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short road trip from Dallas

short road trip from Dallas


 Experienced the Love Train on a short road trip from Dallas!


short road trip from Dallas









Choo-Choo from the Love Train Caboose,

We want everyone to know what an awesome trip we had and what a short road trip from Dallas that it really is. You and the Love train have made our 1st anniversary a very romantic, special one that we will always cherish, and remember forever. It has everything that we wished for and more. We enjoyed the honeymoon package. The robes came in handy after our late night hot-tub dips. Randy loved the smell of the linens. I guess it’s time for me to switch laundry detergent. We do not really want to go back to Dallas today but we have no choice. We are planning on returning for anniversary number two. I think we will try the Green Briar Cabin.

Aaren and Randy of Dallas Texas


Hello River of Love,

I wanted to surprise my wife with a bit of peace and relaxation, on a short road trip from Dallas. She was very surprised once we arrived. As you know she was blind folded the entire time. (that’s the main reason I wanted a short road trip from Dallas). You should have seen some of the looks I got driving down Interstate-35. We have had a marvelous time. Traci has never experienced peace and relaxation that this place offers. We laid a blanket on the ground and stargazed for three hours. She has never seen it that dark before. We had so much fun sitting in the rockers and enjoying each other’s company. We noticed a lot of attention to the little details of this cabin which made us feel very welcome. The cheese and fruit tray was delicious. We even had a late night visit from a little furry critter cat that we named Sox. We hope you guys have a happy holiday season. Loved the short road trip from Dallas.We will be returning.

Joe and Traci Dallas Texas


We came on this short road trip from Dallas to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! The years have been great but with two boys, work, and living life, we really needed a break from it all! Your land and cabin has been a breath of fresh air for us. The “Simple Life” is truly the best. We think we need so many material things, but we really don’t.  We thank you for this opportunity to just enjoy each other and to relax, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Thanks for having the hot tub set at 100 degrees, as we requested. We love the location and the idea that it’s just a short road trip from Dallas. The card and champagne were also fabulous. These extra touches made it special. Thank You! We will definitely be back.

D & S of Dallas Texas


Our advice is to take a short road trip from Dallas or a walk on the wild-side and get the Love Train Caboose. You won’t be sorry!

Jeff and Angie of Dallas Texas


A short road trip from Dallas was what we were looking for when we found these awesome cabins. Thanks for everything. We will tell our friends. I didn’t realize we lived so close to Oklahoma.

B and G Dallas TX.


River of Love Cabins; short road trip from Dallas.

If a short road trip from Dallas is what your looking for then River of Love cabins is your place. It’s only a little over an hour from Dallas and it very peaceful and romantic.


Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas

Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas


Listen to what many have said about these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas.

We enjoyed this home away from home. It was what just what we needed. We are very thankful for these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas. We were amazed by how close these cabins really are. Thanks for the special touches including our romance package.

Jules and Jack-Dallas Texas


We arrived at these log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas in the falling snow, to relax in the hot-tub and listen to the creek flow. The honeymoon package did brighten our stay; we’ve searched for the perfect words to say. “Thank You” so much for braving the icy roads and for making our stay special.

Gary and Tina-Dallas Texas


These log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas are wonderful. We enjoyed the perfect honeymoon. We even danced and sang. The hot-tub was an added bonus to our champagne and flute glasses. It really means a lot to have a peaceful place like this, so close to home. We will tell everyone we know.

Mike and Jen- Dallas Texas


Your log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas were what we needed to melt away years of dirt and grime, from what we call life. We have re-connected and re-charged the one thing that’s most important to us. “Each other” The anniversary package was a great way to celebrate to the fullest. Again lots of thanks, we had a wonderful weekend.

Katie and Rex of Dallas TX.


We had a wonderful stay at your cabin. It is so beautiful out here. We came down here to go fishing, but on Tuesday it rained all day. We had a great time hanging out in the hot-tub, listening to music, and watching the rain.  It was nice and sunny on Wednesday, but we didn’t want to leave because it was our last day here and we had so much fun yesterday that we decided to postpone fishing to a later date.  These log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas are awesome; we are planning on returning before this year is over. We wish we did not have to leave already.

Jimmy and Janice- Dallas Texas


Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas


Log cabin getaways near Dallas Texas; River of Love Cabins.





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