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Oklahoma Attractions

Oklahoma Attractions

Article by Hamza

The city of Oklahoma – boasts a charm of its own. Right from its geographical location, to its strategic positioning on the map, it entails a uniqueness that only a few others do. Oklahoma is situated on the world’s highest hill, which is more than 1,900 feet. Also its peculiar position on the map has earned it the nick name of ‘The Nation’s Largest Cleaver’.

Ranking in the top thirty largest cities of the United States of America, Oklahoma also happens to be prone to tornados and experiences massive windstorms as well. Generally it remains dry and sunny throughout, which makes it ideal for recreational activities. The wind speed in the city is up to 12.3 mph, which makes Oklahoma one of the windiest cities in the Unites States of America.

One of the attractions of the city is its world class horse shows. Oklahoma happens to be the capital of horse shows and hosts five shows annually in which more than twenty-five states participate to compete each year.

The vicinity around Oklahoma is a favorite of the newlyweds or those who are looking forward for a romantic trip. The scenic views and dazzling vistas make it an ideal place for the love birds to relax and enjoy. Even the inns and motels offer rooms with contemporary themes, d

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