journeyidea.in is a travel portal of romantic getaways, honeymoon suites and romantic weekend getaways. For better information visit today our website.

Spring Break is first and foremost equated with single college students ready to party, yet they aren’t the only ones who go on road trips during Spring break. Students in a relationship may opt for a romantic getaway for two. Families also plan vacations during this time as a reward for their college student. Add to this list, teachers and families of K-12 grades use their road trip planners to create a fun family getaway during this time.

romantic getaway

romantic getaway



Romantic forth of July getaways

Romantic 4th of July ideas ideas

Romantic forth of July getaways

Thank you River of Love for allowing us this opportunity to stay here. We thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks. This has been the most romantic 4th of July ideas that we’ve ever experienced. Everything was perfect! The small details in this place really say allot. We are booking in advance the Red-Bud Cabin for next year and we anticipate one of the most romantic forth of July getaways of all time.

Julie and Brad of Dallas Texas


Romantic forth of July getaways

“This is truly the most romantic forth of July getaways

Josh and Meg near Dallas Texas 

Romantic 4th of July ideas

“It’s been amazing! The best 4th of July getaway since we’ve been together.”

We are recommending this place to our friends.

Tammy & Trent of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Romantic forth of July ideas

We searched a long time for some romantic July fourth ideas on where to getaway near Dallas. I’m so glad we found you! We always look for unique places to getaway for the holidays. It sure don’t hurt to ad some romance along the way.

S & T

Romantic forth of July getaways

“We hope to return next 4th of July for another wonderful getaway.”

Jake & Anna Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What a wonderful 4th of July hideout

This place is amazing. We went to WinStar Casinos and watched a fabulous fire work display. One of the best I’ve ever seen. We also ate dinner in the buffet at the casino, I gave it three and a half stars, the food was good but I think it was a little pricey. We donated some cash to the hungry slot machines while we were there. We played for almost an hour on a hundred dollar bill, I was broke and my wife had eight bucks left and she won one hundred and twelve back. She ended up  playing  it back down to eighty bucks before cashing out. So a good fun time for twenty bucks.(the firework show was worth every penny of that). Afterwards we returned to our Independence day hideout. We loved the private and secluded setting, that’s why we named it the hideaway. Thanks for a romantic holiday weekend.

Ted and Lizz

Romantic 4th of July ideas

This is the best romantic forth of July getaway celebration. We both loved the seclusion and country atmosphere, and It’s much closer to Dallas than what we both imagined. We will be returning during the busy holidays for some more R&R.

Ted and Melinda of Dallas, TX.

Romantic forth of July ideas

We love it here. What an amazing time we had. I have to say that it was a surprise from my husband, it was the most romantic forth of July ideas of all time. Actually it was the most romantic trip that we’ve taken in over ten years of marriage. I can’t wait to return and celebrate our anniversary. The hot-tub was fabulous and the local fireworks show wasn’t half bad either. I love the country setting and the privacy that this place offers. We will be telling our friends and family about the River of Love.


Romantic forth of July getaways

Romantic 4th of July ideas

While searching the internet for romantic 4th of July ideas, I happened to locate The River of Love. I’m so glad that our plans weren’t canceled because of our misfortune. My husband talked his mechanic into working late to repair our vehicle just so we could make it here. It cost him extra but he said it was well worth it. Our romance package was awesome  and the private time spent together was much needed and appreciated. Thanks for everything.

Karen & Jim of FT. Worth, Texas


The stars were definitely shining at River of Love in Thackerville. After seeing all of the fireworks at the casino, we came back to our cabin and made our own firework show. I won’t get too explicit but our show was much more enjoyable than the one at the casino lol. Thanks for all you do and for allowing us to stay on your property while enjoying the three R’s Rest. Relax. Renew.

Becky and Tom


Romantic forth of July getaways

“Best romantic forth of July getaways of all time” We laughed, we cried, we shared our lifelong dreams with one another. We danced, we hugged, snuggled and kissed passionately. Many of these things we haven’t done in years. Don’t ever forget that the best things in life are free and if your not careful you will take them for granted. this is a great place to get back to the basics and to stay in check.

T N T Smith

Sexy Getaways In Oklahoma

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma


We were so amazed with the entire ambiance of this place. we have stayed in several sexy getaways in Oklahoma but this is at the top of the list when it comes to the mood of privacy and all out piece and quiet. We really love that aspect. The hot-tub is also amazing. We had a nice relaxing and private getaway. We will recommend River of Love to our friends and family and we will be returning in the fall to enjoy one of the top sexy getaways in Oklahoma.

Randall and Sue from Oklahoma City. OK.

Sexy getaways in Oklahoma







Sexy getaways near Texas

Hats off to The River of Love! We came here anticipating one of the best sexy getaways near Texas and that’s exactly what we got. The Jacuzzi, and the wrap around porch was our domain for the weekend. No phones, no interruptions.  Just plain ole Texas one on one time. We normally choose a cabin in Eastern Oklahoma near Broken Bow but The River of Love is much closer. We decided to give it a try and we are so glad we did. We spent one afternoon driving around Lake Murray. It’s absolutely gorgeous.   Next time were bringing our boat and staying longer. We will also recommend this hidden lovers getaway near Texas to our friends.  Thanks for everything.

George and Mattie of Dallas Texas

The greatest “Lovers getaway near Texas”

Josh and Laurie of Ft.Worth, TX.



Sexy getaways near Texas


sexy getaways near Texas

Today my husband of nine years surprised me with some pink roses when he woke my up for breakfast in bed. After breakfast and a shower he explained that today would be a very special day. He instructed me to pack a small bag with two days worth of clothes in it. I asked where we were going, he would only continue to say its a surprise. He had already made plans for our kids to be at grandmas for the week-end and had everything on his end ready to go. By the time I got dressed and a few things together it was almost lunch time. We will stop along the way he says as he loads my bags. I continued to ask and he finally broke down and gave me a hint. Sexy getaways near Texas. That’s it I replied. It could be a million possibilities. We got on Interstate-35 heading North toward Denton, as my mind wandered and my mouth begged for another clue he yells out “lovers getaway near Texas” Again a million possibilities. As we passed the Denton area my mind really raced,we pulled off of the interstate in Gainesville. First by a fast food chain then to Wal-Mart. I was now only in more suspense than ever. His instructions were clear on what supplies to get. I guessed we were going to visit a bed and breakfast until some breakfast items were placed in the buggy. I was clueless. As I methodically pressured my husband  he said last clue sexy getaways in Oklahoma. It dawned on me at that time River of Love Cabins??? I said it and he grinned from ear to ear. I knew at that time that’s where we were headed. I forgot that we had previously tried to schedule a trip to River of Love  but our schedule never worked out. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see which cabin he had chosen. When we left Gainesville and crossed the Red River into Oklahoma my heart raced with joy. a few minutes later we were pulling into the Red-Bud Cabin driveway. Ironically this was the exact cabin I had chosen previously when we had scheduling issues in the past. I was so happy! The privacy and surrounding setting of this place makes it one of the top sexy getaways near Texas and the hot-tub was fabulous. He even had me a massage scheduled. This was truly a fun filled romantic surprise and the best lovers getaway near Texas of all time. We are recommending this place to our circle of friends and family.

Janice and Dave of Dallas TX.


“River of Love” rated in the top for sexy getaways in Oklahoma

Seth and Crystal of Moore Oklahoma



If there was an award for Top lovers getaway near Texas you deserve it.

Matthew and Jill of Houston, TX.

sexy getaways near Texas

sexy getaways near Texas

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

Best romantic getaways in Oklahoma


Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas


“Now we know why they call River of Love is called one of the best romantic getaways in Oklahoma. Because it is!”

J&S Oklahoma City

Best Texas weekend getaways

This trip was amazing! We have been trying to get here for over a year now. I can honestly say that the wait was well worth it! We think that’s it’s ranked as one of the best weekend getaways from Dallas. We will be telling our friends and family about this secluded gold mine of romance!

Tom and Jessica of Dallas, TX. 

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

Top romantic getaway near Dallas Texas

I can now mark a perfect sunset from my bucket list. The amazing things that we take for granted. We viewed it at what we refer to as a getaways near Dallas Texas. We really enjoyed the hot-tub and some pretty amazing area attractions. We will continue to live life to the fullest, just remember to live life today like it’s your last day, because soon enough it will be. Glad to have made river of love cabins an amazing experience.

Greg and Deborah of Dallas, TX.


Romantic weekend getaways from Dallas

We absolutely love it here. I surprised my husband with this mini vacation trip, it was just a pre-cursor for our yearly vacation to the Caribbean sea. After visiting here we both realized that we need more pre-cursor mini vacations. The Cabin was magnificent and loaded with goodies. We really love the fact that it is excluded from the rest of the world but not to far off the grid. Our hope is to return again next year, but next time for a much longer stay. This seems to be one of those perfect Dallas getaways for couples. My Facebook family will get the more exclusive details of this place.



romantic places near austin texas

Romantic places near Austin Texas

“This is  a great place to renew yourselves as a couple”

Cindy and Matt of Austin, Texas


Top romantic getaways in Oklahoma

Thank you for reviving our marriage. We have searched for a place like this one for a long time. Were just sad about two things, not finding this place sooner and having to go back home to reality. We loved our getaway weekend. It was a nice break where we could just relax away from the busy world, work, and children. We will tell others about River of Love Cabins- One of the top romantic getaways in Oklahoma.

Carol and Bill from Oklahoma City, OK


 Best romantic getaways in Oklahoma

“If your longing to experience one of the best romantic getaways in Oklahoma then visit this place!”

T&T Sharron of Oklahoma





Romantic Dallas day trip

Romantic Dallas day trip


romantic Fort Worth day trip







This was the best romantic Dallas day trip of all time! First thing it was a total surprise! I was shocked when I found out that my husband of eleven years took off of work on my day off to sweep me from my feet with total bliss. I woke up to breakfast in bed. I was then given a letter with specific instructions about what to wear and what to pack. The letter warned me sternly not to ask questions and to keep talking to a minimum. I did it with a puzzled look on my face. When we got in the car we drove for about an hour for some wine tasting. Once that was over we took a short half hour trip to a cozy cabin in the woods. The cabin was decorated with chocolate goodies, and flowers. I can’t express how shocked that I was. I call this the best romantic Dallas day trip, although we did end up staying the night. The cabin was amazingly clean and secluded. I was pampered with a nice dinner as well as a trip to WinStar Casino. I didn’t win much but we had an amazing trip. I hope to surprise my husband on his next birthday at this place but I doubt that it tops my surprise.

Sandra and Ryan of Dallas

“The most perfect Romantic Oklahoma day trip ever”

Wayne and Michelle Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Romantic Fort Worth day trip

We have lived in Ft. Worth for over fifteen years and we finally found the perfect romantic Forth Worth day trip. We love this place and its mystic allure. The hot tub was wonderful. We went for an evening  walk before returning to our home for the night. Thanks River of Love for a wonderful experience

Teresa and Sam of Ft. Worth Texas


Romantic Dallas day trip

“This was the best  Dallas day trip of all time”

Elizabeth & Ed from Dallas, TX. 


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

For the first time since we’ve been married my wife surprised me with a romantic Fort Worth day trip. It was an awesome experience. We started early and visited Lake Murray and had a pic-nick, WinStar Casino where I won $80.00, and River of Love cabins where we retired for the evening. This place was amazing and we will recommend this romantic Fort Worth day trip to our friends. Hope to see ya’ll soon.

Josh and Terra from FT. Worth, TX. 


Champagne on our Romantic Dallas day trip

romantic Fort Worth day trip


Romantic Fort Worth day trip

“We place River of Love at the top of the food chain when it comes to a romantic Fort Worth day trip”. 

Pat and Larry of Fort Worth Texas

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Being a military couple we have traveled all over the world. Our home is in Oklahoma City and we have been back for a few months now. I was looking for a romantic Oklahoma day trip that was not far from home when I stumbled up on River of Love cabins. I did book it online and we had an amazing time of our lives. This was the perfect place for privacy with no phones, kids, or pets. We loved this place and will be returning. I’m recommending all of our military couples to take the plunge with a romantic Oklahoma day trip at River of Love.

A military Couple Kim and Shane O.K.C, OK. 



Romantic Dallas day trip

“If your’e searching for a romantic Dallas day trip then River of Love Cabins is it”

Sheri and Bob of BIG D

Romantic Oklahoma day trip

Seclusion from the world around us! What more could you ask for in a romantic Oklahoma day trip? This is our second visit to these cabins. We love it here! From the hot-tub to the no interruption atmosphere this is by far the best romantic Oklahoma day trip we’ve taken so far.

Karen and Mike of Lawton Oklahoma 


Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break ideas

Wow! this is one of those fabulous romantic spring break getaways for all of those who live in the Dallas/ FT. Worth Metroplex. We didn’t think we lived so close to the Oklahoma border. It was just over an hour away. I found this place while searching for romantic spring break ideas. I surprised my husband and made him wear a blindfold the entire trip here. You should have seen the looks I got driving down the interstate. I’m surprised that we didn’t  get pulled over before we could we arrived. We had a blast cooking out-doors on the grill and the hot-tub felt great to our muscles. We will recommend this place to our friends and family members and we will see you next spring break.

D & D Jones of Dallas Texas













Romantic spring break ideas

For sure one of the most romantic spring break trips.


romantic spring break getaways

While searching for a romantic spring break getaways near Dallas, I discovered this amazing jewel. Both working in education we normally share a getaway two times per year. once for fall break and once during spring break. Then a family vacation during the summer months. We don’t like to go far from home during our fall and spring breaks, because of our children and pets. This seemed to be a good fit for us. We really enjoyed the peace and seclusion that our cabin offered. The Jacuzzi tub, trail walks, and fire pit were our three favorite things. Oh yeah I forgot the hammock, make that four favorite things. We will be telling our colleagues about this place but we have first dibs on both fall and spring breaks.

Jerry and Linda P. of Dallas, TX.

romantic spring break getaways

We have visited several romantic spring break getaways in  Oklahoma over the past few years. We can now honestly say the River of Love firmly holds it’s spot in the top three. We love how we had perfect weather and got to see several deer and cotton tail rabbits. The private hot-tub should be an attraction of it’s own. We danced, laughed, and made many memories in this celebration together called life. We have been happily married just over 24 years now and were thinking of returning here to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We hope you all the best of luck in you’re future en-devours and we hope to return for many more romantic spring break trips.

Ed and Judy Oklahoma City, OK.


Some of our best memories were spent at  these romantic spring break getaways in Oklahoma.

Sheri and Tommy Oklahoma













Romantic spring break ideas

Romantic spring break trips

I’m sure glad that we ran across this place while searching for the perfect romantic spring break trips near Dallas. We have had one of the best romantic spring break getaways of all time. The casino is sure an added bonus. (No pun intended) My wife won over four-hundred bucks. That makes us happy-happy. Also they serve one mean steak. We had the most fun here just spending some quality time alone. It’s something that’s not in our daily routine, since we have five kids between the two of us and most of them play sports. It’s a juggling act is the best way to describe it. We have really enjoyed the down time together.A perfect time to rejuvenate.

Mark and Barb – Dallas

Romantic spring break trips

This place is one of the most memorable and romantic spring break trips near the OKC area. We have literally had the time of our lives. My husband was injured over four years ago in a motorcycle accident. He has been on a slow road to recovery. I can say that this place has been a long time coming.  It was one of the first romantic spring break trips since his accident and it was amazing. We both had a message, which we have never done. We loved the seclusion and the private Jacuzzi tub. Now we are thinking of putting one of those tubs in our house. We will be sure and share the new romantic spring break ideas and our personal experience that we shared at this place.

Elisha and Claude of OKC, OK.

Our best romantic spring break getaways

J&M Texas

Romantic spring break ideas

We located River of Love while searching for a romantic spring break ideas. We had a wonderful time here and we will be back.

Jerry and Ann T. of Oklahoma

Be sure and share you're top spring break ideas

Most romantic Places To Stay In Oklahoma

Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

It’s a keeper! One of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma. My wife and I have visited the Thackerville area more than a dozen times now. We have also stayed at one of the most romantic resorts in Oklahoma called River of Love. We love coming here! There is plenty to do around  the area, I like just hanging around the cabin enjoying the company of my best friend and lover called my wife.



Romantic places near Oklahoma City

It has to be on of the most romantic places near Oklahoma City. I can’t wait to return, now that we have the feel of this place. We both work full time positions in OKC and it’s very nice to have a secluded place like this to ad to our list of romantic places near Oklahoma City.

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It sure ranks up at the top of the list as one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.”This place is Amazing” We love the hammock and the peace and quiet. No lights, no phones, just us and natures natural beauty. We will be coming back in July.

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Romantic Places near Oklahoma City










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Romantic Places-to stay in Oklahoma









We finally booked our reservation! We’ve attempted to reserve a River of Love Cabin twice, but we were too late on both occasions. We finally booked for three months in advance, just to be on the safe side. We had a blast from the past staying here. We didn’t gamble much at WinStar, but we did enjoy Aubree Anna singing on Valentines Day and an awesome steak at Toby Keith’s Grill. The Jacuzzi was fa-nominal. and all of the special touches really stand out in the cabin. It’s for sure one of the top romantic resorts in Oklahoma. It was well worth the wait and were already anticipating our next visit.


 Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

If romance is your thing, this should be your place. We have stayed all over the area and this is defiantly at the top of our list when it comes to romantic places  in Oklahoma. The best thing is the privacy and seclusion of being alone with the one you love.

Larry and Jenny P. of OKC


Romantic places to stay in Oklahoma

We finally made it and I’m so glad we did. We have been trying to book a weekend at these cabins for over three months. We are last minute people but we had to adjust our schedule more advance that normal. It was so worth it! We love the Jacuzzi and the evening walks. We built a fire and danced. We haven’t had this much alone time in years. We can’t wait to return this spring.  Thanks again.


Romantic places near Oklahoma City

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We have been married for six-teen years now. We never really celebrated with a hunneymoon. My husband isn’t know for his
romance but this time he really pulled it off. It was a huge surprise for me. I thought we were staying in a crappy hotel, after seeing a great concert at Winstar Casinos but instead I was actually led to our car and blindfolded by my husband.
He just kept telling me that I would love it and not to peak. When we got to our cabin (The Red Bud) I took off the blindfold and was amazed. He ordered us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We had an awesome experience and I loved the hot-tub. In my opinion its one of the most romantic places to stay in Oklahoma.


For all of you non-romantic men lol.

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